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Sorry folks, no stream today unfortunately, I'm feeling a bit under the weather and wouldn't be able to deliver an enjoyable stream.

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Next livestream about will be tomorrow at 11am UTC on, we'll be finishing the work from last week: create a new testsuite for the AI/ML appliance.

Come join for another round of automated !

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The remaining seat in the @opensuse board is now set. Congratulations @hellcp!

And thank you crowbyte for participating.

A big THANK YOU to both of you for preparing the path of a brighter future for !

I'll be livestreaming some development of opam2rpm (an rpm spec file generator for ocaml packages) today at 19 UTC over on Come and join me trying to learn 😉

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Another livestream about will take place next Wednesday
(August 26th) 11 AM UTC on
This time I'll be covering test scheduling & setting up your development environment (and anything that you'd like to hear).

Hope to meet you there for another round of !

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@qdot you know what they say about Banach-Tarski jokes... if you've heard one, you've heard two.

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@opensuse #youtube page just added a new tutorial video about making Quality Assurance tests for your software project. Grab a coffee and follow along to learn about #openQA

The next part of the tutorial for will take place this Wednesday
(July 29th) 11 AM UTC on

Hope to meet you there for a round of !

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The recording of yesterday's live stream about how to use the test automation framework openQA in @opensuse is online. Two hours of goodness -

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Ever wanted to learn how to use the test automation framework openQA in ? I'll be livestreaming a tutorial/onboarding session over on next Wednesday starting at 8am UTC. Hope to see you there!

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Fedora is eyeing changing our default filesystem for desktops to btrfs. This is obviously a big deal. Please help us test!

#btrfs #fedora @fedora

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Someone said "is that still a thing?" when I announced I was on Mastodon. Is it?
Boost this so we actually get a few votes maybe? How far can it go?

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Just for fun.

You can install #olifant on Fedora using this copr repository
dnf copr enable alciregi/olifant

I don't know why, but the header bar is black.


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When I was a student a car ran over my only optical mouse (don't ask). I made this cobbled together mess from the pieces and used it for quite some time afterwards because I couldn't afford a new one at the time

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