I may have to tone down some of my ... rather enthusiastic zsh expansions.

[30 seconds pass]

@amdusias compared it to the Wreck-It Ralph search owl, and they're not wrong. :S

Looking online for some references for easy/beginner strength training things I can do at home in not very much time and ... wow there is a lot of stuff out there. I have no idea if any of it is credible, and there is way way way too much HOORAH GET SWOLE NOW for my taste. I donโ€™t want swole, I just want healthy. :/

Do yโ€™all have any good recommendations on credible resources/places to start?

For context: this all came up because our local (California) power company has been screaming at us all to prepare for power outages lasting up to A WEEK (if not longer) during wildfire season, in case they have to shut down transmission lines to prevent fires.

Todayโ€™s very-me house project: writing an emergency manual for the house describing safety shut-offs, a communication plan, food- and earthquake-safety reference material, a self-sufficient meal plan, etc.

Iโ€™m doing all of this writing in lieu of actually, yโ€™know, buying emergency supplies, so.

(I just like writing documents, OK)

How do you tell a cat from a C++ compiler? 

What do cats and C++ compilers have in common? 

Okay, who ran `M-x murder-mode` on the cat, fess up

I just kicked Tab Stash 2.4 out into the world! It remembers which groups are collapsed (on each machine, across reboots), and it no longer relies on Google for website icons.


Tab Stash 2.4 will contain:
- An entirely new caching subsystem for dealing with website icons and metadata
- Persistent memory of which tab groups are visible/collapsed
- Re-worked and expanded tests/testing infastructure
- A large number of squashed bugs (thanks to user bug reports and aforementioned testing improvements)

...and yet somehow the largest change, by far, is package-lock.json, because of course it is.

I hate the Internet

A Silent Voice was a very good movie that made me cry. Recommended.

So I just watched A Silent Voice, and I think that Iโ€™ve been emotionally nuked into next Monday. See you all next week!

tiny thing to fight surveillance capitalism 

...no, I didnโ€™t spend my entire day off writing code, why on Earth would you think that? >.>; <.<;

[narrator: โ€œActually, he did.โ€]

(My little baby WebExtension is up to ~6.5k lines of code, itโ€™s getting so big!)

(And itโ€™s got over 500 active users now AAAAAAA *hides*)

Made a ton of progress on the next Tab Stash release today, once I realized the two features I wanted to do could share a lot of the same code. ^^

Gonna run it for a bit on my own machine to make sure Iโ€™m not blowing anyoneโ€™s shit up, but there should be a new release with some oft-requested things soon~

Golang programming 

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