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Downes @Downes

@cogdog I'm trying to decide whether to launch my own or whether to stay with

@dajbelshaw I'm at home in Ottawa, just 5 hours up the road. Do you know if they're webcasting the CC Summit?

I updated the design for my OLDaily newsletter today (and fixed dozens of bugs in my software).

@dajbelshaw I won't be using it instead of Twitter, but I'll use it alongside Twitter (and maybe I'll keep it open more, so I actually get the benefit)

@Gargron @sleslie @dkernohan @Patlockley I've been looking at the different systems. Is Mastadon an instance of GNUsocial or is it simply compliant with it? The GNUsocial is a simple PHP/MariaDB (MySQL) install...

@dnorman Yes, Calgary is really pretty in May. It's almost spring!

@dnorman oh, we did that in Manitoba some years ago. We had a house full of electric heaters. No fun.

Messing around with GoMix. Wonderinbg if we couldn't get this interface on that platform, and make it work better than!/project/node-twit

@sleslie @dkernohan @Patlockley

Rails, React, Postgre - it would be a fairly heavy install. I thought about it for but it would take all day (or more) to set up. I'd kick in if someone wanted to do it, tho. Or offer space on my server.

I've added a few people to follow (so I'm already using this differently from Twitter).