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Vaccination priced for the privileged at @AakashHSSH@twitter.com & Vegas Mall, Dwarka's new venture

*drive-through: Rs1600 (1400+200 CoWIN registration)
Arrangements for post-vaccine monitoring?🤷🏽‍♀️
*mall facility: Rs1000

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One more gang-rape in UP. After now in , A Dalit Girl was gangraped and then both her legs were broken, her waist was broken and then murdered with poison injection.

A false quote attributed to WHO claims that no vegetarian has been infected with coronavirus and advises against the consumption of meat. An official with WHO clarified to Alt News that no such advisory has been issued. #AltNewsFactCheck | @thisisjignesh altnews.in/false-quote-attribu … twitter.com/free_thinker/statu
#India #coronavirus

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The Tyrant Emperor is becoming more and more World Famous for what he is best Known for....
During crisis, there are reports govt is arresting Muslim activists protesting the , including Safoora Zargar who is pregnant.

At this time, should be releasing prisoners of conscience, not targeting those practicing their democratic right to protest.

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MNREGA is the only Govt scheme that is efficiently providing employment to Indians in distress even during COVID.

But a shameless fool made fun of MNREGA in Lok Sabha.

He said - "MNREGA Congress vifaltao ka Smarak hai aur hum ye dunia ko dikhaenge"

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Following Naikoo's encounter, 12 civilians hit by pellets in eyes in Army attack

“I don’t know whether I will recover my eyesight.”

Omar Farooq, 23-year-old Kashmiri youth, was hit by metal pellets in both eyes on 6 May 2020

Via Maktoob Media en.maktoobmedia.com/2020/05/14

Gujarat Cops Barged in, Hit Me With Sticks: Pregnant Muslim Woman

Muslims in Ahmedabad’s Shahpur Adda allege brutalities & indiscriminate torture by police. Among Muslims of the area were a pregnant woman, a 62-year-old man & a child with disabilities thequint.com/news/india/gujara

UPDATE: Closing request. we got the funds. thank you generous souls. you helped some hard working people risking their lives in the hills.

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PLEASE HELP: Urgently need to collect Rs 29,000 (out of Rs 3 lakh that was required originally) to provide protective equipment (N25 masks etc) for medical staff in a non-urban area. Please donate and RT.

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Malerkotla Muslim craftsmen have been weaving badges for the Indian army and police force since decades now!

Those deriding my previous post can mull on the irony if they want to...

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the choice is clear, do you vote for schooling and health care, or do you vote for Goli maaron Saalon ko. You have a choice to be wise or foolish.

BJP IT cell warriors scratching their heads on how to counter CAA/NRC protests

With the passing of #CAA the voices against the ruling BJP have only grown louder.

And unlike before, the BJP has not been able to counter the narrative of even control it


@TwitterIndia@twitter.com stop being dumb. You too know that 80% of twitter accounts possessed by BJP are fake. You are suppressing the voice of people who are against BJP.


Delhi police stood in complicity and watched goons beat up students. now pro-actively prevents the same students from their democratic right to protest peacefully. Reminds me of endless stories from Kashmir, India's northeast and central indian tribal belts.

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Interesting. Twitter is automatically suspending accounts that tweet an image consisting of a black background with the white text "No war on Iran" on it.

Ref 1: twitter.com/GarbageGangHQ/stat

Ref 2: twitter.com/EricaJoy/status/12

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When a German student can't participate in political protest. How can a Canadian indulge in Indian political activism?

Akshay Kumar is working in India on OCI Visa.

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The main difference between this👇🏼rally and Modi’s rally is, here, the people came on their own. They are not paid to participate to prove the popularity of the leader.

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DrMMS👇 advocated a liberal attitude in giving refuge & citizenship to refugees persecuted in India's neighborhood, irrespective of religion.

BJP-RSS pointedly omitted Muslims & specified religious-based citizenship that violates our constitution.

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