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Hi! My name is Davit Masia, i'm a game designer/artist and coder.

I use MsPaint for PixelArt, and develop games with Construct 2 that you can find here:

I also have a Patreon to fund my projects and on you can get rewards like game assets:

For video tutorials and gamedev related:

Currently working on :


4K Textures - Organic

1000 textures in 4K resolution (4096x4096) in .jpg at max quality. In .PNG ones wih transparency. 10GB.

102 Types, most of them tileables.

Releasing for free the most used asset for nextgen.

8K Triangle. PNG + transparency.

You welcome!

Remember, there is a generation that don't see nothing wrong here.

Boost if you get it ;)

Basketball hoop that doesn't let you miss by Shane Wighton.

I remember there was another but for darts. Loving all this aim stuff, the algorythm and calculations needed to do it with right timing.

4K Textures - Snippets & Frames

1000 textures in 4K resolution (4096x4096) in .jpg format at max quality. 8GB.

88 Types , Snippets & Frames theme, most of them tileables. Single renders, no maps.

It looks like some kind of healing magic XD . Is a technique used to burn "poplar fluff".

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