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New Tab Stash release in honor of a 3-day weekend. :D Version 2.6 adds import/export support, more accurate caching of website icons, and other small fixes. Hope you enjoy it!

I don’t understand how people write CSS that isn’t just spaghetti. I don’t think I’ve seen CSS that isn’t spaghetti in my life. I love and hate CSS so much.

Have I mentioned recently that styling form controls with CSS is basically awful? Because it is. Especially when dark mode is involved. <select> can go straight to hell. :F

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Getting import/export functionality into shape for the next Tab Stash release. Besides that, lots of little ergonomic improvements will be coming in 2.6, including a warning if there might have been sync issues with your bookmarks.

I’m getting really tired of companies claiming “end-to-end encryption” that isn’t “end-to-end” at all and really is just “encryption”. Telegram did this for a while and got called out on it, and now I’m seeing it from other videoconferencing providers too (Zoom isn’t the only one).

There needs to be some standards and maybe “misleading marketing” complaints filed, so people don’t assume they are getting protected in ways they just aren’t.

Now that Tab Stash has hit 1,000 users, I suppose it should get a website:

Someone actually sent me a screenshot of their Tab Stash running in dark mode as a thank-you and it kinda made my day. :)

I’m not a dark-mode person myself (I find it really hard on the eyes) but I’m glad people seem to like it!

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I kicked Tab Stash 2.5 out the door! It has some minor bugfixes, quality-of-life improvements, and ~~DARK MODE~~! (oooh, spooky)

Hope you enjoy it! Get it here:

And now I’m imagining giant (like, has to be mounted on a boat, giant) spools of ribbon that’s a foot wide and several miles long

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Also, you don’t get any bigger, you just get progressively larger and larger rolls of wrapping paper (and maybe a building-sized crane which dispenses scotch tape)

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Someone should make a game like Katamari Damacy except instead of rolling things up, you wrap them up, starting with small boxes and Christmas presents, and moving on to progressively larger and more oddly-shaped things, like chairs, couches, Christmas trees, or an entire house

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If you have any good recommendations for a minimal Linux distro which supports ZFS out of the box and offers both server features and a (very basic) desktop, I’m all ears.

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Jesus fucking Christ Ubuntu, I do not need three copies of ssh-agent running on my system by default, and I *certainly* didn’t need one of them to be a half-broken implementation that doesn’t work when you connect to it from a cron job.

Also, why do I need two completely different package-management systems installed by default?

Getting so sick of their bloatware.

PSA: GNU/Linux is no longer the correct term to use when referring to the operating system comprised of GNU tools and the Linux kernel. From now on, please refer to it as “systemd/Linux”. Thank you.

So like everything else in the modern age, my car has an LTE modem in it, and I was wondering... what happens if I put my car into airplane mode?

Happy birthday to, who is still an adorable dork frelve-hundred and neeb years later. <3

I may have to tone down some of my ... rather enthusiastic zsh expansions.

[30 seconds pass]
<OOPS CAN'T READ FROM /mnt/[NFS share], SORRY, GUESS YOU REALLY MEANT /work/ AFTER ALL> compared it to the Wreck-It Ralph search owl, and they're not wrong. :S

Looking online for some references for easy/beginner strength training things I can do at home in not very much time and ... wow there is a lot of stuff out there. I have no idea if any of it is credible, and there is way way way too much HOORAH GET SWOLE NOW for my taste. I don’t want swole, I just want healthy. :/

Do y’all have any good recommendations on credible resources/places to start?

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