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Today I learned that shopping malls were invented by Victor Gruen, a Jewish socialist who created malls as a backlash against highways and cars. He visualized a community hub complete with art galleries, medical centers, coffee shops, etc. - so everything people needed was within walking distance and they could interact together. But then they turned into a world of never ending storefronts and before he died he denounced malls as bastardized versions of his original idea.

So I took a chunk out of my fingertip with the kitchen scissors and now it’s starting to swell up. Don’t really fancy spending the evening in A&E so have all the antiseptic and will keep an eye on it. Fucksake, that was really stupid. And ow.

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Too often thought of primarily as a 'student revolt', France's May 1968 was an uprising which saw over 10 million workers walk out on a nationwide wildcat general strike. More in our latest tiktok: tiktok.com/@workingclasshistor

In the midst of the darkness, we’ve had a really lovely weekend. Had honestly forgotten how happy just ‘going out for the day’ makes me :)

Three Sister Augusta novellas and six short stories, all in one hardcover edition. Coming in July!

Camden Market this afternoon, and really pleased to find it thriving. Last time I went was five (?) years ago and it had been gentrified to fuck, lost all its soul and character, and then Covid… was honesty nervous that a favourite place would be unrecognisable. But it was great - loads of stalls and very true to the feel of twenty years ago!! 💕

And this is what happens when I’m in the shop on pay day… 🤦🏻‍♀️

Late shift today - will be ten before I'm home.

Plus it's day day, and I'm in bookshop. And there's the whole 'staff discount' thing...

Internet has definitely borked again - download speeds at 0.5Mb/s. After the MONTH-long battle I had with the ISP in November, this does not bode well...

That, and the Saga of the Missing Beanbag continues*

*Don't EVER send anything via Hermes. A more ironically-named company you could not wish for**

Yes, I know that name has changed. And maybe that's why...

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