Stomach has been in "Let's make things difficult for Ben" mode for the past two weeks. I am so anxious about moving and starting a new job. (Starting a new job makes me more anxious than the interview itself...)

3 days off, 2 days working, then it’s moving day. Mixed feelings. Still not chatty and that’s still okay.

The change from working nights to mornings is gonna be fun. The good thing is that I've got 2 weeks of that, then it's annual leave time for me. (It'll be spent moving though. Boo.)

I declined invitations to eat at McDonald’s and KFC today. That’s quite an accomplishment.

I love magpies. They’re some of my most favourite birds ever and it makes living in Australia a bit more awesome. (I don’t love them as much if they try to dive bomb my head for thinking I want to eat their babies.)

This morning, a magpie woke me up. It must have learned to mimic someone whistling. It was whistling along with the other birds. It was cute, but it was also not so cute because it was 5 am.

Don’t overeat. I’m not sure how many times I have to learn that lesson before it sticks in my head.

I’ve eaten a ton of McDonald’s food. Naturally I’m going to be sick tonight and tomorrow. I want to eat something else but can’t. Boo.

Sometimes a good fish and chips can make a shitty day a bit less shitty.

I feel like no matter how much I sleep, I can’t stop feeling tired. Lots of travel this week coming up. Figuring things out. Meeting deadlines. Fun adulting stuff… dot dot dot…

Work called me yesterday to replace sick staff. Sorry, I am past the point of caring or feeling bad. I said I'm not doing any extras anymore. I physically can't. My next few weeks are going to be spent packing, moving, and driving. (Some of my least fav things to do...)

As of this second, I have 10 more shifts until I am considered "unemployed". I wish my new job would get my contract to me and a real estate agent would tell me that I am approved for a rental. I am a planner. The waiting makes me incredibly anxious.

Four days off after tonight. I’ll be packing boxes… or probably just thinking about what I want to pack in them.

My brain wants to do two things at the same time: play NES games and find a recipe for a strawberry shortcake.

It's so lovely when you wake up early in the morning to find your bathroom floor covered in water. The water line connecting to the toilet's tank has started to leak. Our rental house is shifting around, causing cracks in the walls and stuff, and think it's particularly bad in the bathroom. This has happened a few times before, but I'm moving to the city in a month. Other half's staying here though. :(

I also got an offer for the job I applied for. It’s over 3 hours away so I’m gonna have to relocate back into the bigger city I used to live in. Goodbye outback Australia. It has been interesting and mostly good. Yay! 😺

The rain is beautiful. (Of course it’s better when it’s not flooding.) 🌧

If someone hasn’t told you today: you’re pretty darn awesome.

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