The Pomodoro Technique

1. Decide on the task you want to achieve
2. Set a timer to 25 minutes
3. Block out everything that could distract you
4. Focus on doing everything you can on the task you decided on in point 1
5. When the alarm goes off after 25 minutes, take a break of 3-5 minutes and then go back to point 2

When you've completed 4 rounds, you've done one set and after this one set you take a 30 minutes break and then do another set.

Do 2-4 sets per day and you'll get amazing results.

I need your help!

Being the Viking Mindset guy, I'm constantly working on bettering myself and have created a survey so I can understand you, the entrepreneur, better.

It would really help me out if you could spare a few minutes of your time to fill it out and as a gift, I would like to give you a free copy of my book "Get to know your resistance: How to break free and get things done".

Play to WIN!

Are you playing to win or playing to NOT lose?

No more over-thinking, no more procrastination, no more hesitation.

Only pure gold hard action.

The actions you take today creates your future, so make sure you and your actions are congruent with your dreams and goals.

If you're looking to play to win to become financially free without over-thinking or constantly feeling overwhelmed, send me a DM now.

Don't be lazy. Do this instead!

I'm a lazy man. There are days I don't get much done and the only reason isn't that I'm lazy, it's because I'm not following my proven system.

List of productive things to do:
1. Do the one thing in life or in business that makes everything else easy or unnecessary.

Now, THAT'S being lazy! Just doing one single thing, right?

If you want help figuring out your One thing, send me a DM now.

What are the prerequisites for success?

I believe the answer to this question is habits.

Your thoughts creates your habits and your habits creates your life.

DM me to learn how!

Do THIS in this time of crisis!

It's an unprecedented time these days with the crisis and all and a lot of businesses are struggling and will go down.

The world and the economy as we know will change.

You have 3 choices as far as I can see!

Will you be the winner or will you be the loser?

It's your choice!

Let's play a game!

With the levels of stress many people face these days, why not do something to put our minds on something else.

I want you to share with me how much battery you have left on your phone right now.

You can either tell me in percent, post a screenshot or explain it.

Here's what I have right now...

International Day of Happiness

Help the world by spreading happiness all around on the International Day of Happiness, March 20th.

This is the first time I've heard of this and it made me really happy.

Are you in love with the process?

The process of becoming is equally important as the goal is and when both are in alignment, you will experience an even greater joy.

Are your goals/visions and your actions congruent with who you want to become?

Investing in yourself

My girlfriend was temporarily laid off due to the novel corona virus so we decided this was a great time to invest in her future and bought an online coaching program for her.

Will you? DM me to see if/how I can help you with your money mindset.

"When a butterfly has emerged, it can never turn back into a caterpillar."

Every failure, every mishap, every bad twist and turn, every setback is just you being the caterpillar.

Once you're out of the chrysalis, you're the beautiful butterfly. Ready to take on the world and shine!

Live, learn, laugh and love.

“The caterpillar does all the work, but the butterfly gets all the publicity.”
― George Carlin

Saturday gratitude

Being grateful is one of the most powerful states of mind. It has the power to heal any wound and make your life the best it can be.

It has the power to create your dream future and it has the power to make you fly.

If you're not grateful, you're a great fool.

It's more about unlearning

When I saw this on Insta, it resonated with me so much.

Looking back on my own process, there has been a lot of unlearning of bad habits, bad thoughts and bad processes.

You already know enough. All you have to do now is to unlearn the things that are holding you back.

What's one thing you believe you have to unlearn to get you moving forward?

Comment below!

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