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Cerulean, K @CeruleanK@mastodon.social

I sure did get a form response telling me in detail that I'll have to repeat all my questions to a phone receptionist. That'll be another week to five years.

I sure did email the Mazzoni Center about HRT last night. Hell and mercy, why did I have to do it on a Friday.

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The workings of websites are increasingly mysterious to me. I spotted this typographical curiosity in a BoingBoing article: An "ff" ligature substitution that was then somehow cut into halves for hyphenation.

E-mail is federated. You know what people with multiple and changing e-mail addresses use? Forwarding. How might that work for mastodon, I wonder?

Democrats swept New Jersey at all levels and that's super, but it also deepens the feeling that it's safer and easier to stay here, which is wasting my life day by day and year by year. So that's something I need to process.

Pronouncing Ouija "weegee" is of the same kind of mental laziness that won't say "asterisk" properly, but it's a brand name, and that's how they say it in the disposable horror film which is the one thing officially licensed from it, so now we have to accept it as definitive.

So hey, I don't know how much I want to bring self-promotion into this space, but if you don't know, I've been making typefaces. This one just dropped on MyFonts (only a month after I finished it)!


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I wouldn't know the pedigree of Thunderbird's syntax markup, but I just learned by way of notifications that it formats "caret numeral" into the appropriate superscript numeral. Perhaps unnecessary, but interesting.

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Sometimes one wakes up with one's mind on a pointless exercise like seeing how far the "three threes problem" (as based on the popular "four fours problem") will go. I am stuck on ten.

Thinking of you @zebratron2084 and I made this. I don't know if it'll scale well for practical uses, but I figured you'd appreciate the idea on some number of levels. mastodon.social/media/PIRjbkHg

Because the number one such brainbuster seems to be "How can a fictional world with talking animal people also have regular animals?" Everyone saw it posed by children in Stand By Me a long time ago but would rather just repeat it to each other than try to out-think those children. So it's Gordie Zen, because Shut Up Wil.

Now that juggalos are the good guys, I have to find a new pet name for my pet peeve of banal koans that can only "blow your mind" and "make you think" if you absolutely do not actually think about them.

I'm going with "Gordie Zen".

I keep thinking about refurbishing Absurd Notions from the beginning so that I can point to it without being embarrassed, but I'm sick to death of media that stars an asshole and attracts audiences that identify with the asshole. What quality would make Warren Wright redeemable, if he has it or were to realistically find it?

I will probably need to ponder this longer to see if there is a way this lesson will be useful to me.

The central flaw I keep finding when I examine my body of work is that I'm not a storyteller. I am not skilled in creating an actual plot that establishes, advances, and can be resolved.

Then I watched Over the Garden Wall, and it reminded me of Summer in Orcus and other works that highlight the same message, which is that Stories are deathtraps. Be nourished by narrative, allegory, and fantasy, but if you find yourself in a Story, you want to get out of it fast.