I'm being followed by a ton of new people, usually with 0 posts, following a dozen people, followed by nobody.

A subset of the new followers are describing themselves as specifically Christian. The names all seem generic or follow tropes like 'bravery' and 'snakeeyes' and 'torque'.

I mention this because it's new an unusual. I'm happy to talk to Christians and people generally. But this could be a portend of something different.

We went for a 13 km walk along the western trail in the Greenbelt yesterday., the first time we've been on this trail and easily the longest since I hurt my back (which is slowly recovering). Many beautiful photos (as usual, thumbnails attached, full size on Flickr: flickr.com/photos/stephen_down )

Future Learning Environments 2021 downes.ca/post/72267 This is a conversation with a working group based in Kazakhstan studying the future of the institution, both in the short term, to respond to the post-pandemic environment, and also in the longer term, considering what the ideal learning environment might look like. No slides. For audio and video please see downes.ca/presentation/548

Slides, audio, video, transcript from my two-hour presentation last night, 'Connectivism', are now available. downes.ca/presentation/547

Just about to start a 2 hour presentation on connectivism - been preparing for it the last two days - full video tomorrow.

This is a trillium growing in the Pine Grove Forest, the same place where we walked last week (and saw them about to bloom). I had to get right down onto the ground to get this shot. Andrea and I managed about 2 km of slow walking today, and with the bending I was doing to take photos, that was plenty of exercise for my still sore back.

First time on the bicycle since I hurt my back a couple of weeks ago. 30 km loop to St-Albert, slowly and gingerly.

Project Anticosti

I've been planning this for the last year, and I still have to firm up a lot of the details, but here's the idea: to cycle the length of Anticosti Island (and back, since there's only one settlement on the island). It should take no fewer than eight days.

Never heard of Anticosti Island? Here's some info: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anticost

Because of my back, I took a sick day today and I'm finding that when you work from home a sick day looks an awful lot like a work day.

This is a photo from 2010, when I was in Rosario, Argentina. Just came across it again today; I hadn't tagged it so I never used it for anything. But I quite like it (I love the green!) and thought I'd share...

Andrea and I went for a hike in Mer Bleue today; here are the photos of a forest just waking up in spring. Three types of birds, one type of butterfly (we saw a second, but no photo) and two types of snake. Large photos (well worth a view): flickr.com/photos/stephen_down

Photos from my 50km ride to Avonmore. (It's really hard to get a clear blue sky right; the shade varies depending on the position and angle of the sun, and how close to the horizon you're shooting. The camera tries to correct for this, but doesn't know what it 'really' is, and then HDR merge and AI-denoising are 2 and 3 steps removed. So I have to depend on my memory to get it right, and I'm always tweaking the colour balances to get it as close as possible (without distorting the rest).

Photos from my bike ride Friday along Chrysler Trail. 40 km on the gravel bike.

Photos from my bike ride last Monday along the Ottawa River from one end of Ottawa to the other flickr.com/photos/stephen_down

The province is in a state of lockdown for a month but my vaccine is scheduled for two weeks from now. You can be sure I'm doing nothing - nothing! - between now and then.

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