I’m beginning to think Star Trek tech isn’t very consistent….

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Remember this? Still on my fridge;I marched in the 80s and I’ll do it again, but right now what has to happen is Dems need to put aside all the BS purity tests and try party discipline.

Organize. Recruit. Donate. …and get out the goddamned fucking vote.

As a fan I’ve been slowly collecting all the CDs I don’t have; just found this one: Latitude Zero (via Amazon). I have Vol II (End of Millennium), vol III, vol IV (Nasca Lines) of their street CDs - anyone have any of the others they’d be willing to sell?

Who are these guys: youtube.com/watch?v=44byBjKCxt

It’s my son’s 15th birthday today and while perusing the zillions of photos of him in my phone, I came across this — a pic of my fave # NYC themed *evar*…

Available exactly once at the 1994 Columbus Ave street fair.

if you have a 14 yr old cell number you never set up voicemail on…you’re in for an adventure. How long do you think it’ll take the poor, stressed ATT service techs to fight their system and get it provisioned? (1 first line support tech + her 2 managers, 1 adv tech, her manager)

Man, how did I ever do the SF <—> Cupertino drive 5 days/week? Even with non-pre-plague level (yet..it’s increasing) traffic levels it’s such a drag.

2 hours even today. I’m wiped.

So here’s an amusing tidbit in the Mastodon iOS app — you can, apparently, mute or block yourself. I think (hope) that’s a bug.

Am I missing something like a setting or IAP? Or can one not post images to Mastodon with the default client from the App Store?


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