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The world is a difficult place right now. I can not advocate turning a blind eye to struggles and hardships, but for those who've had an eyefull and need a break, I made a nice little game about cute bees that might make your day a little brighter <3

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Tonight's feature has been chat integration. Special bees can be named after active chat participants, and their messages will be relayed as in-game speech bubbles next to their bee 🐝💬

I'm working on/testing some new Hive Time features. Come bee a bee with mee! 🐝🐝🐝

Rest in peace, Arecibo. For anybody who hasn't stumbled across it, this short story by Ted Chiang is very good and very bittersweet.

Just got around to updating the Cheese Talks supporters page with some new Patreon supporters. Thanks to everybody past and present who's believed in my work and my art to the extent that they're willing to give me some money. It often moves me to tears ♥️

Did a quick little concept sketch for something that Underflow Studios is working on while discussing gameplay stuff. Super rough, but I think it captures the kind of mood we were talking about.

A nice essay on city building/resource management games, and how they frame the value of their worlds, with a focus on the way that Terra Nil mechanically expresses something that stands in stark contrast to its contemporaries in the genre.

These two friends spent all day preening each other on top of my bird feeder. I think they might be planning to make an egg.

Going to stream some work on some Hive Time art, and maybe some other things for a bit

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It's worth noting that my stress test hive is nowhere near the theoretical upper limit for cell and bee counts, but it is within the bounds of what I'd expect a player to arrive at without trying too hard. Thankfully the game doesn't really need a high frame rate to be playable.

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It's been like drawing blood from a stone, but I've got my stress test hive up from 8fps to 22fps. That's probably the best I'm going to manage for this patch \o/

Updated the spawn effect for new Queens to be bigger/more visible, and I'm kinda digging it

Some very nice thoughts about the role of 's vignettes in "humanising" the sim's population in here at about 42:25 in (start at the beginning if you want diarrhoea talk though)

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