and here's a rebuttal that's even more depressing: users don't care that "everything is terrible", so in late capitalism, there's no pressure to fix it

it's always both fun and depressing when a new engineer wakes up to how "everything is terrible" in the tech industry:

Why do my breakthroughs on hard problems always happen after 5 PM when Iโ€™m getting ready to go home for the day? :/

My baby turned 150,000 today and I missed it. ;.;

Itโ€™s like he couldnโ€™t decide whether to sit on it or shove it off the desk. ;.;

Slept like ass, brain wouldnโ€™t shut up. Gonna get poked and prodded by two different medical specialties today, and I STILL need to figure out how to put out this customer fire.

Howโ€™s your morning going?

Debating getting rid of Boot Camp on my Mac, playing most games in OSX, and keeping Windows around only as a VM for really old games (that don't run on Mac). Mostly I'm tired of rebooting back and forth.

Will I start to have performance problems? Are there other reasons not to do this? What are your thoughts, Intarwebz?

The more I learn about the various ways in which computers can fail, the more I realize how important it is to keep code and systems as simple as possible. It WILL fail, and you will have to fix it, and the simpler it is, the easier it is to find the problem.

The rampant complexity present in modern-day software systems is honestly terrifying. Add abstractions and/or dependencies at your peril. (But add them anyway because you probably canโ€™t get your work done without them. :/)

Working on the weekend because customers, and because itโ€™s quite likely that some code I wrote half a decade ago is too damn slow, and interacting poorly with other peopleโ€™s similarly-slow code.

Computers were a bad idea.

Jira: โ€œPlease confirm you want to stop watching these 84 issues.โ€

Also Jira, on the same query: โ€œUnwatching 92 issues...โ€

On today's episode of :

[Engineer] parks a bike in the only 2-person conference room with a window and hopes nobody will notice. [Manager] starts an hour-long meeting by announcing everyone gets 30 minutes of "creativity time", and then walks out of the room. Des nearly has an aneurysm.

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I just watched a rice rocket (Scion something-or-other Go-Kart) actually drive the correct way thru the roundabout in my neighborhood. I wanted to stop that person and be like, โ€œYes, thank you, good job! Hereโ€™s a bag of Skittles.โ€

Sadly, I didnโ€™t have any Skittles right then. But I made this toot, to commemorate the occasion.

This car has a 20-gallon tank. My dad just put 20.003 gallons of gas in it. I... am glad we did not go to the cheaper gas station that was another mile down the road. >.>;;;

Gazebo was *clearly* saving up all his meows for when we got home.

[Reading this toot fills you with determination.]

Reminder to self: You have good days and bad days. The bad days do not invalidate the good days. Nor does one bad day, on its own, mean you are "suffering" or "struggling" or somehow not resilient.

You are observant and thoughtful, so observe and think. Ask for help if you want/need. Then act deliberately and decisively. Keep doing these things and you will be fine. :underheart:

I read a (very long) thing this morning about how nuance is MIA from our political discourse. I think we need to find a way to bring it back into the public sphere.

Getting along with each other is hard and complicated, and we do ourselves a disservice every time we forget that. That doesn't mean we have to engage with people who are operating in bad faith, but determining what's "bad faith" and what's a misunderstanding/mismatch in goals is a lot harder than it seems.

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