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alright folks, it's time for a series of CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEYs regarding David Blue's social media output.

1. going forward, I would generally like to see more commentary from David Blue on the subject of:

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howdy all! I have another request for your participation!

in the "Spirit of Thanksgiving," I would purpose that we reflect on the software and services we use that are actually *good for us*, reasonably-priced (or free!,) and really handy!

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I was interviewed about writing software, Extratone, blogging, and self-curation.

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my dick and balls were largely produced before 9/11, so they have journalistic integrity that isn't seen anymore

Difference between Mastodon and Twitter so far:

Mastodon: cool
Twitter: ads

I still wish I had a simple way of creating and sharing small (smaller than a web page, but could be bigger) pieces of knowledge online

That didn't *force* me to do it online

Where 'knowledge' could include all of

* Unicode text
* numbers
* list or array structures
* data tables
* rules
* functions
* namespaces
* unnamed but distinguishable objects/structures with identical contents
* unambiguous portable references to objects/structures/names in other systems/networks/databases

all I’m really trying to say with this is that Spotify has never been a place to discover music. it’s just an echo chamber.

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One time walking between bars in Bushwick, we overheard a couple fighting, and the girl yelled, "YOU ARE JUST LIKE FRASIER!" what do you think goes through Jeff's mind when he encounters a mom & pop book store that's closed?

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