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So, W3C DIDs? #did #decentralization #blockchain

Rather than make new devices that will turn into e-waste after the event, we're recycling old price tags into networked conference badges.

Habt ihr eigentlich auch neuerdings Spam auf #threema?

While PyPI is usually quick to respond to reports of malicious packages on the platform, there's no real vetting before submission, so dangerous packages may lurk there for a while.

@ianbetteridge In the realm of ordinary folks what I've observed is that conspiracy theories offer people a quick and easy outlet for their frustration and anger. Conspiracy stories have clear antagonists and apportion clear blame, packaged concisely for consumption.

Complicated narratives about capitalism, with multi-hour lectures filled with abstruse academic terminology and historical analysis, are far less compelling.

Multiple data privacy advocates have criticised plans in the UK to replace cookie consent pop-ups with an “opt-out model”, which they believe will do more damage than good.

Amazon competing for Black Mirror mindshare in allowing its Alexa product to mimic any voice, in particular that the voices of dead loved ones might be nice around the home "to make the memories last"

🇪🇺 We are joining the EUParl PEGA Committee tomorrow to talk about spyware providers.

Tech plays a central role in our lives, but the threats posed by companies selling surveillance continue to grow. If the EU wants it to stop, they need to listen! 📢👂

For years, the two most popular methods for internal scanning: agent-based and network-based were considered to be about equal in value, each bringing its own strengths to bear. However, with remote working now the norm in most if not all workplaces, it feels a lot more like agent-based scanning is a must, while network-based scanning is an optional extra.

Europe cracks down on data cap exemptions in update to net neutrality rules

European telecom regulator BEREC has updated its net neutrality guidelines to include a strict ban on zero-rating practices that exempt specific apps or categories of apps from data caps imposed by Internet service providers.

JP Morgan implementing the Panopticon to surveill their employees. The reason for tracking their employees is to foster the paranoia. To keep them working in their observed cell as they know they are being observed . Bentham's idea made real. Like what Orwell described in 1984.
RT @FinanceInsider
But the JPMorgan employees @thisisinsider spoke to said the reasons the bank tracks this information are vague — and that, internally…

Most Chromium-based web browsers appear to be affected, including Google's own browser. Microsoft was tested for the weakness and it was affected by it, too. A quick test on a local Windows 11 system confirmed that browsers such as privacy respecting options like & Mozilla's web browser too are affected by the vulnerability as well.

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Your web browser may store sensitive data, including usernames, passwords and session cookies in clear text in memory according to researcher Zeev Ben Porat.

found herself on a plane to Moscow with three fellow musicians from the Boston Klezmer Conservatory Band. She had carefully packed sheet music, reeds, and other woodwind supplies, along with a soprano saxophone, to bring into the USSR. But one of her spiral-bound notebooks, lined with staves for hand-notating music, contained hidden information.

Studying a powerful type of browser attack, MIT researchers identified a flaw in how it’s been analyzed before, then developed new techniques that stop it from tracking browsing fingerprinting.

Throughout their mandate, and even more so before the legislative elections, elected officials seek to modify the page which concerns them, even if it means breaking the rules of the online community encyclopedia.

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