Setup Basic Plex Meta Manager configurations tonight, and its already looking awesome, cant wait to dig in and customize it!

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"music (75%), public transport sounds (70%), clothing (75%), different textures (62.5%), hot temperatures (55%), food textures (65%), strong scents (65%), and the scent of perfume (60%)."

Over 93% of autistic adults said they have hyperreactivity.


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I am so glad researchers are finally catching up:
"Responses to the multiple-choice items showed that autistic adults identified they are commonly hyperreactive to bright and flashing lights (75%), loud noises (87.5%), lots of conversations (82.5%), high-pitch noises (77.5%)" 1/3

I wonder if I can get away with putting Modding twitch streams on my resume 🤣

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hiring hot take:

if you're in a industry historically dominated by one demographic, defining the "best" candidates as simply the ones with the most years of experience under their belt only upholds the status quo

People keep saying TikTok isn't spying on everyone for the Chinese Government, but once again it's been proven that they are and have been this whole time and people are just stupid 😂.

How is that I can setup multiple servers for myself with hundreds of docker containers doing different things and automating all kinds of stuff, but I cant figure out the job market or anything...

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Fun fact: Runa the royal pup in this week's episode of is @ChrissyChong's actual dog 😍

Watch more videos from The Ready Room on YouTube in the U.S.

Evan Rachel Wood's performance in episode 1 of Westworld season 4 is far too relatable.

So really the only jobs I have the qualifications for are data entry and IT support, both of which i can't really do. Talking on the phone gives me anxiety. and data entry would make me want to blow my brains out.

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Well I can't figure out linkedin, if you want to setup job alerts you need to know what roles you want to be alerted about, but I have no idea what any of the the role names actually are.

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Looks like I might need to find my own place to live, of course theirs nowhere I can afford most likely.
Or find a remote job...

Its either that or become homeless...

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Local internet user spends some relaxing downtime scrolling through an endless list of the absolute worst things happening in the world

Twitter really is a little ray of sunshine at the moment...


It's a good day for Rock, Punk, and Metal tbh.

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"Every life is sacred" declares court in between repealing gun laws

I for one am looking forward to America Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo...

I REALLY need to learn to close tabs when I'm done with them... At least Vivaldi lets me stack and group them to make it slightly less messy.

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