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My game dev framework has a telegram channel and group now (group linked in channel)

Feel free to give it a visit if you are interrested.

How does this syntax look so far, is it understandable?

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So much code to write, so little time...

Functions, if statements and return gets parsed now yey

I know i poke fun at FreeBSD a lot, but tbh. It's a p cool project, running FreeBSD on my laptop.

Fun fact, pikachu's name in danish is technically "dicksneeze"

Rovers are cute in general, I want to hug a rover

Btw, rip opportunity. Was a cute rover tbh

Screw Discord, crappy broken web app. Good I ain’t using it much anymore...

I'm thinking of not supporting the entire activitystreams spec, since it's really hard to implement in a typed language.

I do hope the way i'll do it will be supported on other fediverse servers, though... hmm...

Containers are a curse for the Linux desktop

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