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IT WORKS!!!!! 🥳

We can now fully boot the Allwinner D1 RISC-V SoC in , from flash right into , demoed on a Lichee RV + Dock. :-)

The full flow:
boot0 (ROM/SRAM) -> (DRAM) + -> (Linux + u-root)

The last issue was a stupid one again. I had sorta crapped up arithmetics again. :D

If you have a D1 with a NOR flash (16MB / 128Mbit), you can try it out:

In the coming weeks, we will iron a few things out and do a writeup on everything.

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I am happy to announce the editor v1.3.4 🥳

Now with a nice welcome screen, toolbar, CBFS (coreboot) parsing and editing capabilities. You can remove DXEs, and if space allows, replace BdsDxe with your own app to roll out via the button. Someone has already done that on real hardware, as I heard. \o/

Download and more information: 🐙

PS.: Progress on the AMD PSP analysis is also happening (see screenshot). :-)

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I GOT IT!!! WOOHOO IT WORKS!!!!!!! \o/ \o/ \o/

Look closely, look *closely* at what you are seeing!

This is , connecting to a remote machine (a camera, if you're curious), running a binary that is *actually* on the host I am coming *from*. HECK YEAH - WE'RE THERE!!! 🥳🥳🥳

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Hey Fediverse, I've been working on some ideas around , based on some PoC/example code for a UEFI PI implementation and a UEFI test app. For, I intend to build up a monitoring/probing environment for reversing, auditing, fixing, and development.

Who's interested in this?

See also:

We can boot a bunch of operating systems now with on the Allwinner D1, both S-mode and M-mode payloads (PR for the latter is WIP, but works already).
This includes MnemOS, xv6, Linux and r9.

Here is r9 kexec'ed from the LinuxBoot environment via cpu over USB.

Hey everyone, how do you like the idea of plugging a into your port just like storages or GPUs?

You will be able to use it right away. It can be a foreign architecture. And this is how it works: Compile a program (app, CLI, whatever you like) for it, or use a prebuilt binary, Docker image, etc.. Then you just run:
cpu name-of-external-cpu /path/to/your/app

That's it! This is the magical `cpu` command. :-)

We're now running via `cpu` over USB gadget ethernet on the MangoPi MQ-Pro (D1 RISC-V SoC).

It took a few steps to get there.

And finally, we're now drafting a nice setup menu - henceforth named teaboot. :)

What do you think:

Are many professional glue code sniffers also hobby software arsonists to keep a balance?

Look, we can `cpu` over USB on the Allwinner D1!

This is excellent given that many board do not have an ethernet port. Thanks @bitshiftmask for reminding me of the USB gadget ethernet mode, it's the most awesome thing ever! \o/

Nachdem das bei Smart Plugs so gut funktioniert hat (danke an @kunsi u.a.!), welche Smart Switches verwendet ihr in Deutschland und Österreich als Wandschalter, in Verbindung mit Home Assistant?

Kriterium: die Dinger *müssen* auch als normale Taster verwendbar sein, ausschließliche Steuerung über App geht definitiv nicht.

Für mich sieht das hier ganz brauchbar aus, ich wäre aber wieder an den Erfahrungen anderer Menschen interessiert.

(gerne boosten, danke!)


Ein erst kürzlich in der Junggurkenzeit errichtetes Bauwerk. Wie beim Original existieren über den Anlass und Zweck dieser höchst aufwendig konzipierten Anlage verschiedene, einander teils ergänzende, teils auch sich widersprechende Hypothesen.

I'm happy to return back to ( with two talks, summarizing the tremendous international success we're having in the project ( designing and implementing for RISC-V platforms and outlining the audit and annotation features in the firmware editor ( to support fulfilling the software supply chain requirements as demanded in the US Executive Order 14028 Section 4e.

Gotta ramp things up a bit, so here's news on on the : I've figured out that we already had the code for switching to the other UART pin header, and documented and reenabled things.

So yay, we can now start booting from SRAM and output is good! \o/

In next week's live stream, we'll see about a second stage where we bring into the mix. We may introduce the based build setup already.

So what are we going to explore in today's and stream?

I'll try a run from flash on the , and then step back a bit and talk about the boot flow, flash layout, and building up a .

See you again at 20:00 CEST!

Development: it till you make it!

: Shake it till you break it!

How's your doing?

Jill sees Trish measuring with a multimeter, asking: "What's the current voltage?", and Trish responds: "The power."

What's up, folks? How are your electronics doing?

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