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(A new run of DF forts, in which we name dwarfs after volunteers and watch them all die because I can't military for shit)

I'm sorting files for Escape at the moment, and it really looks like they repeated a lot of stories.

Within about a year, as well.

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Listened to some Radio dramas today
* The second episode of the Great Gildersleeves (little cringey but good sitcom)
* The Bodysnatchers by Suspense (not good, but an early, early episode)
* Of Maestro and Man by Suspense (not very good - relatively, compared to the other work from that time)

It's been five or so weeks since I bought that new HDD, and it's still not installed, so that really needs to just get done already

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Doing a bit of maintenance stuff with regard to files, etc

There's just a lot of tasks I really want to deal with that I'm doing at the same time, maybe I just prioritise and sort them out

Pondering the idea of a digital content digest - like, a pdf/epub that just goes 'here's a link to a YT vid, an interesting article, a picture of a few bugs I took, a short story, oh and X person released a game/book so go check that out'

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Every single year I’ve lived at this house, some calamity strikes the pink Japanese magnolia right as it blooms: snow, hard freeze, storms with winds that blow all the petals down. Here’s hoping this year is the exception!

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Could I do something like this myself?

Probably, yeah, but I think the showing-off and inviting other people to mesh in is also an important aspect. Just like you could get people to visit you in farmville, or parties in Habitica, your socialisation also helps enforce the loop

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I could definitely see something similar to all of these things, but you tie it back into something external (rather than internal like The Sims has) - Habitica did this well by rewarding you for self-vetted accomplishments.

So I'd like to see that + more, but unfortunately Habs is dead (to me)

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That's the part that, if I were inclined, would inspire me I guess.

I like the concept of having something where you can add/customise and continue to do so with new things.

That's why Habitica was really good (before they fucked it up) - you got new items, new outfits, new pets.

All really cool stuff

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The other side of it, is that I see the need/positioning for just a framework where you build a space and decorate it (and then the additional content packages around that to decorate more, etc).

I've seen this in The Sims, in housing in Morrowind, Habbo Hotel (though I never played), Terraria, Minecraft, etc

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So, having played The Sims for a bit, and yes, I can admit that I like the game in theory but the reality is a bit more grey

There's something about accomplishing things that we like - I get the whole core loop of small victories, etc.

Clean up -> nice!
Go shower -> nice!


It's all good loops, etc, etc

But I found it a little too... yeah, ok

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We're trucking along.

@RoseArtemis got promoted!

TRSCP stays home and cleans, while @KCWasTaken also goes to work

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