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@zebratron2084 My approach would be find a way to introduce it in the singular form first if at all possible. When the subject of more "codexes" is broached, someone casually interrupts: "Codices." This correction is either immediately permanently accepted or immediately permanently rejected, and never mentioned again.


People who have played more than 200 games of Worms together on YouTube: "WHAT'S THIS DO? WHAT BUTTON DO I PUSH? HOW DO I SHOOT? WHERE AM I???"

Actual online play: "We have memorized the exact procedures necessary to prevent you from having fun. None of them even involve ballistics."

@zebratron2084 I think rather that it's the cross-product of both of those things.

@fluffy It means you have things to say. Nothing wrong with that! It's not as if you're one of those who try to become a "fixture" of somebody's comic by posting a doggerel sonnet every day.

@fluffy Oh hey! I do recognize you from like every comments page on the internet but I never guessed that's who you were. Good to see you're still making music. Opened your soundcloud page and enjoying it right now.

@zebratron2084 "Sufferers of Maladaptive Sport Indifference Disorder have difficulty integrating into society due to their inability to engage with pro football the way normal people do. It can be associated with Brand Consumption Deficiency Disorder, further inhibiting the ability to bond with others over the rich taste of Glieger's."

@zebratron2084 I can't seem to find the lyrics of the 2017 version of this song said to be on "Medium Rarities" but maybe that's for the best. Better to stick with the comforting nostalgia of the Cold War. Happy birthday stripey.

The MLP Movie trailer makes me sad because I couldn't keep watching past season 5, and I recognize the excitement I π˜„π—Όπ˜‚π—Ήπ—± have felt.

Converse to what most people would say, I miss following along with the community, but the show itself has chased me away. It's like a cape universe now, where telling any story requires ignoring most pertinent facts of it while layering on 𝗺𝗼𝗿𝗲 stuff.

And, really. Anything that reminds me of the damn Angry Birds Movie even once is once too many.

The number 46 is not sticking in my mind. I have to spend many moments remembering that I am neither 36 nor 56, and I'm not sure that my usual feud with the nature of time accounts for it entirely.

It seems my body craves (and, when deprived, must catch up on) the forward misalignment of my sleeping-waking pattern more than it does the actual sleep, whenever it happens. Not having to regulate myself for any more dentist appointments is like releasing an elastic band.

@zebratron2084 Well. I say again, anything I can do. Including ideas that involve the discount codes that Extended Stay America has been regularly sending me since the last time any of us saw each other. *hug* Remember it's all somehow gonna be fine sooner than anyone expects.

@zebratron2084 Hushed oaths. I accept that my role is to wonder and worry from afar, but if there is anything I can do. Anything, no questions asked if you don't want them asked.

@zebratron2084 It all sounds yummy but I assume these things are about 1.25 inches on a side for $8 each?

I use ordinary Thunderbird. If there's something wrong with unforked Thunderbird I don't know what it is.

I should hope nobody will ever decide to destroy email standards to make it into another medium that forces us all to change mail clients when one isn't cool anymore.

Right now I gotta either get the shower and food I severely need, or spend some hours writing a dangerous e-mail about my feelings.

Somehow I know that whatever I do today or whatever order I do it in is going to screw up my ability to keep a dentist appointment I have in a few days.

A thing that would qualify as unusually good would be getting a response from MyFonts that they're going to start selling the thing I finished without giving me any trouble. But that won't be until tomorrow at the earliest.

Finished a thing, shifted some junk, felt like I was doing pretty well, for me. Then Windows decided to toy with my trust for a few hours (Start menu went away. Clean scan, hard shutdown, password field didn't appear, restart, perpetual uncaptioned wait-for-spinner screen, hard shutdown, now back to normal). I took that time to read the first chapter of The Sculptor. Now I think I'll just sit here rocking until something unusually good happens.

Is there an Instance of this thing whose website resembles the bluebird's, i.e. one big page with the home timeline spread across most of it, where the scroll wheel works no matter where my cursor is, and I don't have to peer through this _arrowslit?_

A dream expressly restored my draconity today. Want to mark it, may as well be here.

Crowded social setting, someone was gathering "dragon experts". [N] convinced [P] to keep me in a sexy clinch (tho I knew she couldn't want to) to keep me from recusing myself and prove there's something still alive in me.

Somehow still ended up stranded alone at a city intersection. Remembered to express my arms as wings. Flew to a lush low-resolution valley to await the other dragons.

Finasteride: Letting you know now, getting any closer to what you want will require killing the part of yourself that would be excited by it.

Me: I guess that's worthless. But I'll settle for having hair I'm not embarrassed by; you'll still do that, right?

Finasteride: Haha, no.