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"When you sign up to a Google
account, what the tech giant offers you is a #FastTrackToSurveillance instead of #privacy by design. Enough! Together with consumer groups from our network, we are taking action & asking data protection authorities to step in."

European consumer groups take action against #Google for pushing users towards its #surveillance system

#Europe #EuropeanUnion #GDPR #ConsumerRights #ConsumerProtection #GMail #GoogleMaps #Spyware #Spying

The European Commission praises Nextcloud as a role model for open source businesses!

Read about their comprehensive study in our blog.

RT @jimmysong
The world has changed a lot in the last 18 months and I expect it to change a lot more in the next 18 months.

In a sea of change, #Bitcoin is an island of stability.

We added vaultwarden to Password Manager (

Alternative implementation of the Bitwarden server API written in Rust and compatible with upstream Bitwarden clients*, perfect for self-hosted deployment where running the official resource-heavy service might not be ideal.)

Don't use , and stay away from Google . We just added a new privacy respecting alternative - to Google / Analytics

do privacy at comprehensive guide to online anonymity

We just added gnome circle to 2FA

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