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@DO5DR on the 818 if you don't see the bar, SWR ist good. The ARRL tuner is a nice proj that took me weeks to assemble (lack of time, lack of parts, lack of knowledge) but now it is MINE and I know how it works and how to repair or modify it.

Finally after a "dry" period from lots of other spending I got my MFJ-971 tuner/SWRmeter. Now about to assemble everything with cable, adapters, twisted Hille antenna, reading around. Basically my first standalone baby steps away from just listening.

I don't understand how to know which digimode to choose when I hear into something with .

Is there an overview how they sound where I could look them up by sample noise? Does fldigi have some magic auto-detection trick I haven't found?

The only digimode I ever managed to receive is RTTY from German Weather Service where I know in advance what it is.

Thanks to any hints.

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german animal well-being petition 

I don't get publicly political too often but I'm very supporting this petition which needs more signatures **today**:

Feel free to boost to your german network if possible.

First experiment with a Twisted Hille . As promised I hear a lot more on 40m, unfortunately not on 80m where I could actually work. Then again, I rarely hear something on 80m at all, will keep trying.

I am a German novice beginner with a license and a FT-818, but no experience.

Without a big antenna I am mostly interested in mobile and low-power operation which made me try first steps with digi modes with - but beyond receiving German Weather Service over RTTY I don't have much success yet.

Only using Linux tools. Happy about any tool recommendations.

Mostly radio listening as I don't have interesting things to say yet.

German or English.


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