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Hi! My name is Davit Masia, i'm a game designer/artist and coder.

I use MsPaint for PixelArt, and develop games with Construct 2 that you can find here:

I also have a Patreon to fund my projects and on you can get rewards like game assets:

For video tutorials and gamedev related:

Currently working on :


Via Poorly Aged Things.

I thing, th 5-8th ones were the real winners 😆

‼️ PixaTool v1.58 Released ‼️
🔥 🔥

⏏️ Updated NW.JS to last version
⏏️ Dither improved for better results

✅ Fullscreen fixed (Pressing F)
✅ Dither bug on +2K images and up Fixed
✅ Size limit on single export fixed

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