I've docked
My spacecraft to the side

I rocked
The mighty launch astride

I've stocked
A full year's food to hide

I mocked
The Earther fools downside

I walked
The silent space outside

I'm shocked!
The light inside me died

I've locked
My goddamm keys inside

Here are my photos from yesterday - 66km cycled (taking me to 2142, the most I've ever cycled in a year) and two pick-your-own apple orchards (discovered while exploring new back roads)

Spending the day judging entries in a New York Academy of Sciences competition...

Polly is crossing the Rainbow Bridge. She was a sweet and gentle cat, a grand old lady, who lived a long and happy life, and filled ours with happiness. We'll miss her always.

Back on the bicycle for the first time in a couple weeks... illness just stops you cold, I don't recommend it.

From SSSC LearnTech: "In this month’s LearnCast @SSSCGeorge
from SSSC Digital Learning talks open education and elearning 3.0 with @Downes
from the Digital Technologies Research Centre @ the National Research Council of Canada. listen to LearnCast on apple.co/2RZC2sy +"

Only on iTunes and Spotify, sorry. I'll be uploading a downloadable version to my own website soon.


Photos from a 71 km ride south of Casselman to Northfield. It was cloudy and there were a few raindrops but it was nice and warm and not too windy. A perfect day for a bike ride.

Here are some photos from an event Sunday in nearby St.Albert where they had 243 antique threshing machines running at the same time, a world record. They raised more than $100K for breast cancer research. And made some local history in the process. Here's the full photo set: flickr.com/photos/stephen_down

Most of our back yard is devoted to milkweed plants and it makes me happy to be able to feed new monarch butterflies. They need all they help they can get - they seemed to have a good year last year but there's noticably fewer monarchs out this year.

Today's bike ride took me downstream to where the South Nation River empties into the Ottawa, through places like Plantagenet, Jessup Falls and Wendover. The wind wasn't really my friend, and the Jays lost, but it really was a beautiful day for a bike ride.

Here are the photos from today's bike ride. They are from the towns I passed along the way: Chrysler, Berwick, Finch, Chesterville, Winchester and Marionville (I also passed through St. Albert and Embrum, but no photos from them). Good ride, breaking in a brand-new bicycle seat (maybe not the wisest idea). I got rained on several times, but it wasn't too cold (though as a result I had pretty sore feet).

104km. Woo!. That's 2 x 100K within a single week, never done that before.

While the spoke on the road bike was being repaired, I took the gravel bike to Larose Forest. It didn't really go as planned. I had thought there was a nice trail from one end of the forest to the other (as indicated on maps) but this trail is blocked and impassible. I also tried a horse trail, but it's also unusable. The mountain bike trails were intact but are more focused on up-and-down and right corners. Some gravel roads exist for ATVs and these are in the long run probably my best bet.

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