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New Honeycomb CRUNCH builds are up! You can now pause the game, control where you spawn, and check your progress against past runs on the game over screen

Yesterday, I released a little arcade top scroller called Honeycomb CRUNCH as both a fun game to play, and an example project to pick apart and learn from. One of the last things I added was this cool splashscreen :D

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I'm going to be on .XPenguin with @HexDSL in about 10 minutes, talking about and Honeycomb CRUNCH and other cool stuff. For real this time!

Protip for not being a douchebag: Don't ever suggest that a creative person who has released a project has abandoned their work. If you do this, you are scum.

I just released a new game. It's called Honeycomb CRUNCH and it has source code available. Enjoy :)

Here's a quick recap of what's going on with , Honeycomb CRUNCH, and prioritisation of other stuff I'm working on <3

This morning I started working on a new game in prep for a talk I'm giving this weekend. I reused the bee model from , and some CC licenced audio (attribution will be in the download), but everything else was done today. Here's how it looks now :)

I love working around undocumented behaviour (for some reason Godot's Camera.project_position() returns a point that is the near clipping plane's distance away from the camera). Going to submit a patch for a more sensible implementation when I'm done.

Knocking together a quick example project based on stuff I've done/learned while working on Hive Time for the talk I'm giving this weekend. All your bees are belong to us

Spend some time messing with main menu stuff today. It's still a long way from done, but it's a start!

Finally got the honey refinery production/pause/resume animations that I started during yesterday's stream looking/behaving better. Had to redo them three times >_<

We're bringing @KestrelPi onboard as a composer to help bring to life. Music can be such a big part of the experience, and we're super happy to have an experienced tune carrier joining our small band of bee lovers :)

You can also follow me on Itch to get notifications of when I release new stuff (or to check out some of my past work)

Thanks to everybody who dropped by to check out and celebrate with me today! If you want to keep track of development, I'm keeping an up to date log of my work here

Going live with a dev stream for . Come check out my totally-not-scientifically-accurate hive building sim. Might give away a few early copies if you're excited about bees/bee conservation :D

(not to be confused with the less-hygienic World Bidet) is tomorrow. Unfortunately, I don't have time to do any of the things I was hoping to celebrate, but I might stream and give away some early copies after I've had some sleep :)

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