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Hi 🌟 !
I'm Coliandre, a belgian artist and illustrator living in France.
I paint Fantasy and Faery stuff.

I've worked on many fields: comics books (Alice in wonderland, Soufflevent), children books, boardgames (like Mysterium, Dixit, Abyss), novel covers.

I also have my little worlds, such as "The Little Witches" or the "Dracofungus".

Hello !

I really like to see how an illustration began. Was it a sketch, just some splashes of colours. What about you?

So, here is a sketch VS final!

Hope you like this one!

Hello !

It's crazy to think we're already close to 600 on this account.
Thanks for following and the support ! 💙

Hi Toot people !
Been busy those days, so I wasn't here.
Good sunday everyone and here little faeries for you !

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Le premier est un dragon qui apprécie particulièrement l'odeur du foin et de la prairie ♥
Le second est un dragon "Porte-bonheur" : il n'est jamais loin du muguet, une plante qu'il affectionne tout particulièrement !
Mais si le dicton dit qu'il faut "savoir saisir sa chance", l'expérience peut devenir rapidement 'épineuse' avec ce petit dragon...
#dragon #chane #drawing #fantasy #creature #flowers

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Et revoilà le temps des sirènes ! 🧜‍♀️​

Une de mes #mermay de l'an dernier ^^


Me: Yeah! The illustration is finished!
A little voice in my head: And what about a little autolevel, just to see what's happening?

You know this sensation when you're working on an illustration: you like it and you just can't let it go.

I know there is the point when you have to say it's finished and put an end on it but it's just that you DON'T want to do that because you like being working on it.

Oh, wow, we"re 500 here !
Thanks for following !

I think it deserves a little song by the best trio of the little people, doesn't it?

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Hey, wanna adopt a starry critter?
I have a bunch of original art available and it'd be nice if I could sell some as I need money. Boosts appreciated, thanks!

(I'm going out soon so if you get something before that I'll ship it today, otherwise it'll be next week)
#MastoArt #CreativeToots

Sleep well, toot people 🌙 !
See you tomorrow (and welcome to all the new followers) !

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:mastodon: Mastodon tip: you can customize a column to list multiple hashtags (and block-list some of them too). It's a good way to discover all the posts gravitating around the topics you like (eg. for art, #mastoart is a popular one). That's really a feature I love here and wanted to share it to newcomers.

Oh and I forget to say I love cats. Here's my old fluffy one. She's the best.

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Hello ! Lets introduce myself ! I am sifhel and I m an illustrator. I like cottagecore things, nature and fairytails with a good cup of tea ! This is my newest painting : the frog prince
#illustration #frog #fairytail #watercolour

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Hi Mastodon community ! 🧡
I am Chane, illustrator and great lover of fantasy worlds! Come and discover my universe, my fantastic landscapes, dragons and other mysterious grimoires...
I have been self-publishing for 8 years on Ulule and I have already made 5 projects, financed so well that I can live from my art today thanks to you! 💮
#art #introduction #dragon #illustration #drawing #chane

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Hi there! My name is Iris and I’m an artist and illustrator from the Netherlands. Things I do are MtG art, Dark Crystal Bestiary, Labyrinth Bestiary and I created my own world called Faeries of the Faultlines #FaeriesoftheFaultlines #MastoArt

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