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How Work Became an Inescapable Hellhole Instead of optimizing work, technology has created a nonstop barrage of notifications and interactions. Six months into a pandemic, it's worse than ever.

Someone asked Me a question today- Does "Distributed Link Tracking Client" a surveillance tool that tracks all executable links? So here's the answer, before I sleep:-

"What DLT does is it tracks links in scenarios where the link is made to a file on an NTFS volume, such as shell shortcuts and OLE links. If that file is renamed, moved to another volume on the same computer, moved to another computer, or moved in other similar scenarios, Windows uses Distributed Link Tracking to find the file."

Breaking: contact tracing app "Moje eZdravie" for android os developed by government of ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฐ contained vulnerability that would allow to obtain personal info about 390,000 patients (name, ph. number, address, covid test results etc.). No data encryption

The irony that people who are recommending the docu drama have no space to recommend it other than on Facebook and Twitter shows the scale of the problem that we are facing. .

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"It's the gradual, slight, imperceptible change in your own behavior and perception that is the product. The only possible product on the table." - Computer Scientist, Jaron Lanier (founding father of VR).

Is Data the new Oil? Let's discuss?

There are two parallel businesses going one: One is about our personal data. Another is about our personal attention.
The real smartness for us Humans today should be to recognise when the two purposes intersect & when they are not, and why so...
Also, What are the implications of each 3 cases.

So I feel what's Oil is - our attention for non state actors. Our data for the state actors.
Thus, is their only survival model & it must change.

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I have seen so so many documentaries that gave me wonderful insights. But what "Social Dilemma" did to Me is it did send thrills through my spine for simply the dramatic style of story telling techniques used in this documentary, unlike other similar shows like "Facebook Dilemma" or "The Great Hack" or "Nothing to Hide" or "Secret America" or many many other documentries I have watched over the years, which are more like narration of facts based. Must watch. .

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The service at Linkรถping University has passed its shocking soft launch state and now headed straight into full and proper deployment territory....Great News.

Canadian networking gear vendor MoFi Network has patched only six of ten vulnerabilities that security researchers have reported to the company earlier this year, in May.

Unpatched have remained a command injection vulnerability and three hard-coded undocumented backdoor mechanisms, all impacting the company's line of MOFI4500-4GXeLTE routers.

A lawmaker submitted draft legislation on Tuesday that would cut and cap the commission on the sale of mobile applications by tech giants and .

The bill, submitted to Russiaโ€™s lower house of parliament by lawmaker Fedot Tumusov, stipulates that commissions on the sale of applications be capped at 20%. Apple currently collects a 30% commission on sales in its App Store.

Manjaro-Powered PinePhone Linux Phone Is Coming in September from $149

and the Community announced today that next Community Edition of the PinePhone phone will be powered by the Arch Linux-based Manjaro operating system.

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