(@GrapheneOS): "We plan to add support for using a GrapheneOS release of microG this way. In the longer term, we also plan to offer a more minimal compatibility layer implemented by pretending that Google services are offline. Both will be options you can choose to install in a specific profile."

Did you know: Along with traditional currency, you can donate to EFF using various cryptocoins! Check out some different ways to give to EFF today. eff.org/pages/other-ways-give-

ProtonVPN’s official command-line Linux app is available as of today! We’ve completely rewritten the code to improve its security, stability & performance: protonvpn.com/blog/linux-vpn-c Special thanks also to our Proton community, who made the original Linux app possible.

2FA bypass discovered in web hosting software cPanel - More than 70 million sites are managed via cPanel software, according to the company. zdnet.com/article/2fa-bypass-d

Okay who will be the first FOSS conference to stream via the newly updated #peertube ?!

We wanted alternatives, we supported it, now we need to use it.

Make your mark on history, I dare you;)

#streaming #foss #opensource #conference #activitypub #fediverse #alternatives

There's an easy way to protect your mailbox from corporate tracking. Try Tutanota. 😉

Here are more reasons why it is time to quit Gmail for free encrypted email: tutanota.com/blog/posts/quit-g

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