So we had a new water heater installed in the fall. A few months later, and I still haven't received an invoice from them. And I can't recall at all who it was that did the work. So I'm phoning local plumbers asking then if they did work for me and to send an invoice so I can pay it. Andrea is aghast ("you asked them to send you a bill?") but this is rural Ontario and nobody will send an invoice if they didn't do the work (just as I'm not going to take advantage and not pay them).

I have a working version of gRSShopper running on SSL (ie., https) inside a container (on Reclaim cloud). Now, to see if I can recreate that configuration using the Dockerfile. (To get to this point took me two or three hours)

(Still building containers - the Ubuntu 20.10 container doesn't even have DBD::mysql !!! Shocking, really.)

Just saw your newsletter. The media bias chart is itself biased; I wrote about this here:

(Also part of the same dream: doing rehab work with a philosophy prof in an ongoing effort to get my PhD, cycling through Edmonton as large parts of it are rebuilt to make it as new and clean as Calgary, going out walking with a group of friends, losing track of them, finding them, etc etc).

I have long and detailed dreams these days, a side-benefit maybe of getting older.

Anyhow, as part of one dream: the concept that you cannot classify something and describe something at the same time. Obviously a variation of the Heisenberg principle. But the idea is that nothing is inherently static - its properties are constantly changing - and classification requires focusing on a few static and fixed properties.

Probably not original, but I thought I'd share.

Internet outage this morning - then this afternoon I was so engrossed in coding I completely forgot to do a newsletter. D'oh.

I had such a good day today, I recorded a video about next.js where things mostly just worked, I did some coding this afternoon which also just worked, and my project work went fine. Even my video game cooperated.

It snowed last night but we went for our hike in the woods anyways. X-country skiers were out in full force.

Woo! Full and complete installation of all the necessary modules for full gRSShopper functionality in Docker; now I need only secure the DB and I'm ready to do actual upgrades to the code.

I thought this deserved one of those self-attributed quote slides. :)

Andrea and I were out hiking in the woods again today - 10 km in the eastern Greenbelt. Here are the full-sized photos:

This is how I entertain myself on a holiday - a three-hour live-stream video called 'Deploying a Serverless Jamstack Site with RedwoodJS, Fauna, and Vercel' which shows me following the (not always complete or accurate) instructions in a CSS-Tricks column about web programming. The resulting video wasn't very good (I'll get better) but it was a lot of fun (as I commented to Andrea, *this* is why I got a high-end computer, to make things like this (only better))).

Granted, it's a pretty broad category, but who do you look to for commentary on 'the impact of technology on society'?

πŸŽ„ Boosts appreciated!

Holy moly, Owncast is really taking off with the 0.0.3 release!

Almost 1000 stars in a single day for πŸ™Š

Hackernews front page, #1 on several sub-reddits: r/selfhosted, r/golang, ... awesome stuff!

Someone even started streaming public domain movies 24/7 on their Owncast instance:

Check out the Owncast directory to find more instances:

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