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Ok so I think I fixed all recent issues with Tusky 1.6. Will test for a day and then make a new release.
You can help testing, here is the current snapshot build from master:

@charlag current master is crashing in MainActivity when clicking notifications because the Injection takes place after onCreate :/
But AccountManager is definitely needed in onCreate. Any ideas?

its amazing how many wrong ways to enter a instance url into Tusky users find :P

people are translating Tusky into languages I never heard of <3

Tusky respecting custom instance toot size limit? Made possible thanks to @Tak

oh I forgot the last time I announced a release it came two weeks later and I did not want to do this anymore lol

new Release will come on Sunday or monday. I guess we have enough new to stuff to call it 1.7.0

Gonna sleep now, tomorrow is family day, both my girlfriend and grandfather celebrate their birthdays and I have to travel a lot

has now 50 contributors 😳

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coding, rage Show more

coding, rage Show more

I mean, we could make two buttons, but I really prefer to keep things simple.

I would prefer the "Reply" button taking users to the full compose screen with all options. Gives way more flexibility and is not confusing. With quick reply, it is unclear who gets mentioned and what privacy level will be used.

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#tusky community, do you want to have Quick Reply feature in notifications? In other words, you click a reply button and then you can send a reply right from the notification.

You can see @ConnyDuck 's concerns here ->

Just got an answer on an an issue I opened 2 years ago on github lol

Oh wow new notifications look awesome @remi

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Hahaha ... haha ... ha :(

(can't find the source -.-')

well I think I got it to work, but now cancelling is really ugly because I need to issue a new notification for that... *sigh*