I’ve always loved blue but the blue isn’t working for me. I’ve always liked the Netscape colours of the last versions of the browser and the icon. I’m not sure.

My website is turning into an unmitigated disaster. And it’s ugly. And parts of it are broken. It’s getting a redesign next week. Or next month. Or sometime this year.

Look at this shit, isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete? Wouldn’t you think I’m the squirrel—the squirrel who has everything?

I'm kind of regretting that I didn't pre-order an XBox Series X last year. I tend to get these things about a year or two after they've been released but for some reason, I want one now, but I'm not paying AUD$1200.

I bought a new 65 inch tv and it was delivered today. I set it up after finding out that it won’t fit on the entertainment unit. My partner is sitting in the same room watching YouTube videos on an 8 inch, at least seven year old tablet.

Why is that I am always wanting to bake stuff when it’s uncomfortably hot outside? Same that I only want ice cream on the coldest days?

I don't like night shifts very much. I'm up to my nostrils in them for the next month. :/

I'm gonna free myself from your opinion. I'm gonna heal myself from your religion. I'm gonna free myself from your aggression. I'm gonna heal myself.

Happy New Year, everybody. I hope it's super-mega-ultra awesome! :)

Here's hoping everybody had a really spectacular holiday. :) I also hope everybody has a safe New Years too.

Working over the holidays and making that public holiday pay this year. Gotta fund my coffee and gadget habit somehow.

I want/need to sell some of my gadgets but I’m so attached to some of them. Like tonight I picked up my Nintendo Switch for the first time in months and played it for like ten minutes. My laptop is back and I haven’t taken it out of the box. I’m thinking of selling it and getting something else.

Speak of the devil: courier just came to collect my defective laptop. I guess I'll see it in about a month or two. (It's just an alternate device that I sit in bed and write code on sometimes so it's not such a big deal. Plus, I don't even like the thing that much.)

I'm more of a software guy, not a hardware guy plus my time is limited.

I do, however, want one of the new Macs but I'm gonna wait to see what happens with the iMac range. I do need a laptop now though, HP laptop (which isn't even a year old) has issues. Courier was supposed to collect it yesterday (on my day off). Didn't happen. No call, no email, nothing. Delivery services are SO unreliable in Australia.

Apple AirPods Max? AU$899? No thanks. I can think of at least 899 other things I'd rather spend my money on.

It's so frustrating to have stuff to do and everybody around you is taking forever to get ready to leave...

"Beach Fingers" is on my mind right now. Nothing to do with beaches. Or fingers.

A new Mac, like a new XBox, has to wait until next year because I'm not made of money. (I am working every holiday in Dec though, so...)

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