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Cerulean, K @CeruleanK@mastodon.social

Thinking of you @zebratron2084 and I made this. I don't know if it'll scale well for practical uses, but I figured you'd appreciate the idea on some number of levels. mastodon.social/media/PIRjbkHg

Because the number one such brainbuster seems to be "How can a fictional world with talking animal people also have regular animals?" Everyone saw it posed by children in Stand By Me a long time ago but would rather just repeat it to each other than try to out-think those children. So it's Gordie Zen, because Shut Up Wil.

Now that juggalos are the good guys, I have to find a new pet name for my pet peeve of banal koans that can only "blow your mind" and "make you think" if you absolutely do not actually think about them.

I'm going with "Gordie Zen".

I keep thinking about refurbishing Absurd Notions from the beginning so that I can point to it without being embarrassed, but I'm sick to death of media that stars an asshole and attracts audiences that identify with the asshole. What quality would make Warren Wright redeemable, if he has it or were to realistically find it?

I will probably need to ponder this longer to see if there is a way this lesson will be useful to me.

The central flaw I keep finding when I examine my body of work is that I'm not a storyteller. I am not skilled in creating an actual plot that establishes, advances, and can be resolved.

Then I watched Over the Garden Wall, and it reminded me of Summer in Orcus and other works that highlight the same message, which is that Stories are deathtraps. Be nourished by narrative, allegory, and fantasy, but if you find yourself in a Story, you want to get out of it fast.

Breathing and cognitive functions mostly restored. Now finishing up Glazed, which is still called Glazed because the shine is good and shiny.

There is no K

There is only The Mucus

The Mucus knows only suffering

Nowadays when I go see a film in the theater, it's mostly to prove to myself that I can. On a second try, I caught Logan Lucky a few days before it leaves the Cinemark.

It's a serviceable heist movie with just a tad too much sympathetic character padding (can we please put a stake in the heart of the "will dad make it to daughter's recital" trope).

I literally felt myself catching cold or flu halfway through the film. This is the case that Real World Shared Social Space has made for itself.

I've just learned that they brought back The Crystal Maze. This pleases me. They gave Richard Ayoade an umbrella handle with a mannequin hand on the end, and somehow this is the only Doctor-y affectation he needs to fit right in as the Fourth Host of this wonderful awkward little world.

(Oh yes, and that first exploration was marked by personifying my Muse in a cartoon. THAT led to some unforeseen things too.)

Only in the process of fighting to get Cerulea onto MyFonts did I finally realize that not only did Mephit need to be better, but that it was at the point where improving it would require starting over. And that it was not a strong enough concept to make that worth doing.

The donut font I'm now working on comes from wanting an appropriate vehicle to salvage the shiny highlight techniques I'd developed.

I finished the flat version and _very nearly_ decided it could do without them after all.

The journey of ideas, an example:

A long long time ago I drew a poster for a spec contest for Mephit Furmeet, and it included some weird lettering. Later I was moved to develop it into an alphabet, and it kept the name Mephit because it was an inline with a white stripe down the middle. In the years that followed, I learned much more about type design. I refined it. I decided it was the sort of thing that called for a 3D "highlight" version, and I did that in between working on better fonts. →

BBC with a Dirk Gently series: 'Yes, you 𝙘𝙤𝙪𝙡𝙙 describe Richard MacDuff as "Dent × Watson", but it's best to have someone who can portray him without having to be Martin Freeman, not even a little bit.'

BBC America with a Dirk Gently series: "We got Frodo, which is close enough to Bilbo to drive the point home. Have him yell 'I'm not your Watson!' in the promos."

I went to a big sculpture garden today with my mom and cousin. I didn't take any pictures, because somehow I lack this compulsion that is akin to hunger or thirst in a normal human brain. After the fact, I realized that any pictures of sculptures I would have posted today would end up as part of a joke they really don't need to be a part of. So that's fine. I saw some cool stuff you would need to go to New Jersey to see for yourself, so you're not gonna. Advantage: Me.

I'm not sure what else I'm doing with my life, but at some point I decided to design a font that's up to 25% more doughnutty than the leading doughnut font (which is Frankfurter of course). The working filename has been "Glazed" but I'm trying to settle on a better name for it. mastodon.social/media/JE4evFHg

.@zebratron2084 In light of our past conversation about word games in non-Latin scripts, I know you'll find this of interest, about exactly that: ilovetypography.com/2017/07/24


People who have played more than 200 games of Worms together on YouTube: "WHAT'S THIS DO? WHAT BUTTON DO I PUSH? HOW DO I SHOOT? WHERE AM I???"

Actual online play: "We have memorized the exact procedures necessary to prevent you from having fun. None of them even involve ballistics."