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‣ Imagine a world where companies only want to offer the best for their users, and not their investors.
‣ Imagine a world where everyone can freely use services, and freely donate to them as they see fit.
‣ Imagine a world where users can directly raise their opinions and proposals, even vote about them.
‣ Imagine a world without unnecessary data collection.
‣ Imagine a world where platforms are fully owned and operated by their users.

Sounds utopian? A first step into this world is using #Codeberg

Activision-Blizzard has hired one of the foremost union busting firms to "manage" their employees' concerns. it didn't even take them a week.


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#DRM is unacceptable anywhere and everywhere it's present, but using it to discriminate against the poor and fuel corporate greed is a special kind of evil. u.fsf.org/3fk

'Change the sizes of fonts' should not be a feature anyone has to ask for at this point.

Windows 95 could do it. Old versions of GNOME could do it.

New versions of GNOME it's hidden under a tweaks tool because 'Options are BAD' has become an orthodoxy leading them to decide to just have a 'bigger' checkbox that kicks them up a couple points to whatever they think 'big enough for visual disabilities' is.

(Application designers should simply have no expectation that they know what size any font is and design accordingly.)

The Fallen Web is particularly egregious about this, since people decided they 'know' how big fonts are in terms of pixels and just design for the number of pixels in a screen, making Zoom Text or setting a minimum font size work really badly.

"Without a politics that explicitly seeks to serve the public while challenging corporate power, decentralization isn’t an actual strategy to decommodify our online interactions and reorient our networks toward alternative purposes." reallifemag.com/reconnected

@Dee The terrible thing about this is I don't need to go to see what xkcd 927 is because I remember from context.

I need to get off the internet and do something better with my life.

Have you considered the Use Case where the User is angry with you, doesn't like you, doesn't like your Product (tm), thinks your entire socio-economic class are measurably making everything worse and accelerating a global slide into fascism, genocide and extinction, and is only sullenly interacting with your Product (tm) at the cracking point of the harsh whip of capitalism because they will lose the ability to eat if they do not

because you might find that's quite a large class of users

🚨Urgent Indigenous Autistic Need 🚨

Zach is a medically complex autistic Ojibwe and Ponca youth, he depends heavily on his phone for communication and engagement with the world around him. His phone is broken, and his mother (also autistic, disabled and Deaf) has no way to obtain one. $300 will get him what he needs, refurbished and unlocked. Any boosts or assistance are beyond appreciated!

@mutualaid #mutualaid #indigenous

PP: vivacious1313@gmail.com
Venmo: SuzEQ13

The industry's current approach to cybersecurity is to ban running non-preapproved EXE files from non-preapproved locations.

This is completely giving up on the idea of a computer as a thing that runs software created by the user. It is also an admission of complete defeat of the idea of an Operating System as a trusted guardian of security (because otherwise it would be safe to run EXEs).

It is likely that this won't be the last of user rights to go. Once gone, they will be hard to get back.

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For those of you who play Blizzard games.

The employees have asked you not play them at all tomorrow as a message to the company.

Digital Strike and all that.

I’ve been using SvelteKit to prototype Domain (see this Small Is Beautiful episode for a very early demo: small-tech.org/videos/small-is) but I need/want something simpler so I’ve been doing some tests and they’re encouraging so I’m going to take a shot at creating a very simple server/framework for Node + Svelte + JSDB + https + WebSockets in the spirit of Site.js but all ESM and with no build stage (no Vite/Snowpack, etc.) for Small Web use (startup/Big Tech folks look away now). Wish me luck! :)

@ice @pixouls the "official" Icelandic word for computer translates to number prophetess
(tala 🔢 + völva 🧙 = tölva 🖥)

Giggling about the less common translation for "computer" in the #TokiPona dictionary, which is "ilo pi sitelen soweli".

It means, within this context, something like "cats videos machine".

A decade ago…

“Kids, get off the facebook, don’t waste your life away! Don’t trust anyone you meet online, you could get hurt!” — The Parents

A decade later…

“Mom, Dad, please stop with the forwards, they’re clearly fake and you’re spreading misinformation that could hurt people! Don’t trust everything you read online!” — The Kids

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