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Hi! My name is Davit Masia, i'm a game designer/artist and coder.

I use MsPaint for PixelArt, and develop games with Construct 2 that you can find here:

I also have a Patreon to fund my projects and on you can get rewards like game assets:

For video tutorials and gamedev related:

Currently working on :


Still playing around with some game ideas.

This time just saw some DownWell gameplay and tried to do a ShootEmUp version

Released v1.0.5 !!!

‼️ NEWS ‼️
▶️ Batch export for galleries in one click
▶️ New Galleries: Gradients & Animals

New gallery made by MaralbaAlc > Animals!

Near 900 vector assets already (1000 planned) included on , so close !! 😬

‼️ Remember ‼️

All the vector assets are free to be used in personal / commercial projects. CC0 License.

FlowScape by @flow_scape

I have to test this when i get time, it looks the kind of apps i will do if i had 3D skills :P .

@Gargron Hi! Is there any way to look in tags by photo, gif or video?

I mean, for example:

So it shows all posts with the tags that contains a .gif .

Is possible? or will be possible/planned in future? Thanks in advance!

Add sprite animations in one click

Or via Bundle with other 7 artiles

🕹️ Some of the Games using
🔥 GutsAndGoals By CodeManuPro
🔥 Scourge Bringer By mrhelmut

How Group / Ungroups works in

Showing how group and ungroup shapes. All very easy! also you can check "highlights" checkbox to see which shapes are in a group, even nested group/ungroups !! .

Arctic Infiltration Demo by @IndietopiaGames

A first-person vehicular game in which you descend, many miles, below the arctic surface and infiltrate a terrorist facility run by AI.

Foley SFX pack. +70 sounds

Check video or list in the official page for more information about duration / quality.

Free Updates planned! , Pack is made to upload all my actual and future recordings.

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