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Dan Blickensderfer @Dan_Blick@mastodon.social

Great interview with Eugen Rochko @Gargron - founder and lead developer of the Mastodon social network software we use at #OERu. I encourage #LiDA102 learners to listen and consider how these themes relate to digital citizenship: softwaredaily.com/post/5acf3c9

I haven't deleted my Facebook account, but I did remove the app from my phone and haven't logged in on the website for a few days. I've already received an email from them encouraging me to log back in with "Did you see John's* comment on his status?" πŸ™„

A key point every educator using Google needs to remember is that, at the end of the day, Google is an advertising company.

How Google Took Over the Classroom nyti.ms/2raVLDR

FWIW I met Dave Lane a tech guru from New Zealand who is ready to release soon an "easy" guide for installing Mastodon instances.

He said he has done a handful already twitter.com/lightweight/status

"What is interesting [about Mastodon] is that the sense of early 90s cyberoptimism has started to reappear. It is possible to do things again, to change things, to build things that will make a difference."

Great piece by @sargoth: medium.com/@sargoth/mastodon-p

@katebowles @lauraritchie I guess back in the day we used RSS feed readers, rather than the algorithmically-curated stuff we're served up these days. It's definitely a problem that needs to be (re-)solved.

We're entering the era of the peer-to-peer gig economy: Uber, Air BnB, etc. New economic models mean some stand to make a lot of money, while those who do the actual work stand to lose a lot through labour exploitation (reports of Uber drivers making less than minimum wage, for example).

This is one of the reasons I have lately become more interested in the co-op movement, where workers own the platforms and share in the profits. youtube.com/watch?v=w3qt04mYIn

I read a lot of speculative fiction (a somewhat broader term than the more commonly-used science fiction) and over the past year or so my favourite author has been Welsh-Canadian Jo Walton.

Most recently I read her "Small Change" triology. The setting is the UK in early 1950s, but it's a UK where Churchill was overthrown during the blitz and the government made peace with Hitler.

Aside from being good literature, it's a superb, chilling look at the rise of fascism in a democracy.


I have been away for a couple of weeks, but hoping to be back and more active on Mastodon! Glad to see trending again. I am a biology professor who has been learning and experimenting with Open pedagogy, OER and working to bring all things Open to our Keene State College campus. My scientific interests include coral reef conservation, arachnology and animal behavior. I am also a long-time feminist and activist working on LGBT, gender, race, class issues.

as most of you know, I'm writing Matodor, an app for Mastodon.

Version 1.0.7 is uploading for both Android and iOS. (I See it took me a month to rewrite the app and finally get rid of these memory issues. Wow.)

Anyway, hope you like it!

I've written this for the update message in the stores:

"complete rewrite! Matodor should be much more responsive now.

Not all buttons are working, especially on the page for a user and the post context.

Let me know! Greetings, Jeroen"

@katebowles @actualham

I think you'll be okay too Robin - I have thought about it as well, but am not brave enough yet.

Speaking of, we had guests over the holidays and my whole SM life really got derailed. I guess because we have so few peeps locally that we hang with SM is often our way to socialize.

Anywho, its great to be back on and see peeps here again. Happy holidays Kate :) and you too Actual ;)

@sundilu @ShorterPearson @katebowles @daniellynds Apropos of all of this, my Nana was amazed by online shopping when I told her about it. Turns out she thought whatever you ordered would get funneled through the computer cables directly onto your desk. WHICH WOULD BE COOL, YO.

Thinking of leaving FB and it's giving me hives. Which is probably a good reason to REALLY CONSIDER LEAVING FB. Ugh.

@dnorman what, like people blogging again, with well functioning RSS readers and feeds? That'll never work!

anyways github.com/halcy/MastodonToTwi has been updated with several fixes that take care of various issues, I hope @Dan_Blick

Did someone make this go viral somewhere again? Should I know about it?

@mikebutcher The best (most usable) free/open/interoperable Twitter replacement to date. Real test will be how seamless running your own instance can be made as that – at its core – is what separates it from Twitter. On that note, my personal approach to this problem space is that we need to decentralise not at the collective level (a Twitter of Twitters) but at the individual level (a p2p network of individuals). As far the former approach goes, this is a very promising project.