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My game dev framework has a telegram channel and group now (group linked in channel)

Feel free to give it a visit if you are interrested.

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CW: Bad right wing attempt at insult 

CW: christian silliness 

CW: christian silliness 

So apparently kiwifarms has a mastodon instance now. That's pretty bad news.

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We now have a #Glimpse project code of conduct!

The community determined it should be based on the Contributor Covenant, and that it should be added to and amended over time as the need arises. If you have any further ideas or feedback, let us know.

(As previously stated we are still working on the website, so expect the theme and layout to change in the near future)

I swear every time i shave my legs they get smoother somehow.

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If you don't take an active role against fascism, you're inactively enabling the harm it causes.

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@ky0ko heck the time stamp got removed by link, 24:35

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Call Outs: This person that we know did something bad and I tried to talk to them privately and it didn't work so be careful in your interactions with them.

Cancelling: This business funds white supremacists so don't give them money.

It's incredible how much dual-ethics is going in with fediverse developers.

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meta: chat log of Kaniini, Dansup and DashEquals talking complete shite 

I put on the USSR anthem and turned my speakers to 125%

The floor did a mighty shake

Update on my cat; he's home now and he's fine. A lil' dizzy, but that's all uwu

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