Every June I celebrate Pride Month by offering a $10 discount on all LGBTQ-themed commissions! Slash, femmeslash, trans chars, or anything with an LGBTQ-positive message.

Prices are here, but remember if it's LGBTQ it's $10 less!

(You can get my contact info on my profile!)

So, Holly Potter and the Witching World.

It's a Harry Potter fanfic I started a couple years back and which I'm picking back up now as a protest against JKR's increasing bigotry. My fic is EXTREMELY AU, kind of horny, and very LGBTQ-centric.

It's a fem!Harry story set in a world where witches outnumber wizards ten to one, polygamy is the norm, and the hang-ups and injustices are rather different. Oh, and there's at least one trans character.


I just uploaded all the character drawings for my AU Harry Potter fic, 'Holly Potter and the Witching World', to my Pixelfed.

If you're curious about the fanfic, I'll describe it more in my next post.


? Huh... well, I haven't caught up on El Goonish Shive in a while!

I don't have a webcomic per se... not an ongoing one anyway. I do have my own site where I post comics of my own making. A lot of them are very NSFW and fetishy, but if you don't mind that, you can checl them out here:


Adult implications and drawing of hypnotized chibi 

I'm having a bit of a request round over at my Patreon... "request what you want to happen to this hypnotized Chibi-Dina."

Here's the hypnotized Chibi-Dina. ^_^

An old request drawing. CW: Hypnofetishy content and naked breasts.

Here's another TTRPG character: Cari the Freshwater Dragon. She was hatched in one of our sessions involving sea gnomes. Isn't she cute?

Got myself a Pixelfed too! I never liked Instagram, and it doesn't allow NSFW art... so I'm trying out Pixelfed, which does.

I'll keep you updated on how it goes. In the meantime, if you want to check it out, here:


So, want to see one of my RPG characters? This is Fenella Silverstring, halfling bard.

I have a particular fondness for playing bards, AND for playing halflings, so I decided to really play to my fondnesses with this character.

Hello! My name is Dina, and I'm an artist.

Keep in mind, my art isn't always the most SFW out there, but I have been told that for the most part even my NSFW works are pretty cute.

Started a Mastodon account! Let's see what this leads to, shall we?


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