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Hiya, I'm Stephen Downes, I've been a member of Mastodon since 2016. I'm probably best known for my OLDaily newsletter about online learning and new media. I'm also known for my work on MOOCs, on learning networks, on open education, and variety of related topics. I tell people that I work at the point where philosophy, journalism, education and computer science intersect. My degrees are in philosophy and I have worked for the National Research Council of Canada since 2001.

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Photos from our walk on Sunday in Limerick forest, near Ottawa, west of Kemptville. Full sized photos are here:

Photos from our walk in Petrie Island park yesterday. We didn't make it very far. The park was largely flooded, and there was a lot of storm damage. But we tried anyways (including a poorly conceived short cut attempt directly through the forest). It was, though, very beautiful. Full-sized photos are here: The 'small' poutine photo is a bonus from the day before.

Video from my shakedown ride... warning, dog bite imagery (also wildlife, trees, ponds villages...)

A big white dog (sheepdog? The size of a black bear) ran up to me and bit me twice on the right thigh, HARD. I'm OK, but with a huge bruise and tooth marks. It's easily the worst I've ever been bitten. And yes, it was scary.

My one and only effort playing this is a perfect game... spoiler

8km walk today through Summerstown Forest. Not much in the way of birds, but lots of flowers and insects. Warm and sunny. Here are the photos, full size as usual are here:

Is that feeling
That I can't not know

What I'm seeing
That I can't not see

An idea
That I can't not think

Is a pattern
That I can't unwind

That I can't not face

Is a belief
That I can't not share

Is a breath
That I can't not take

Cheap gel film pulls buckets of drinking water per day from thin air -

The gel is made up of two main ingredients that are cheap and common – cellulose, which comes from the cell walls of plants, and konjac gum, a widely used food additive. Those two components work together to make a gel film that can absorb water from the air and then release it on demand, without requiring much energy.

Photo of a person, eye contact 

Because who doesn't love a rugged forest selfie....?

So all in all it was roughly 240 km over the four days, which may not seem a lot, but throw in camping in May's fickle weather and it adds up. Today was a long cold ride, after a very cold night. But I fee like I've done something - and anyways, finishing the long weekend tired, sore and spent out is a worthy achievement in itself.

I've been enjoying the last few days on the road... Ironically a huge storm came through here yesterday and power is still out all over the region... So I would have been roughing it either way.

I had a very pleasant night at Voyageur Provincial Park even though I basically slept on the ground due to the faulty air mattress.

Booked off work early today, *drove* my gear to the camp site, drove home, and am now biking my way there on the road bike (which can't carry bike packing gear). Sure, a million things could still go wrong, but I'm determined to have (something like) a bike packing long weekend.

So I woke up tired and stayed tired and that should have been my warning...

It's a long weekend and I was planning a bike packing trip. But yesterday a spoke broke on a test run, and so I needed to fix it.

But this bike has disc brakes and I couldn't figure out how to bend the spoke in there. So I decided to remove the cassette. Undid some nuts and... that's when the ball bearings started dropping out.

Now I've been having trouble all day finding things, so...

No bike packing this weekend.

OK I found an additional plugin, webfinger, that wasn't mentioned anywhere in the activitypub documentation, but was by the same author. I thought this might explain why I was getting a 404 from webfinger, so I installed it, but I'm still getting a 404.

So as @steveroy says, probably the blog has to be set up as a single author in the settings (this would be important to note in the documentation, I think) but I have no idea how to do this and Google searches for this have been unhelpful.

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