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Any recommendations for good #OpenSource #photo editing software for #Android? I'm using Snapseed now, but if there's a good FLOSS one...

Actually some custom emojis give me error 403 forbidden on some instances. Oh noes, whats going on

also there are some screenshots of the little ui improvements i am doing on our github

I think I fixed custom emojis once and for all in 😅

:thaenkin: :thaenkin: :thaenkin: :thaenkin: :thaenkin: :thaenkin: :thaenkin: :thaenkin:
:screwattack: :screwattack:
:mastodon: :mastodon: :mastodon: :mastodon:

Please fav this, I need to test something Show more

So Mastodon usernames are case insensitive? There can not be a ConnyDuck and a connyduck on the same instance?

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Okay sometimes Reddit is Good

User has made three posts:

- "I found these pills in my son's laundry, what are they?"
- "How should I ask my child about spironolactone and estradiol?"
- "My daughter is so much happier!"

And yes, getting the crashrate down is one of my major goals for the next few releases. Will probably implement some automated tests.

Some more insteresting stats:
Since I overtook as maintainer, crashrate has been constant at about 1% of sessions. The two major bugs we had didn't make it worse since we fixed many other bugs. Average rating is up from 3.5 to 4.5 in the last month. ❤️

Wow, yesterday 300 people installed via Google Play ❤️

Holy shit, the next Tusky release is gonna be ~beautiful~

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Tusky 1.3.0 is out! 🎉
We put many new features and even more bugfixes in it. ☺
Unfortunately we also had to reduce notification polling to 15 minutes because Android 8 does not support a shorter interval. But notifications are now more reliable on Android 8.

Check out the release notes:

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capitalism is what's wrong with software development tbh

@charlag if I open AccountMediaFragment, then leave Tusky and do something to throw it out of the memory it crashes on recreation in line 125 where you wrote "// we should get rid of this" with an IllegalStateException because context is null. Wow I hate activity recreation bugs.

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Oh, a really nice service by @ConnyDuck to point to questionable websites without doing them a favor:

If you can read this toot, I fixed the problem with Tusky not being able to post large images. Also this is one of my favourite paintings of all time.

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Has anyone created an ImageMagick policy.xml that's locked down to just what Mastodon needs? I'd like to steal it, tyvm.