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1. what kind of content do you like reading here?
2. What kind of content you miss here
3. Apart from lack of toxicity what is best you find here ?
4. What features do you miss?
5. Rate on a scale of 1-5 , 1 being lowest 5 being highest on you experience so far on

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Kashmir a part of Jammu & Kashmir with around 1 million people have been put down under a communication blockade by India. It has been 100 days and since August 5th the Internet has been shut down. The people in the worlds largest democracy are not allowed to dissent. The world needs to talk more about Kashmir as we Indians have failed them.

Bring back the troops India, you can’t cage people under gun point

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Finally am reading my TL , the major frenzy is over. Now it’s up to us to use this site for effective communication, entire news media Indian & International are talking about our exodus to Mastodon. We have created history guys, don’t leave the momentum

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So people are asking what is boosting & what am doing.

Well simply put boost = RT

Why am I doing it? I came in early when people were moving to Mastodon so got a lot of followers. So if I boost your posts, 1.7k active folks can actually read it, this is just to help people find each other

Why am I asking for bio: fuck the influencers ,here it is purely content based so everyone is equal,no blue ticks,no nothing,so if you introduce yourself likelihood of more ppl following you

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One of the reasons I will never support BJP is because I don’t want any Indian to feel like a second class citizen & yes that matters to me more than development or anything. If it doesn’t to you am ashamed to share nationality with you

Mastodon global: *all kinds of posts*

Indian Mastodon : fcuk fascism, we hate the govt, we post only politics because if we don’t we are looking at impending genocide & lynchings happens so regularly of Muslims we post it without content warning, what content warning? Can’t you see how hindu nationalists are screwing our nation?

Hey there 👋🏻 I can try and answer some of the questions 🙂 Mainly it all depends on the admin and how the system is setup. Backups for example are one of the requirements. This van also be slip up into certain parts. We have also CDN (content delivery network) for example that keeps all media safe.

User can also download user data and export followings and other .csv lists. I hope this answers some of your questions 😄

@sushubh @shirishag75 @navneetmathur @Deepsealioness @Gargron

@larissaf visited and documented life under occupation.

I'm reposting this today because Israel has provoked military hostilities that escalated to airstrikes in which have killed 22 people as of now.


As a journalist, you are not supposed to be "Neutral" when reporting.

You are supposed to be non-partisan but definitely not Neutral

JNU Admin is lying about rolling back fee hike.
- 95% of fee hike incl user charges remain
- patriarchal dress code & curfew & scrapping of 24*7 library timings remain
- Partial roll back of room rent ONLY for students w/ families in BPL list, w/ income of below Rs 27000 per annum - just Rs 2250 per month! (So even min wage earners not counted poor)
- 40% JNU students' families earn less than Rs 144000 per annum - Rs 12000 per month, these wd not benefit from roll back! #JNUFeeHikeRemains

how many of you have started visiting the Instance and global feeds rather than just your timeline?

My first #securityofficehour is from 8pm IST live you can join the video session at and ask questions here with the above mentioned hashtag.

@Memeghnad @Deepsealioness @jamewils @nixxin @digitaldutta please boost

Calling all Creators who can create Gif, Memes, 10sec videos or any form of content on why people should migrate to mastodon.

For more on the why please read the Thread by @Memeghnad

Eg of Ideas till now.

Please note that mastodon runs on donations so please donate to instances you are in.

@Deepsealioness @IndiasMuslims @dennisckurian boost please.

@Deepsealioness Local only. Global is way too fast for me to follow. Can we change our location for local feed? and is it possible to get global feed with certain keywords only?

how many of you have started visiting the Instance and global feeds rather than just your timeline?

1. Anything genuine, really. Conversations among strangers becoming friends, people sharing knowledge, differing perspectives
2. More dog/cat posts lol (although, I followed a lot of animal accounts on birdsite to compensate for the negativity there)
3. People can be weird and themselves, and no ads
4. Nothing much
5. 5!

There are two reasons why people don't talk about something. Either it doesn't mean anything, or it means everything.

1. Everything. Knowledge based, technology based, anti establishment/corporate/majority/supervisor based, shitposts (at times)
2. Really more fine tuned shitposts aka very relevant picture meme. But not really. Also the long threads of deep dive into topics
3. Friends. From different parts of the world. That's from my time before Indians came in large numbers. Empathy from Indians
4. Nothing. I can hardly use twitter these days without getting fed up.
5 5

Hey @girishNaught @Deepsealioness bcoz of sanjay hegde n you both i am here. Need followback

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