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I GOT IT!!! WOOHOO IT WORKS!!!!!!! \o/ \o/ \o/

Look closely, look *closely* at what you are seeing!

This is , connecting to a remote machine (a camera, if you're curious), running a binary that is *actually* on the host I am coming *from*. HECK YEAH - WE'RE THERE!!! 🥳🥳🥳

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Aaaaaand... can also \o/

This time I've sped up the video instead of cutting out the lengthy bits. It's still horribly slow in QEMU, so just wait the one minute for it. :)

I am slowly getting behind mkinitcpio's hooks. So , you're next! :)

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Here is the recording of my talk on the :
Please file issues/send PRs if you have any ideas.

Amd sorry, my timing was bad, so this was mostly focusing on platform basics to get into the field. I will do better again at @fosdem in the Open Source devroom, I promise!

Big thanks to @west for the great stage! \o/

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Finally, here is the I had hacked into + and released at Revision 2019. \o/

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The UwUnix `cat` commands behaves like an actual cat.

Instead of concatenating in order, it will bring utter chaos to your inputs.
If you are unlucky, the input even mutates itself.

Hello Fediverse! I haven't been active here in a while.
But I do tinker a lot, and I have something to share. 🙂

As many know, I've been involved in desktop/laptop/server platform development, mainly with and , and not so much . However, that is what most OEMs ship by default. Now we have , a bit of an escape hatch that we can leverage. And I am building a tool to assist with getting to it: - the graphical firmware editor 🐙

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Laschet behauptet, dass er uns vertrauen würde und uns nicht gängeln will. Aber warum will er dann die Vorratsdatenspeicherung? #triell #BundeskanzlerDesVertrauens

Die drei Fragezeichen waren live - voll cool! 🙃🙂🙃

Is it true that COVID 5G shields you against orgonite?

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Tuesday July 27th it's time for another "Electronics Let's Play" Twitch stream, At 2pm PT. We will continue work on the new iCEBitsy demoscene hardware. How much of the PCB Layout will we be able to do?! See you there! :)

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Falls ihr den Inhalt eures Impfzertifikates auslesen möchtet, hilft der folgende kleine Schnipsel weiter. Die interessanten Details zu cbor stehen in RFC7049.

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a demo running on the Commodore 64/128 Floppy drive.

Yes, the floppy drive.

With visuals and sound.

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next-generation LS1028A processor module for MNT Reform powering up at RBZ Logics, Madrid

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