Cursos masivos abiertos en lΓ­nea: El caso de MΓ©xico (MOOCs: The Case of Mexico). 221 page PDF book download, in Spanish. I have a chapter in it: Visiones y rutas: Aprendizaje en lΓ­nea y MOOC (Visions and pathways: Online Leaning and MOOCs). … Β‘Disfruten!

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Coming back into the office after two weeks away felt like running into a brick wall. I was so productive over the break, got so much done, I felt like I was off to a great start to the year. But the department of non-functioning computer services has just completely shut me down.

I can make electron apps with angular, photon or bootstrap now. There's still an issue in subdirectories in compiling, but I'm well on track.

Free speech is speech that contributes to a free society and safe environment.

Free speech isn't threatening minorities, loudly putting forth white supremacy, or catcalling women.

Don't let shitty people take this word away from us.

My new home for social and political comments:
This will *not* be about education, technology, media, etc.

The last E-Learning 3.0 webcast is today, in one hour ... And in the Activity Center

I'll be on the webcast Saturday noon (eastern time) to wrap up ... url will be posted here.

The event Conversation with Silvia Baldiris and Jutta Treviranus starts in one hour.

Journal of Applied Learning & Teaching Vol.1 No.2 (2018)
15. Modernised learning delivery strategies: The Canada School of Public Service technology. By me.

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