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given that the official Mastodon app is coming next year(?,) I’m going to FINALLY work on that iOS Mastodon Clients guide I’ve been meaning to write for the past four years.

I’d really appreciate any thoughts y’all have to share about specific apps (or about mobile social clients, in general.)

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I just put out my first call for collaborators for "iPhone x Bluetooth Keyboard: The Definitive Guide"

I'd really appreciate anything you might have to share on the subject.

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here is what I have learned from the deepest trenches of the iOS developer community regarding MUSIC - in terms of listening, curating, sharing, capturing, and even producing.

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my blog’s About page is LONG overdue for a rewrite. here’s what I have so far. should I convert this issue into a GitHub Discussion? if you’d participate, I will immediately.

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I was interviewed about writing software, Extratone, blogging, and self-curation.

I guess it seems mundane, but this sort of analysis - attempting to depict how regular people actually consume news - is one of the most valuable potential functions of meta-media imo.

I love that masto is just full of people taking the piss out of crypto and NFTs now

Verily these are my people

actually dogs bark continually at each other because they dont know when to stop and thinking about it makes them anxious

@DavidBlue yes! for the price of one of these things, you could buy a super nice full carbon road bike AND a super nice smart turbo trainer so you can ride indoors.

here are a few assumptions from which I’m writing. now would be a great time to “push back” if you’d like.

also a great time to shoot me in the head, if you’d like.

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invite me to your new york lit mag party so I can accost people about iPhone Bluetooth keyboard support.

dudes, instead of spamming where are you texts when she’s in the bathroom, go find the DJ and tell them u want that new VRIL shit. ayyy

and then maybe go face the corner and reflect on the nature of existence.


This is honestly better than therapy


PLEASE just buy a bicycle. you have no idea what an impressive road bike you could have bought for the amount you’re spending on these.


startup guys "disrupting" the treadmill design only to completely forget or decide against having a protective front cover to keep things from getting sucked under it


thoughtful as always… trying to imagine what I could possibly place in an embedded terminal for my website lmao.

@DavidBlue Couple of factors:

- The control panel URL is either widely known or guessable. Think of prefixes. They go by "control panel" cp.example, control.example, admin.example manager.example, or a subfolder with similar themes

- The logins are almost always going to be the email which is either widely known or also guessable. In my case, it's my first name initial and last name, which is a very common convention

So knowing the user + password = keys to the kingdom in a lot of cases

I guess *145 BPM earthquake at the EPSON ENTERPRISE MANUFACTURING FACILITY* is just a bit too much to ask for right now.

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pretty fuckin trashy. I can practically smell the BO radiating off those flat-billed hats through my phone. I’m never wearing the hat but… I like this. what a throwaway track.

holy fuck.


This morning, I was locked out of my Google account

I chatted with Google support to see if they could help me. This is a genuine live chat with Google support:


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