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Super happy to be able to offer @itchio players achievements. I have mixed feelings about extrinsic rewards, but it bums me out to leave users on one platform behind (especially when it's my preferred one).

I tried to make the demo end screen in this tweet carry the feel of DOS era shareware/register/buy now screens. Not sure how well I pulled it off, but it was an interesting challenge!

Alongside these, we've also released the game's soundtrack, featuring high quality versions of 16 music tracks from the game. Grab it now on Itch and Steam!

We've made a demo of available now, which can be found on both Steam and Itch, featuring a selection of missions, characters to whet your appetite for space adventure!

Today's update adds an in-game achievements screen ( @itchio users can get achievements now!), some UI improvements, and a couple of "cheats" that allow players to modify sector gameplay to suit their preferences.

A pair of Welcome Swallows have taken up residence in my carport. This morning, I saw two gaping maws emerge from the nest.

Put some cover art together the other day for 's upcoming soundtrack release

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Fun fact, we released that port on my birthday in 2017.

You can check out my port of Full Throttle Remastered on GOG for free today if that's your thing \o/

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Hey video game kids, is giving away LucasArts' 1995 point and click adventure Full Throttle for FREE! You need an account, but that's easy enough.

The game is the remastered version, but if it's like any of the other LucasArts 90's remasters there's a mode to use the (highly preferable, cough) original graphics. Anyway, go get it! FREE!

The offer is on GOG's front page:

#RetroGames #Gameing #Retro #SCUMM

About to go live with Adam Dayton and co for . Come listen/good naturedly heckle as we chat about

Here's a recap of what I got up to in November with the support of my lovely Patreon supporters! Topics include Spicy Meatball, Icicle engine, The Away Team and

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Last month, Mim and I visited the UK, attended AdventureX, then got the hell out of London and found a loch in the middle of nowhere to unwind and become human again. Here are some photos <3

Finally managed to upload the first few days of my UK trip, which includes photos from , conveniently gathered in this album for your viewing pleasure

My fix for multiple V4L devices of the same model not being displayed properly has now been merged. Expect it in future OBS releases, I guess :)

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