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Hi! My name is Davit Masia, i'm a game designer/artist and coder.

I use MsPaint for PixelArt, and develop games with Construct 2 that you can find here: kronbits.itch.io

I also have a Patreon to fund my projects and on you can get rewards like game assets: Patreon.com/davitmasia

For video tutorials and gamedev related: youtube.com/DavitMasia

Currently working on :


16x16 Weapons set

In case you need +1700 sprites of 8x8, 16x16 and 32x32 with weapons, food, tiles,etc... checks this asset pack :


Also includes PixaTool ! my app to pixelize any image ;)

One of the quest ideas for Kingdom Of Nerea was find a cow disguise to enter in the farm and pick up an object avoiding the cows inside :P

This was my first & game finished years ago. Also there are desktop version for , and .

You can play free / Online Here:
<[ kronbits.itch.io/asteroidx ]>

/ /

The two first rows were edit examples of characters found on internet to fit with me needs and to have an idea to get the final design with a constant quality. And the row at the bottom are the final characters used for the gamejam entry.


Another old mockup

This one was made while developing Ninja Twins (kronbits.itch.io/ninja-twins) . The idea was a more arcade version killing all enemies on the stage first.

Old Mockup of a possible flash game based on endless runner with some reference to some franchise i can't remember now...

Pic2Tile 0.12 Released !!! kronbits.itch.io/pic2tile

> New tile : Emanems
> Slider for tile mode (Perler/Lego/Emanems)
> Slider to Tile blends (12 total)
> Better UI organization

More photos from the old instagram folder. If i remember well this one was one of the first projects in Multimedia Fusion. The title "Alone in 0x1e6F" had some meaning but no idea now XD .

Great work of Rumblecade using . Also just realized that with transparent images my app only exports the solid pixels, wich is great XD .

Mmm... wonder if i can achieve an auto-postprocess with that backgrounds and shadows 🤔


Final Inca Tiles

Around 100 uniques, 300 total with the color variants for background purposes. 32x32, 32x16, 16x16, 16x8 and 8x8 tiles, ordered from bigger to small ones.


Hi guys! Want to announce my new tool called

Pic2tile convert your into or tile style. More tiles and sizes in next updates.

You can use it online and is FREE !!! :D
>>> kronbits.itch.io/pic2tile <<<