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Certain Delhi journalists must be delighted with statue of Jaitley. They can eat all their meals there and send their bills to the Jaitley family, just like in the good old days. Yes, I’m being but bitchy but hell, that subservient lot deserves it!

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"Anna Karenina" (Dir. Joe Wright, 2012)

"But the law of loving others could not be discovered by reason, because it is unreasonable"

- Leo Tolstoy

The GF made me watch this film, it's just the kind she loves. Disturbing in a frightening way but also, to me at least, quite incomprehensible.

"I'm Thinking of Ending Things" (Dir. Charlie Kaufman, 2020)


''24 Dec- reported severe pain in entire body when entire family decided to beat him with pillows to see how he liked it''


"In the breastfeeding debate, where are the property rights?"

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I have never—NEVER—laughed more than at this combination of headline/photo

"second-hand experience"

Not sure WTF that is meant to mean exactly here...

The reason Chinese media sources with close ties to the CCP sound identical to Western Islamophobes is because their policy in Xinjiang is largely indistinguishable from the average European fascist’s ideal “solution” for Muslims existing nearby them

TIL: Tchaikovsky had a patron who gave him enough money to quit his job and become a full-time composer, on the condition that they never meet in person.

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Vir Sanghvi, Tavleen Singh, Dhume et al sitting on yet another show to debate on the most imp problem facing the nation this evening- Rahul Gandhi's visit to Italy. With media like this why should Modi worry?

See @FrankbyXmas this is what a real Chelsea fan looks like!!!

Tell him @KenZenKayZayMan !!!!
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Applications open for a girlfriend who'd help me tide over the Blood Pressure highs and lows during a Chelsea Match

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The attacks on @meenakandasamy, perhaps one of the strongest voices I've read in the last two years, are quite angering. That too around the anniv of the Kilvenmani massacre

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the only reason why flights and calls became cheaper is because the regulator stepped in.
we can't have selective memory on markets.
and, yes i believe in capitalism.
but India practises crony oligopolism (i just made up that word)

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