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Where is Mr Ranjan Gogoi? Pls send him to Assam to explain the benefits of and NRC. This was his dream project.

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A curfew has been imposed in Meghalaya's Shillong and SMS and internet services have been suspended across the state for 48 hours starting from 5 pm on Thursday.

It was the contribution of 9 BJP MPs from Assam to vote in favour of CAB in LS. BJP was always clear with its motive, the manifesto. But it is the people ultimately who chose these MPs and sent them to the house of people. And this is where the defeat lies, not today.

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The “world’s largest democracy” wants to ban Muslims from becoming citizens.

The “world’s largest democracy” has blocked the internet in 4 different states.

That’s why tens of thousands are taking to the streets across India. Modi has turned India into a fascist empire.

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is organising protests on the occasion of the martyrdom day of Ashfaqulla Khan and Ram Prasad Bismil 150 organisationn 200 districts of India are coming together to protest against the unconstitutional

Thousands in Delhi will ghero the Parliament.

Date: December 19, 2019
11.00 am onwards
Sansad Marg, New Delhi

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Artists Unite Kolkata protests against CAB. - ' We abide by the Constitution hence we do not accept the CAB.'

Saturday, 14 December

3 - 5 pm

Madhusudan Mancha, Kolkata

Gandhi's India is dying
Savarkar's India is rising

Will the SC cave again?

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IPS Abdur Rehaman bhai from Mumbai resigned against

Look IPS are resigning can't we come forward in solidarity with them?


**No Friday prayers in over 4 months in Kashmir's largest mosque**

"Residents under lockdown say even their religious freedom is being violated as mosques and shrines remain out of bounds."


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"I am sure this is not the way to treat a senior Member of the Parliament and leader of a political party. We are not criminals"

~ Farooq Abdullah wrote to Shashi Tharoor

Let's shout out today!! Suggest people you follow to others in your network. Also let's share why you like a particular account.
Let's help each other build a more meaningful network.

What say??

@ajeeshrp7 one more thing. Can someone make a summary sort of a thing of the daily discussions and put it up in one common place? Not everyone engages and prefers to talk at the same time.

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Hi everyone,

Anyone around?? Wanna talk about the features to be introduced on Google Maps.. I got a response from local guide connect what actual features I need. I need ur help in suggesting the points. In fact attach the link or ss.

Waiting for your response

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If you have to read one article today, it is long read but fully worth it. Where New Yorker takes Modi & his politics right from Gujarat to Kashmir to the cleaners. International media takes it on as our Media is turning lapdog


@KayKap @st_in Agree here with Kirti. All suggestions are welcome. Purpose is to decide what can be done immediately and what solutions can be implemented on a long term basis. It's not as if whatever solution we adopt immediately is going to stop all atrocities right now, but long term we are bound to make an impact
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