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(A new run of DF forts, in which we name dwarfs after volunteers and watch them all die because I can't military for shit)

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ethically opposed to good graphics on the basis that it's mean to make computers think too hard

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"I'll just tweak this blockout a bit"

eight hours later:

The brinksmanship of seeing a 'sensitive content' image/video toot, with text in another language and thinking 'wonder what this is?'

It's like the Locker Game, but half of the lockers turn out to be pimple popping videos (oops, that's not my thing)

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Tired: Heraldic Animal
Wired: Royal Fursona

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Kale: Look, I'll just put on some rando anime that's being recommended on netflix
**ten mins of Food Wars later**
Kale: ok, so Netflix has mild tentacle porn now, I guess?

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I want a search engine that only indexes sites that don’t have ads on them.

(This particular group, whose stuff I love, goes back to 2007, and it was hard to track their stuff down - their host site rotted, etc - and so it's not as though there are overall episode numbers, etc like more recent groups tend to do)

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Of course, I'll get round to all of this for a particular group's Call of Cthulhu campaign and then find another episode earlier that's also in the same continuity and that'll just fuck me right up, heh

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Like, an actual play group's files I have are:
<Group name> - <Game System> - <Game system episode number> - <Campaign Name> - <Campaign episode number> - <Campaign sub-chapter title> - <episode subtitle>

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Distracting myself from the fuckery of the day by sorting data, and I'm just hitting the same filename length issues I always do.

Sorry, kids, I like long filenames. I like shit described and easy to sort.

Covid-19 stuff 

Today is a pretty fuckin' awful day for Vic and NSW.

Here's a reminder not to read the comments from numptys you don't know. It never gains you anything.

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People talk about "releasing" software, stop doing that!

Software raised in captivity cannot survive in the wild! Feral software is also a big threat to digital biodiversity. Do not release software.

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Dear author, your paper titled "Giant oysters can grow up to 2m" has been refused due to insufficient data.

Extraordinary clams require extraordinary evidence.

Oh. Mastodon has an 'advanced web interface' which is... basically tweetdeck.

Well, there we go. That's nice.

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If you make fanfiction you're a shipwright and a shipwrite

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