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I'm Cobalt! I'm 31. I'm a white woman, and am married but . I'm but intensely over dating men and mascs for the foreseeable future, so unicorn hunters need not apply.

I'm into as hobbies and am more defined by being AND (yes both) and supporting and my / siblings.

Sooooo hi!

So now that has gotten itself back online as, and now that I know Mastodon a little bit better.... I think I am going to go make myself at home over there where things are moderated a little more strictly. Their goals and customs doc is looking good.

I'm exporting my data, so a lot of you will probably get a follow request from and that's me!

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Remember folks, use CamelCase on your hashtags, so screen readers speak it as two words

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In the ancient Mediterranean, letters were often inscribed in clay. If you've ever worked with clay, you'll know that it gets brittle if it gets dry without being fired. It was not meant for long-term storage.

Nevertheless, because of a fire, we have communication with a man named Ea-Nasir, c. 1750 BCE. He collected hundreds of tablets written to him.

They were all complaints. Ea-Nasir was a copper dealer and the first known con artist.

The British Museum has one:

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#mayday thoughts:

- do you have food not bombs near you? cook with them!
- do you have an IWW or GDC branch in your area? join up!
- is there a community garden close by? drop by this week!

when the social default is isolation, you've gotta make an effort to reach out to your neighbors!

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There are only 3 places in your city. 

That was not a typo.

1. The suburbs
2. The gentrified part
3. The part your pasty, Reddit-browsing ass doesn't go to.

If you do actual work instead of getting drunk and talking about 'left' politics and complaining about hipsters, you might get

4. Autonomous zones and/or intentional communities

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studying surveillance technology and culture is fucking toothless if you don't also consider that citizenship is racialized and gendered and that the "right to privacy" is built around (racialized) ideas of criminality, policing, discipline, and punishment

selfie, new Ghostbusters, millennial despair humor 

My mister got me an excellent shirt. Selfie for the throne!

(Image is a white woman pointing to her shirt which has a seedling printed on it along with the slogan, "VOTE PLANT 2040")

Related: needs to get ffs

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popularity maximizers are much scarier than paperclip maximizers

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Harassment in science meta 

Apparently some terrible things are being said about sexual harassment at the national academy of science meeting.

If you are afraid to collaborate with a scientist of another gender because you're afraid you might harass them, you're the problem.

metoo has only had a negative effect on the progress of science if you're a perpetrator.

abortion, Indiana, fundraising 

With one day left, is less than $400 from our goal for the Hoosier Fund. SO CLOSE. If anybody can help, it does make a big difference. $28+ gets you a shirt!

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Floralia is April 28- May 3rd. To honor the Goddess responsible for turning pretty & problematic boys into flowers, I suggest a flower transformation session. Be My human flower. Inquire within. 🌸#objectification #metamorphosis #humanflower

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hthr's life success rules:
1. never do anything wrong
2. always do everything right
3. be extremely lucky all the time

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Caffeine, health stuff 

I am a fairly recent convert to coffee, but my goodness it is wonderful. Tastiest painkiller and bronchodilator, and I'm rather in need of both today! (And I can't take most painkillers and OMG I have been needing Ventolin far too often this week, so... ;-) )

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pride is only a sin if your worth is valued by society. telling others your worth when it isn't assumed is the right thing to do, the just thing to do.

remember that.

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