The beer brewery I get coffee from hosts yoga classes right next to the brewing tanks. The classes are full of the expected yoga ladies and some very unenergetic beer fanboys, all bending to the stink of hops.

Doing 2.8 stuff today. Gonna see if I can figure out the materials system.

I recorded a video about Gris, and how to pace art games.

... the background music is accidentally a little loud.

I made a video about polishing games, and how to focus on polishing your writing and level flow.

Uses Edge of Eternity as an example.

One of the other videos I wanted to record last week: why your video games needs dialog contexts, and how to create them.

What is an interactive narrative? I think we may be doing it wrong. Here's a first take on explaining the concept.

Streaming , gonna be kinda quiet today because my voice is dying.

I made terrible placeholder hair. If anyone has any good hair modeling tutorials, send them my way.

I made a video about character writing and themes in , featuring Unavowed and Mass Effect.

Here's my first rough take on Zone of Influence open world design:

I made a video about unfairness in video games. If you wonder why some game feel ridiculously unfair, here's my take as to why.

Spent the last hour making a ship and boy did that not work out.

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