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The world is a difficult place right now. I can not advocate turning a blind eye to struggles and hardships, but for those who've had an eyefull and need a break, I made a nice little game about cute bees that might make your day a little brighter <3

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Finally received a response this morning. It was more or less what I expected. I was given permission to share this abridged version, which implies that Steam involvement is tied to giving value to showcase participants.

Store-specific preference/exclusivity in a general event like this still feels like a bad fit to me regardless, but I've said my part and won't be following up (I'd rather spend my time making things). Best of luck to anybody who wants to take it further.

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Doesn't really make for an interesting screenshot for , but I've finally nailed down backwards compatible file format versioning for Icicle (the Winter's Wake engine) that's robust in the ways I need it to be. It's been a long road, but it'll be worth it!

Hamish is streaming some Hive Time. I'll be bumbling around out in chat. Drop by and say hi and/or give him a follow @hamishtpb 🐝

version 1.1-30 is now live, featuring an engine upgrade, a slew of small fixes, and a new shortcut for bypassing radial menus to show cell-specific management screens. Enjoy!

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The week ahead in Hamish:

Including some love for the latest game from the wonderful Mim & @Cheeseness

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Someone needs to sit some games journalists down and explain that there's plenty of queer games out there and has been for a very long time. Big box is *behind* in representation, not forging a new path.

BeeInABlanket is streaming some . I'll be hanging out in chat. Feel free to drop by and say gi!

Just finished my first playthrough of Interstellaria. Thanks to ColdRice for a fun space adventure and for support! Backer credits as destructible elements in a little space shooter is super cute ^_^

On a lighter note, I just finished my first run through of Michael Fairley's A Snake's Tale. Thanks for a fun little challenge (Between a Rock had me stumped for days) and for support!

For the record, the game I was planning to submit is on Itch because (among other reasons) I want to allow people to buy and play my game without making an account or getting tied to a platform - this is not something that Steam offers.

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Thanks Steam, for corrupting a file on download once again and sending me on another frantic and fruitless debugging adventure.

Last 40 minutes to grab the @itchio Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. It includes 1.7 thousand games and has just bumped over $8 million raised

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Finally got around to picking up @silverspookgames' Neofued last night. Looking forward to playing it when I have some free time :)

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