Is cold outside I could use a nice cup of tea tbh... or hot chocolate

I wrote a small incident report about the attack that happened earlier. :mastodon:

I hope it might help other instances and be useful to us next time this happens. I also think it's important to communicate with you about the issues affecting us. :breathe:

Thanks again to @Gargron and @CM_noelle for there help !


Hey spammer, you know there’s only a single moderator on this instance, right? Cut her some slack and let them do their work without having to deal with that spam.

Hey spam bots, ya need a hug?
I can make some tea and we can talk about it, I’ll listen...

What’s going on with all these spam bots posting images of coloured static?

After my work laptop met Disk Destroyer I got Ubuntu up and running again lmao

petition to rename fat binaries to T H I C C binaries

I accidentally DD'd my main drive with the arch linux installer earlier this evening, corrupted windows partition and windows secondary partition (probs BitLocker partition or something)

Ubuntu is still untouched though, but all the partitions except the EFI partition was renamed ARCH_(date)

Tech support won't be too happy about that i can guess, but oh well. Mistakes happen.

Why have the souls of the damned, when you can have t oast

A B(rainfuck) C C++ C# D E F F# G H I J K L M N
O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z-

This is my new alphabet get rekt skrubs.
*proceeds to get sued by the corporation for trademark infringement*

Follow me for more crappy posts lol

I should really go to bed im tired

Breakfeast is the most important meal of the day; hence why i don't eat breakfeast. I instead devourer the souls of TERFs (then proceed to puke em out again cus eww)

Trans feels is when you envy your own profile picture =n=

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