Okay, maybe not quite post-apocalyptic. And while I'm 99% sure my European ID will still be good enough for a visit, I'd rather be safe than sorry. 😅

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Applied for a new passport, today, because my current one expired two years ago, heh.

Thought I'd need one. After all, when I go to CFz, this year, I'll travel deep into a post-brexit (and possibly post-apocalyptic) England.

politics, marketing, generational stereotypes (183 words, the term "bullshit" used in it's most Harry G. Frankfurt technical sense) 

so, obviously, Millennials and Gen Zs hate corporate marketing because it is:

- in support of massive capitalist structures with almost completely unrestricted abilities to trample everything that matters to us on a whim while also literally destroying the ecosystem, and
- really annoying and intrusive

...but I wonder if there's also a factor of:

- it's manipulative.

From everything I've been told, us millennials grew up knowing that people are constantly bullshitting us. Even among the ones who aren't survivors of narcissistic parents like me. We learned quick that there are a lot of people who will say whatever makes their audience feel approved of because then that audience does what they want, and learned to be hypersensitive to the tells of that.

And the goal of marketing is persuasive.

And it's hard to be persuasive and not come off as manipulative.

And the world of marketing has barely /imagined/ the idea of not being manipulative. Doesn't even know what "not manipulative" is.

So I wonder if that abhorrence of being manipulated is a big factor in the equation.

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Sometimes I skip a song while working and then have to pause for 3 seconds or so.

Weight painting hips and shoulders is the worst; rigging and so on is definitely not my strong suit, but this is just awful. Luckily, I'm not aiming for perfection here, heh.

I do however have a few very rough ideas for a game I'd love to turn into a side project, sooner or later, independent of any time constraint!

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Would really love to participate in Ace Jam, this year – especially after I've missed it, last time.
However, time management is a nightmare, right now, and I don't think I could finish anything by the end of the month...

The first productive thing I did this year was getting a full 10 hours of sleep.

It's the last day of the year 🌸 and I'm releasing 🗓️BTYE - Before The Year Ends🗓️
A super cute and microgame about new year's resolutions
Play it at

Releasing on Steam was quite a piece of work...
But it's definitely been a valuable experience. Also, I have newfound appreciation for how easy the release process is, on!

I'll order some pizza today, to celebrate! 😂

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Finally! We've released Inch by Inch on Steam, now – just in time for the year to end, haha.

Our first Steam release, too!

Finally! Vacation time! Two and a half weeks of freedom! 🎉
There's so much sleep to catch up on, too!

reminder that "being art" isn't a property of an object or work, but is instead formed by a type of relationship between work and viewer.

Oh, I think my fridge died. Well, better eat that frozen pizza now, I suppose.

To be fair, I secretly hoped they'd reply with "Nah, it's fine. Merry Christmas!" 💸

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Some random asshole: "HAHa i am BRUTALLY honest!!1"
Me: "Yeah, hi, I'm contacting you because I think you have transferred $370 to my account, unintentionally. Please check the transa[...]"

Would really like to play it some more and see what it's all about, but that first session was kinda... disappointing.

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