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Sometimes I make silly, irreverent stuff. Sometimes I make deeply personal works that try to give appropriate gravitas to things I find important. Ruben is both of these :)

Work to make the opportunities you've had available to others. Closing the door behind you so that nobody else can benefit is uncivilised.

That goes for IP (looking squarely at studios who secured prominence by re-telling public domain stories then worked to extend copyright length) as much as living conditions (consider societies constructed by colonial migrants who won't share the opportunity for a new life that their forebears had).

Booked flights and accommodation last night to go to AdventureX in London in November. Feeling poor and terrified :D

Seeing lots of "Click here to see more E3 coverage." Is there anywhere I can click to see less E3 coverage?

I just published a write-up of my recent mods, giving a bit more detail on card art, writing and inspiration

Last night I made a new save icon for The Away Team (we're working on a big update). I popped up some details on how I did this with Gimp and Blender over on Twitter (too lazy to post it all again here ;_; )

For GOG users, it's also available here (be sure to grab the latest version of the base mod while you're at it!)

I've just released another mod, allowing you to play through all of the encounters from my Ruben the Claw Troll mod in one challenge. It's not my recommended way of experiencing it, but if it's a better fit for you, go nuts :)

Stayed up super late working, so I painted this bee instead of going to bed

Been increasingly of the opinion lately that the "mixed" threshold for aggregated Steam reviews should be renamed to "balanced"

You can find more about @jplebreton's work (which extends far beyond Doom) here and if you're keen to support the awesome stuff he does, check out his Patreon page

Super happy to present a new Cheese Talks interview, this time chatting with based developer and modder @jplebreton about , FPS games, NPCs and his work-in-progress mod where you make friends with monsters, Mr Friendly

I just published a preview of my upcoming Cheese Talks interview with @jplebreton for my lovely Patreon supporters. Planning to publish it for everyone after I get some sleep :)

I found this smiley face in Doom E1M1 and it makes me happy.

There are also close to 5,000 games that advertise support on Steam (filtered to "SteamOS + Linux" and "Games"), so if there's something you play that's not on the SteamDB list, consider confirming it! :D

There are now over 3,000 games on Steam confirmed to be working by the community. Big thanks to SteamDB for hosting this list, to all the contributors over the years, and to Ethan "flibitijibibo" Lee for starting it way back in 2011!

Been painting a lot of stuff lately that I can't share just yet. This shouldn't be readily identifiable, so enjoy \o/

Some days you draw the spaceship. Some days the spaceship draws you.