Daughter: I'm not ready for Monday.
Me: You know who else hates Mondays?
Daughter: No...
Wife: Garfield ✅
Other daughter: Everyone 😆

Blogged: Looking for greener pastures [A Practical Comparison of Mastodon and Micro.blog]: dlaa.me/blog/post/twitteralter

@Macdrifter Was having trouble subscribing to your RSS feed. Page metadata and link at the very bottom of macdrifter.com/ both seem to point to macdrifter.com/ which is not a valid feed. What I found that works is from the About page: macdrifter.com/feed/all.atom.x

[Sorry, last attempt to reach you; seems you don’t use Twitter anymore.]

@nolan I was in a meeting with Maggie on Friday and she mentioned that you maybe made a change recently?

Ignore the politics behind Space Force; these are just bad logos for a military branch. They could be good for an amusement park ride, though!


Me: You can pinch-n-zoom to...
Wife: Pigeon zoom?

A popular browser's canary build broke one of our scenarios. Investigation revealed they were turning CSS "top:0;bottom:0;left:0;right:0;" into "inset:0px;".

Which is valid per the specification...

Except the "inset" property isn't supported by that browser yet.

Whoops! 😀

The restroom faucet temperature in our new building is set to SCALDING and there is no way to change it. Maybe they ran a study and found too many employees were washing their hands? The best strategy is a quick in-n-out then go to the kitchen with soapy hands to finish rinsing.

I visited Arizona recently and will post some landscape photos over the next few days. For anyone who's interested, these were shot on an iPhone X with Camera or Halide (as RAW) and processed with Lightroom (also on iPhone). Feedback/suggestions are welcome!

I’m going to post a series of tweets from a couple of weeks ago as a way to get me using Mastodon more. (Apologies to anyone seeing this a second time who didn’t like it the first time!)

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