When you put in the structural constraints, you can see how it starts to break up the cubicness even further.

A quick mockeup. These are cube-module interior layouts designed for use in submarines and subaquatic bases. Obviously, just flat models right now. Everything is a large cube, no scaling or non-snapped elements.

The trick is that some of the cubes are pre-partitioned.

I made a video about the kind of Player Generated Content I like. It's not a take I've seen before:

Player generated content should turn challenges into narratives.


The final (probably) Heaven's Vault deep dive episode.

Now... I just have to do a lot of work.


Talked about the easiest part of my long conversations about generating content in a fun way today: making NPCs that care.


The finale of the first deep dive into Heaven's Vault. I talk about the ending in some detail, from a writing perspective.


More Heaven's Vault. If you want to hear me swear at a glitch, this is the episode for you. youtu.be/KKBdMUFpI2Y

You like videos where a guy talks about an imaginary boat? Well, have I got a video for you. youtube.com/watch?v=VuRMnfRxAg

... It looks like it might be public now, somehow, despite it throwing nothing but 500 errors at me. Everything going to studio.youtube is busted, so I can't edit or anything... good luck watching my newest Heaven's Vault video!


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