@Decentralize_today fairly certain i'm seeing this on social media
"Things that make you go hmmm"

@alien23 oh yes that comment was expected, still good enough to share right?

Nice:) know if there is a creditroll somewhere? Curious after the actors


having subtitles embedded in the videa was really usefull here.

roflmao this is genius 🤣🤣🤣

I want to share this to my fam on Instagram,is there a YouTube link? 😅

@Decentralize_today So true. Here is my only social media, so I can relate to that guy so much when people name 1000 apps I don't have and frown.

Je viens de regarder cette vidéo pour la quatrième fois !

@Decentralize_today Where "social media" only means commercial, centralised, walled-garden networks owned and controlled exclusively by U.S. corporations.

In other words, the #Fediverse is not part of what's commonly referred to as #SocialMedia, also because those who willingly throw themselves at #GAFAM don't even know that anything exists beyond #GAFAM and the U.S. corporate-controlled #SocialMedia.

> if you can't tag him does he even exist?


@Decentralize_today Though I like the clip and the idea, it still feels ... rather weird seeing this on a social network. How comes this guy has a cell phone? Feels pretty much like the usual issue of "everything invented before that is 'good' technology, everything invented after that is 'bad' technology and basically dangerous to people and society". 😉


@nekojanai @Decentralize_today and not even on gamejolt, the social media that has most kids


ahahaha, vraiment très drôle !
Ça donne envie d'être *vraiment* "off the grid"

@Decentralize_today That's brlliant! I love the "None of the photos have filters on them" 🤣 The way she looks at his phone is the way people look at mine the first time they see it 😎

I had a similar experience back in 2008 in a random travel group.
G1: "What's your name on Facebook?"
Me: "I'm not on Facebook."
G1: 😲
G2: "He's joking! Everyone has an account!"
Me: "No, I don't."
G2: 😲

@Decentralize_today I'm not quite a year late, but that was awesome okay?


🤔 wait 🤨 commenting this on social media right now :blobthinkingeyes:

@Decentralize_today jaja great a film about us :ablobcatheart: when will be release at netflix ? :blobcatgoogly:

@Decentralize_today Yeah... If you'r not on social media, you don't even exist LOL 😂

@Decentralize_today Oldie but goldie.

I got something similar the other night. She asked for my number, then I think she tried to look it up on Whatsapp. I told her I don't have it. She correctly assumed that I don't have Snapchat either.
Girls these days...

I don't usually bother talking about XMPP/Mastodon/Matrix, with the added benefit that I can keep these worlds separate.

@Decentralize_today As somebody who boycotted smartphones for over a decade I can safely say that this is more accurate than the people who made it realize.

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