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I drove another Avalon and didn't apologize to mom this time.

yes Masto... you know my heart will always belong to PixelFed. but I love trying different services, if you hadn't noticed.

(it's all I have left in life.)

look, I don't know if it's unusual for new 500px users or not but I made my account like 2 hours ago and it's already gotten more engagement than I've gotten from everything else in like... a year.

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nurse: sir you've been in a coma for one thousand, seven hundred and forty-four years
patient: oh boy i can't wait to borrow a book from the library of alexandria

as you can see, Microsoft Pix is able to transcribe my handwriting flawlessly :)

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it brings me great joy to finally bring to you…

an ℠official ™David Blue™

of the Toyota Prius c Two.

the ςuš†⊕m mεmεš of the corporate world have now been enabled.

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don't even need specifics. these hot girls are ready for LITERALLY EVERYTHING.

they're ready to proofread your thesis.

they're ready to debug your wifi router.

they're ready to help you optimize your workflow.

fuck, I'll FLAKE on friends to do this. and that is why I will be forgotten.

look, there's never any reason to say "there's nothing to do."

no plans tonight?

why not build all custom toolbars from scratch for every fucking Office application?

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a mastodon instance for cynical legal support workers

Hey! A premium Mastodon client for MacOS! I got to spend a few minutes with @mastonaut last night.

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