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Dear diary,

Ran out of moxie today.
Still have two cans of diet moxie left.

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I just said yes to appearing on Al Jazeera at 7PM this evening to talk about surveillance plays by governments and corporations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is there a trope for people who only toot about tooting? Because I’m clearly that guy

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Finding myself drawn to :mastodon: a lot at the moment. I’ve been avoiding social media for the past week but my Mastodon feed is a much needed oasis of irreverent banter 🏝️

The Coronavirus curve is baked and set for the next two weeks. I don’t need up to the minute news on the latest system to crunch under strain or record-breaking death toll. There’ll be plenty of time to read that after the peak has passed. 🙏

In this downturn, with everything from stocks to cryptocurrency falling, the only thing I want to invest in is Jacob Collier

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At EUNOMIA we are developing a platform which answers:

📍 Which social media user is the original source of a piece of info?

📍 How this information has spread and has been modified?

📍 How likely is the info to be trustworthy?

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3 weeks until #strangeloop conference and I'm starting my usual conference prep activities:
- reading the description of every talk, ranking them, and planning which ones I'll see
- agonizing over the time slots with 3 Must See Talks at the same time
- daydreaming about the interesting people I'll meet and the amazing hallway conversations we'll have

The worst kind of spam is calendar spam because it's spam that everyone else sees

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uspol, read if you use any amazon services 

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Goal: Do not show hashtags in search or autocomplete that are, in simple terms, junk. One-off typos, accidents, vandalism

Approach: Assign a simple score to hashtags and bump it up every time something qualitative happens to the hashtag

Current iteration: Bump up the score when a hashtag "trends" (trends are not visible to end-users)

Problem: It does not capture hashtags that are used consistently day-to-day and therefore never "trend"

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Your shadow shows that light has come nearly 150 x 10^9 m, only to be deprived of reaching the ground in its final metre, thanks to you.

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During my org-mode research I found a couple of cool dired stuff in Emacs. It really is amazing at what it can do.


%m - to mark files by regex.

^ goes up to parent dir; > forward subdir, < backward subdir.

super cool: activate read-only with C-x C-q. Now you can move around and change file names & dirs as if they are text lines. C-c C-c : accept changes.

s to sort. Did you know about C-u s? specify options (ex: -ls sort by size)

Z to zip; hit enter on a zip to view contents.


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B612 is an open-source font developed by Airbus. It's the result of a research project to define and validate an “Aeronautical Font” to improve display of information on the cockpit screens, in particular in terms of legibility and comfort of reading.

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Why are there no tech coops active in Ireland? I'd be interested in collaborating or joining if there were one out there, but I'm far too irresponsible to actually found one. :/

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A cute Pharo IDE feature that I miss on other editors: you can view all the subclasses that implement a method, and edit them from inside that search UI! It's a lovely way to refactor.

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