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Hiya @mackiwg - welcome to our comfortable corner of the internet.

Canada's NRC has a new mission, vision and values. I've set them to pictures. English:

Le CNRC a une nouvelle mission, vision et valeurs. Je les ai mis en images. En français:
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Building a Blockchain, or, what I learned about blockchains by building one.

(It's worth noting that this is an example the learning method I advocate.)

Why is it always the case that the point in the article where the author wrote "The above should be straight-forward" is the point where you have to stop and think "what just happened here?"

(I think this is what Google was trying to do with 'circles' but it was way too complex and user-hostile).


Mastodon I use for conversations. Like this one.

That said...

I keep my Mastodon connections to just a few in number and delete people if they drown out everyone else.

This creates a nice informal community for me based on nothing in particular except that I like the people in it and find them interesting.

If I wanted to replicate this with a different group I'd need a different environment (or another copy of the same environment). Each group would be different.


I use different media for different purposes, & once in a while something great emerges from that, but I don't think you can force it or recreate it, you just have to be open to it (even that an be hard).

Twitter I use for announcements & public messages. I look things up on Twitter but I don't follow.

Facebook I don't use.

Google+ I use for longer posts (but too short for blog post) especially with links.

LinkedIn I use for professional connections but almost co communication at all.

At the 1983 Canadian University Press conference in North Bay a group of us had created a great conversation group, sharing the space with an open door between our rooms. But on New Year's eve the hotel burned down (electrical fire) and we relocated. We still had the same grouping and the same shared space, but the conversational dynamic had been broken, and it was never the same.

This year's colour is dark teal (aka deep teal). I have spoken.

I might be the only person in the world to notice this. In the Adaptive Learning in ELT feed adaptivelearninginelt.wordpres
The links to images in the text are https but the links to the same images in media tags are http. I hates inconsistency.

Sunday night I was looking at my code and thinking it was loading too slowly. So I moved everything over to my website. Loaded fast - but I really broke it in the process. I'm still fixing it, two days later, because I had forgotten to save the original fully-functional template. D'oh.

My presentation from today - - slides and video

When I was in grade 7, I was sent to the principle's office. Why? We all had to line up before going into class. I convinced everyone in the line to put their hands on their head and make clanking noises like chains.

This is looking across the tracks from the road out front, toward the new subdivision. There are roads and streetlights but no houses yet, which produces this unusual arrangement of lights in the evening misty rain.

Spending the day coding gRSShopper and listening to a brand new Brandi Carlile album - - lovely way to spend a February Sunday afternoon

Another gRSShopper update photo, showing course discovery and access.

I once had a teacher tell the class that Lake Huron is larger than Lake Superior. Being a geography nerd, I was quick to correct her. The next day I came in with proof in the form of the World Almanac (which I would read every day). She then told me that I had actually said that Lake Huron was the larger of the lakes, and that *she* had said Lake Superior was the largest. My first experience of gaslighting.

Never mind, figured it out - Mastodon itself compresses nicely. :)

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