Rain on my metal roof. I could sleep forever.

Ok maybe not forever but maybe until I have to drag my butt to work tonight.

Starting to feel human again. That's good, right? 🧟‍♂️

I’m so bored with being sick that I’d love to go to work if I could. How sad is that? 🦠🩺💉💊

Today marks my 3rd wedding anniversary with my partner. Wow. And to think that I never thought I would marry anybody, ever. lol

I never really bonded with my Switch due to the controller drift. I did get a Bluetooth controller but it only works for me if I sit the screen down somewhere. That’s not always possible.

Is today the day where all the company logos go back to their original colors?

Can’t I just win the lottery or something so I never have to go to work ever again? That would be great. I’m so tired tonight.

I feel like the best place to sleep is in a car while it’s raining.

My brain is working overtime and I wish it would stop.

It was a Benadryl kind of weekend. I must have slept 20 hours out of it. ;)

I miss rain. I miss the days back home when it would rain for days in a row. I wonder when I’ll be able to go back. I miss my family.

My six days off are already over? When did this happen? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

Downloading all my ancient files from my hosting company today. Lots of memories in here. Just doing some house cleaning that I should have done 10 years ago.

Do big purchases make you feel physically ill? It does that to me. I am car shopping because husband's tired of sharing a car. Haha.

Did you ever wake up at 3 am craving really good tamales but live in a country where you can barely find them, if at all? I miss Texas sometimes.

Anyway. I love what I do. And my mom tells everybody she sees what I do and where I live when I go to my home country. I think she’s proud of me in her own way. We were never really expressive with our feelings. I’ll take it.

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