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My game dev framework has a telegram channel and group now (group linked in channel)

Feel free to give it a visit if you are interrested.

Lightning is pretty, if just the static electricity in the air didn’t make my heart hurt :c

Denmark is getting smitten left and right, 3rd thunderstorm in a row...

@cramt heyo uwu
You can enable single-column mode in settings afaik if you prefer a more twitter-like UI.

Ah shit I’m running low on HP, time to drink a health potation!

Cease and desist right there you criminal scum!

Points water pistol at you
Hand over the potatoes o~o

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Instead of "shut up TERF"

How about: "Snort salt, transphobe"

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Help me I’m getting older today. Am 19 now.
Only 1 year left till I’m no longer in my teens

I might as well step in to my grave already

I spent a little this morning customizing my desktop w/ conky and a new wallpaper (

What ya think? uwu

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I've mostly been feeling melancholy/sad.

Someone exposed me to this

eJay was the first "DAW" i used, so childhood memories + joel is quite the odd feeling...

Also, i feel old =n=

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@Clipsey I wasn’t aware that they were using multiple tld’s for their instance now - yeah this may be the better route. I’ll push an update.

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@Clipsey Amaroq already blocks logins. If they’re using something else now I’ll block that as well.

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