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Kashmir a part of Jammu & Kashmir with around 1 million people have been put down under a communication blockade by India. It has been 100 days and since August 5th the Internet has been shut down. The people in the worlds largest democracy are not allowed to dissent. The world needs to talk more about Kashmir as we Indians have failed them.

Bring back the troops India, you can’t cage people under gun point

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One of the reasons I will never support BJP is because I don’t want any Indian to feel like a second class citizen & yes that matters to me more than development or anything. If it doesn’t to you am ashamed to share nationality with you

Doctors and nurses who are arriving at JNU are manhandled by thugs and ambulances are being vandalised


Professors who were trying to protect us have been beaten up. These are unknown ABVP goons, not all are students, they have covered their faces, and they are moving towards the hotels near the West Gate. Stay alert. Make human chains. Protect each other. #SOSJNU #EmergencyinJNU


JNU students are tweeting that the police are also beating them up along with ABVP goons

The ABVP attackers have entered Koyna Hostel. This is an all female hostel. The women, and mess workers, are terrified. The terrorists are trying to break the doors. - from @JNUSUOfficial

JNU students in Delhi are currently being brutally attacked by ABVP goons in masked attire. They are carrying bats, sticks and rods and unleashing violence on students and staff. ABVP is the students cell of RSS terror cult . This is state sponsored violence inside university campus

Uttar Pradesh is one of the most populated states in India and has a huge population of Muslims, the police have charged a dead man and two bed ridden Muslims for Rioting charges

The UP police is allegedly cutting off internet and perpetrating one of the worst human rights violations in human history

The BJP states of India is filing sedition cases against activists who are just tweeting in bird site . Oh well, the activists are all Muslims

Unemployment doubled in Uttar Pradesh during 2019, shows CMIE data

This is how Bisht's Uttar Pradesh is trying to grow at its full capacity to become a USD 1 trillion economy, which will help India achieve a GDP size of USD 5 trillion 🤣

Mention of Indian Fascism 

@Deepsealioness Holy shit, that's pretty dire. Fuck the CAA.

These are our Anti CAA protests in Chennai . Indians are facing state violence. More than 25 have lost lives, children are being beaten in custody, there is also allegations of rape in custody of Muslim boys from an orphanage, many many are facing illegal arrests, detention and cases filed against them . We are only protesting a bill which discriminates Indian Muslims, we are not even protesting the state. Spread the word

Hello 👋🏼 am away since forever. There is plenty of stuff happening but wanted to wish you all a very happy new year

This is how an Indian man reacts to a woman who was gang raped, murdered and burnt

State of Indian women. And how do we trust and call the cops if we sense danger?

If you have to read one article today, it is long read but fully worth it. Where New Yorker takes Modi & his politics right from Gujarat to Kashmir to the cleaners. International media takes it on as our Media is turning lapdog

So in other news about bird site , there has been so many gang rapes and murder of women all across in the past week that men have started saying as a strong response to condemn women who are raising voices against the rape

@Deepsealioness @sanjayuvacha some more photos of these adorable puppies to convince some of you to give them a home . Apologies for tagging you two but it is done for a good cause for wider reach .

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I opened this hellsite again just to say this.


As long as we still have the fig-leaf of a representational democracy.

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