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Cerulean, K @CeruleanK@mastodon.social

I need to remember to give myself a lot of credit for making this journey at all, instead of worrying that I'm boring my friends or that I haven't been drawing five badges and a comic strip in my motel room between meals.

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Oh wow you know what, if the first seasons of MLP:FiM had been in the '90s, there could have been a heck of a pinball machine. The sets of symbols, the character-themed missions, the quotes. "I have balls stashed all over Ponyville in case of ball emergencies."

But nobody's making new pinball now except this company called Jersey Jack Pinball. I agree with their mission, but I tried each of theirs and I can only describe them as "overwrought".

One more week. I'm working on the puzzle of what will fit in my car and how. My folks are starting to get back in the habit of persuading me to doubt my own wisdom at every step. I sure hope I know what I'm doing.

And the older machines that all play the same but by gosh those artists pushed the envelope of pure libidinous imagination in a way that beams straight into your brain and reminds you what it's like to be really be fascinated with a fantasy, no context, no backstory, just an image you can't stop thinking about.

My day at the Silverball Museum Arcade was everything I'd hoped it would be. $15 for free play of everything all afternoon. So many old friends like Addams Family, Twilight Zone, ST:TNG. Many legends that I'd only had one crack at and never saw again until now: Theatre of Magic, Funhouse, Cirqus Voltaire, Medieval Madness. I put my initials into PINBOT.

I didn't do anything special today, but it's a very weird birthday all the same, and it bears marking. 47. To me, that number represents the one audio cassette I kept when I left the others behind with all my furniture. "Radio Show #47", a sketch show written by the one friend from college I still have, who I'll be visiting on my way across the continent. It all ties together.

I asked myself, what if I were already traveling, on my adventure, and I were in this area, by myself, what would I not want to miss? This question came of working backward from an answer, because not long ago I learned there is a pinball museum arcade in Asbury Park. I must make a day for it soon. And cultivate the confidence that I don't need an excuse.

For a week or two "Paralyzer" has been running through my head, but not because it was relevant to my thoughts or even because I'd heard it recently. It just sort of turned up randomly and then was reinforced when I started to apply the lyrics of "Peter Cushing Lives In Whitstable" to the backing guitar.

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I finished up that first comic and put it up on absurdnotions.org !

I've got a different perspective about it now; it's not a promise, it's just proof I've gotten something done (subtext: before my possible tragic disappearance in the middle of Nebraska).

Weighing the merits of using Anthrocon in Pittsburgh (July 5-8) to mark the first leg of my trip.

What causes me the most panic and dread, I'm afraid, is the thought of continuing to spend more than a month here with my parents, skulking underfoot, bowing to their recommendations, and cleaving to their routines.

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The internet in this hotel can't even stay connected long enough for my email to get through. I've tried a bunch of websites and somehow this is the only one that actually loads.

Seems it's a week for these unpredictably timed urges to lie down and nap for three to six hours.

I've gotten a little sunshine, I've cracked a stubborn part of Anachrony Bold Compressed, and the semifinals of Only Connect have been superb. That may be only a day's worth of something but it's something.

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I've done an excellent frontispiece image for Absurd Notions Chapter Zero and most of a page or two about Biff registering for classes in 1989, and I can't shake the feeling that following through with it, no matter how successfully or poorly, would be the most self-destructive thing I could possibly do without actually physically hurting myself.