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Privacy Cookbook - Decentralized Social Media - - FEATURE: Privacy Cookbook - Chapter 7.3 - Decentralized Social Media - Fediverse, & - accounts to follow

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Nothing beats just ditching Windows entirely. Not enough lipstick in the world for that pig.

bad news for android users 

the android rebels take another blow from google safetynet, this time in the form of hardware attestation. this will make it almoat impossible to use some apps, like banking apps and online games, if you use a custom rom, unlock your bootloader, or enable root access

If governments invent money out of thin air, why the hell are there taxes?

GreenFediverse is a directory of Fediverse instances with information on how environmentally friendly they are. You can follow the project here:


You can see the directory at

The project uses data from the Green Web Foundation, and is mainly based on whether the instance's hosting provider uses renewable energy.

#Fediverse #Environment #Green #Renewable #RenewableEnergy #Friendica #FunkWhale #Mastodon #PeerTube #PixelFed #Pleroma #WriteFreely

Are you just clicking "OK" on cookie walls whenever you want to read a website? Here are #3 facts you should know.
(Thread & just a short English version from my German article:

Websites want to make you believe it's only about cookies, but in fact it's about building a profile from your behavior. Often websites hold a live auction for the ads and others bid on your profile.
At shops like @Zalando you even agree that your email is uploaded to facebook.

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Most websites ask for permission to send your activity to several ID companies (eg. Facebook, Google, Adobe or Xandr). Probably each of us has large profiles at 10-100 companies. There are even official marketplaces for profiles.
Advertisers build target audiences from those.

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Behavioural profiles are often years old, because they get persistence from logins. When you delete your cookies, you are anonymous until you login on any page. Many websites share your IDs with others ("cookie matching"). After some clicks around everyone recognizes you again.

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FBI: If you are an American adult, it is more likely than not that China has stolen your personal data.

Starting today, we're running a month-long campaign to raise awareness about onion sites, and if you enable Onion-Location on your site, you could win Tor swag!
Join us to make a more secure web!

Read our blog for all the details:

If you use Windows, Hardentools by Security Without Borders is worth a look. A new version was recently released.

“Hardentools is a simple utility designed to disable a number of "features" exposed by Microsoft Windows, and primary consumer applications.”

Security w/o Borders is “a collective of hackers and security professionals working towards a stronger and more secure civil society.”

- Source code:


7 Lessons for Commuting Safely During the Covid-19 Outbreak - FEATURE: 7 Lessons for Commuting Safely During the Covid-19 Outbreak

Daily Dose: Daily Doge

Bitcoin has been holding well above the 10 EMA and near the 50 MA. Though it hasn't broken 50 MA resistance yet, a break above it could push price to test the immediate resistance around 9,700 - 9,800. In the daily, key levels remain at ~10,000 for

Inkscape is preparing a 6-week summer of Hackfest online, beginning Sat., July 11, @ 4 pm UTC. Live video session runs 6 hours - come for as long as you like. Learn about Inkscape's board this week. Bring your questions! Everyone welcome! Details:

To celebrate EFF's founding year, you can become a member for just $19.90 today. Help us defend online freedom for another 30 years!

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