After working during the day for a little over a month, it’s back to nights. I really don’t want to go in tonight. I wish I didn’t need the money for when my rent goes up $100 a week next month.

Uphold is one of the most annoying companies to deal with. They annoy the shit out of me.

I'm feeling a bit better today which is fabulous. I'm still too lazy to do the gym thing though.

Sorry, but tell me again why browser themes need to expire, Firefox.

(I don't want to go to the ER because it's my workplace. Not in the mood to be at work without being paid, thanks. At this time, I can still care for myself. I know when I need to swallow my pride and get extra care.)

Prob gonna just take a Benadryl and play Minecraft or something until I fall asleep. Good plan.

Guts have made me miserable again. Not especially wanting to go back to the emergency room tonight though. Must... stay... hydrated.

Oh my god, I've gotten back some control of my life again. Hooray!

One. More. Fucking. Day. Today sucked. Tomorrow will be better I hope.

Lots of driving back and forth for the next few days… then a short break. Yay.

VERY boring day. Tired of it. I'm going to sleep early. Nobody's gonna stop me... except my bladder. Must've had a few too many coffees.

5 more [work] days and I’m done here. I haven’t been in my own bed and space for weeks. I’ve always hated shared accommodation.

I feel like all it does is rain here. Luckily, it’s my last week here. I get to return to normalcy starting Sunday afternoon.

When someone asks me what I’m doing over the long weekend or public holidays: 🖕

Tomorrow, I get to see my husband for the first time in about 1.5 months. Kind of miss the guy.

If today’s your birthday, happy birthday to you!!! 🎂 🎉

I am reflecting on my practice quite a bit. What have I been doing? What do I feel like I am doing well? What do I think I can improve on? It actually feels great planning like this for tomorrow.

It's gonna be a cold one in this old mountain town tonight.

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