I hadn’t noticed on the first pass that that Monkees Christmas album also features them doing Roy Wood. What a time to be alive!

The Monkees are releasing a new album?
It’s a Christmas album?
Oh my word!
It features Peter Buck? And a Big Star song? And McCartney’s Wonderful Christmastime?
**passes out**


Paul McCartney Egypt Station PriceWatch™️
This is the cheapest I’ve seen the vinyl for: €51.99
(Bonus Dublin record shop posters!)

Any other Godley & Creme heads out there? Shout out to the G&C Massive.

The vinyl revival isn’t over yet. €28 for They Might Be Giants. Cracking album, mind.

Interesting McCartney album stats from the Steve Hoffman Forum. (Well *I* find them interesting)

Blimey, McCartney’s Egypt Station is number one on the US Billboard 200. His first number one in 36 years, his first solo debut at number one and it gives him a span of US number one albums over 54 years. Sky black with hats!


Things not to do before going to bed: Realise that The Conet Project is on Spotify and start to give it a listen.

I see Elton John is advertising Snickers. In my mind, he’ll always be a Cadbury’s man.

It’s *highly* unlikely I’ll ever be on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, but on the off chance that I get the call, I hope Jerry turns up in this.

I keep forgetting that there’ll be a new Abba song out by Christmas. Good times.

Number nine, number nine, number ninth of November. Apparently.

I saw this David Essex album in a vinyl bin today, and even though it’s on my Discogs list, I put it back. Now I keep thinking about it.

McCartney is denied a number one album, although he’s number one on the physical sales chart.

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