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Conny Duck

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I was expecting to get some work done for University and Tusky over the holidays but still could not repair my Laptop >__<
most boring holiday ever
but today I will be back at my beloved workstation Pc :3

I openend a pull request so everybody can see the progress on the multi acc feature :3

In addition to my macbook now my Smartphone broke. 😐

So I just implemented the new android:windowLightNavigationBar for Tusky and it looks süper awesome

Just upgraded to Android 8.1 and ouch my device does not like that >_>

So I got the multi account thingy working almost completely \o/
Now for the important part: Make the code readable and then testing testing testing

I really like working on Tusky, the feedback by you folks is great :3

I wish I had more time for Tusky, I would like to rewrite some parts in Kotlin.

saturday evening is push untested changes to master time

Conny Duck boosted is now on 2.1.0rc3 ✨

So, if Tusky had multiaccount support, would all notifications of all accounts show up as system notifications or only the ones of the currently selected account?

I need new Screenshots for the App Stores. Any cool toots I am allowed to put up there?