Underrated record. Remastered CD sounds better than the old vinyl, book is interesting.

It’s news to me that Bowie did a cover of a The Who’s Pictures of Lily circa 2000 (Toy/Heathen period) and that it’s so good.


- Side two
An original release version, picked up in Belfast second hand a little while ago for £4 and sounding pristine after being put though the cleaner. An Alan Parsons project. Used to belong to Chris & Roger Hands, apparently.

The weather in Dublin right now is perfect. Slightly cloudy. Neither hot nor cold.

Two iPhones with 512GB storage each have more total storage than all Commodore 64’s ever made (about 15 million) combined.

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Hard to believe it could be Manon or Raoul leaving on this week.

Almost 30 years old, haven’t tired of this record.

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