The gender neutral form of tall boys (pint cans) is tall children

Tired: ironic on main
Wired: hornt on main
Inspired: empathetic on main

boost this post to get NAKED

if you see this- be careful! the poster is naked :0

fuck a cultivated aesthetic i'm throwin out faves and boosts indiscriminately.

a picture of your favorite rocking chair? fukn boosted.

a toot that's literally just the hammer and sickle emoji? hard fave

"i'm have die a rheea :((((" you best believe i'm boostin that shit

Good morning to everyone and especially to YG who will undoubtedly be the first big celeb to migrate here to claim copyright for the 'don theme song

At what point does your brain explode it's all coming at me so fast

I wanted all posts chronologically but I didn't realize the cost

posts are called toots? well then what do they call the private messaging service... BMs? c’mon now

I think we have a solid 36 more hours before we collectively cycle through all possible toot jokes, keep it up folks


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