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Not sure how much discussion there's been around this already, but I think the decision to not implement "quoting", or QTs on the bird platform, might be worth revisiting.
Yes, it can be used to dunk, but a "disable QTs on this toot" feature would curtail such uses, and allow the benign "add my own comment to this thing while surfacing it" case that I see behind a lot of good discussion on other platforms.

I really look forward to more of these :)

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Report: The Devil's Chessboard

It's a biography of Allen Dulles—Nazi sympathizer, CIA director, Bay of Pigs fiasco-driver, Warren Commission Report obfuscator. The story of this terrible human being reminds us that one person can make a big difference, can really change the world.
I always liked the plot point in "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" that active spies would turn to a retired spy when they needed to fi...

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"Estatica" by Cardigan is a Quake 3 map from 2003 built around a frozen moment - lightning striking a tower. It looks cool in screenshots but you really have to move around the space to get a proper appreciation for how dramatic it is.

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EVERY PERSON IS ENTITLED TO A DIGNIFIED LIFE. this is what human rights means.

no strings attached, no asterisks, no exclusions or exceptions. everybody belongs, everybody gets what they need. civilization is not a paradox of triage, in which some get what they need and others must suffer because of it, we do not live any longer in a zero-sum world. scarcity is more often enforced than it is natural. to ask for a world without poverty is not asking the impossible, it is merely asking that we abandon a system of structuring our society that is based on greed and little else.

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death mention 

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Played some fris golf today. That's like frisbee golf, but when the group ahead of you gets attacked by a swarm of enraged bees, you say "Let's skip this part of the course."

This has some great stuff in it, like

"One big victory on Saturday was that we finally located a _____ that has been lost for over a year. It's the size of a home water heater, so it's hard to imagine how it got lost, but we found it behind a seldom-opened panel. In fact, before the ground suggested that we look there, I never even realized it was a stowage space."

Responses to questions asked before, during, and after the expeditions suggest that living and working onboard the ISS is not as difficult as the astronauts anticipate before starting their six-month tours of duty. Astronauts reported that they benefited personally from writing in their journals and recommended continuation of the research.

Today I told some friends how appreciated they made me feel and how I treasure that.

Now that IDA 3 is on-orbit, basically everything I've done for the space program has actually made it into space. Neat. ...weird.

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Hi hi hi! I uploaded a proof of concept puzzle game to Itch in an attempt to raise $400 to finish up the much-improved follow-up.

Boosting would be much appreciated.

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if you have questions about whether using a particular amazon product without directly giving them money counts as breaking the strike: please try to avoid it, if for no other reason than helping serve as a broader reassessment of your relationship to amazon as a company

Erin boosted "Kirk Drift" makes an interesting argument: that despite Star Trek TOS being steeped in the sexism of its time, Kirk's reputation as a womanizer is mostly a retroactive reclamation by 80s-90s nerds seeking to bend him into a prototypical modern action hero and normalize a specific contemporary brand of nerd sexism.

Initial impression of Mastodon: who's Eugen? I will find some good people that I like to follow and then unfollow Eugen. Eugen's posts are still in my timeline. Eugen is now muted. ...hooray?


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