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Conny Duck

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"Oh, looks like I can do this easily with this platform call..."
"avalable on Api 28+"

Just finished the profile page redesign, that means 1.9 will be ready soon! Here is the current build in case you want to help test it:

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Registration is now open! The first album with filters was just posted!

Played some again: Diamond terrans are as bad as ever πŸ˜‹

Does anybody care about the Mastodon documentation at all? This is so frustrating

So it seems mastodon imposes a restriction for image dimensions when uploading to (some?) instances? I know about the 8mb limit, but what are the max dimensions? Can somebody help me out? @Gargron

found more undocumented stuff in the mastodon api, fun fun fun πŸ™„

fixed like 20 bugs at work today, lets continue with stuff

On the train back to Vienna. KrakΓ³w was awesome :3

Finally support for moved accounts ☺️

Well enough coding for today
Nighty fediverse 😴

Profile fields :3
Not totally satisfied (the last field should be just one line), but getting there

Ok sorry if this was unclear: Thats the default behavior of the library, I did not make the tabs

3rd tab on profiles :)
I guess the two lines for the second tab are the best solution even it does not look perfect?

In statuses, the api delivers the :shortcodes:, in account notes its rendered html. Well, no custom emojis in account notes for I guess.

Also seems emojis have now have a 'visible_in_picker' attribute, but the change is not documented anywhere?