Encore 500€ du compte épargne parti en fumée pour couvrir ce qui restait dû de l'opération...

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The ESRB doesn't rate games, it only asks publishers what rating they want and publisher just have to send a 2 minutes video showing whatever they want of the game.

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homelessness fine, france politic 

So there is law in the plan in france where they would fine you 500€ if you are homeless in a tent, in your car, putting your stuff in a corner oof the street somewhere, living in the forest or pushing a cart with your stuff in it.


Link in french:

No way I'm going to stay on twitter if tweetdeck is down for good.

It looks like they had a toddler develop the UI.

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tweetdeck is redirecting to the regular site.

I think I should really just kiss birbsite goodbye.

30 minutes until I get back to @twitter@twitter.com

person : "Epic is stealing your data"

Me: "so do Google and Microsoft"

person: "yeah but that's not the same thing"


What do you think?

without any cover.
Especially doing that on the mission boss (yeah bullet sponge + armor boss, ie: you usual boss).
She keeps dieing and calling for your help and since it's shared life, you cannot let her die... So you take damage to save her...
Not fun to play solo because of that.

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So, Wolfenstein Youngblood has finally been updated on the Switch.
While enemies and armors feel less like bullet sponges as they used to, using the wrong weapon still barely dents the armor.
The really good thing is long, multi-levels missions will now respawn you on the level you die, not the beginning of the mission.
Because of the first point, the missions feel less tedious.
Although the really dark spot: it seems they really dumbed down the sister AI, she keeps going in front of enemies 1/2

So Rockstar just launched its own launcher (pun in 10 did) and offers GTA San Andreas for installing it:

Since PC and consoles share the same architecture, all games should be developed in assembly.

So I "signed" a game NDA and there's no way to see it again. 🤔

Am I too nerdy because I want to watch Star Wars The Holidays Special one day?

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