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I drew some cartoon mnemonics about homophones in the hope of making a touch of difference. imgur.com/gallery/FLx7e

Me enjoying a-ha on MTV in the '80s: Imagine being invited into a drawing, that is really romantic, take me to the paper world. The lyrics are whatever, I just really like the instrumental hook.

Me enjoying a-ha on the radio now: Maybe it is no better to be safe than sorry. How long will it take me to learn that life is okay. If I upend my world to be close to someone, I know full well it will be a day or two before they're gone again, but the alternative is nothing. Still into the hook.

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"Jurors with these numbers are excused." O thank Fortuna, I have wasted a month trying to keep my sleep patterns Normal for the Law and it was increasingly not working.

How to tell February intends to be particularly vexatious: Words With Friends supplies all the letters to bingo "February" which would be 67 points if it were a legal word.

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Most of my energy has gone to getting my Saturn patched up and selling it off to a local dad. The fender had come apart from the cumulative abuse of having had to park in shrubbery, and otherwise it's probably good for yet another 20 years. Very ; I now have my mom's Corolla because she so wanted some new computerized minivan thing. Now what will I do with my hoard of cassettes, I wonder.

So uh I haven't been chatty because my brainpower is limited. Every weekday the poison-lot workers have to rattle the earth all day, enforcing my morning schedule, but my body keeps staying awake later at night. Thanks supermoon or something.

And I have jury duty in a couple of weeks, so I can't make any bold plans. Who knows what I might get stuck with.

Bought a new printer today. There was something wrong with the old one, possibly from disuse. Thought I'd get a really cheap b&w laser printer which I would only use for things like taxes and coupons, but it seems they don't really sell something like that in stores anymore. So for a hundo I have another full-color photo inkjet.

The vague obligation I feel to not let its powers go to waste threatens to draw me into the whole Art Vendor self-flagellation ritual again.

I'm probably going to be doing a lot of unnecessary shopping now that it's reasonable to go outside, as they're doing something very noisy and earthshaking in the poison lot every day.

Today I found a new burger place. It was good but not really special in that $10 way, contrary to the hopes of whoever named it "The Habit." This is a name that I feel would make anyone too self-conscious about coming back, even if it were.

Why must paper get so much sharper in winter.

"You have cats?" someone would ask, gesturing to my hands, if I were ever around real people at all.

"No," I would have to say, "I touched an oatmeal packet wrong. And some mail. And another oatmeal packet today."

Okay, I've done my errands. I'm not going out there again AT ALL until it gets more than a degree above freezing, which will be about nine days at the least.

Thanks for the charming card @moult . The use of tracing paper for the frosted window brings back memories of a picture book my school had, "The Misty City". It was all onion-skin pages printed with silhouetted layers of scenery to simulate a peaceful walk in the fog.

Those zippy little knife-throwing jawa bastards still keep me from seeing the end of Demontower.

I don't even remember what part of the story I stranded poor Mae in so I could try to do it.

I sure did get a form response telling me in detail that I'll have to repeat all my questions to a phone receptionist. That'll be another week to five years.

I sure did email the Mazzoni Center about HRT last night. Hell and mercy, why did I have to do it on a Friday.

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The workings of websites are increasingly mysterious to me. I spotted this typographical curiosity in a BoingBoing article: An "ff" ligature substitution that was then somehow cut into halves for hyphenation.

E-mail is federated. You know what people with multiple and changing e-mail addresses use? Forwarding. How might that work for mastodon, I wonder?

Democrats swept New Jersey at all levels and that's super, but it also deepens the feeling that it's safer and easier to stay here, which is wasting my life day by day and year by year. So that's something I need to process.