OK, I have an almost final draft of my thoughts on identity for (and my debt to course participants will be obvious, I think) - docs.google.com/document/d/1J2 - comments? I need to wrap up this - and the last Identity newsletter - before Monday.

Today's Newsletter is now available. Public and private keys, identity graphs. Worth a look! el30.mooc.ca/archive/18/11_15_

New video for E-Learning 3.0 - Identity, Keys and Authentication - youtube.com/watch?v=1c-jsJ8Nd7 - watch all the way to the end, as I tie together several strands from this week in the last 10 minutes.

Video recording of my conversation with @Bali_Maha Maha Bali for E-Learning 3.0 is now available - youtube.com/watch?v=-vXMJnfAEH

The next E-Learning 3.0 live event starts in just over an hour, as I'll be chatting with Maha Bali.

Join the live event here: el30.mooc.ca/course_activity_c

Read Maha's pre-session notes here: blog.mahabali.me/writing/ident

New video for - Making a New Table in gRSShopper - youtu.be/Va6KlPNUZcs

This video shows the whole process, from beginning to end, of creating a new table (and hence, your own customized data type), creating an entry in that table, and displaying that entry in some other table. Here, the new table is 'task', and we will want to display it in 'module'.

The E-Learning 3.0 Newsletter for Monday the 12th is now available, a little late, but still on the right day :) - el30.mooc.ca/archive/18/11_12_

I've added some resources to get everyone started on this week's E-Learning 3.0 module on Identity. el30.mooc.ca/cgi-bin/page.cgi?

Clayton R. Wright's excellent list is now available. He writes, "The 40th version of the Educational Technology and Education Conference list comprises 1,719 confirmed events." downes.ca/post/68798

The Friday newsletter will be distributed tomorrow, so I can do a proper job of the summary article. I'm really enjoying the graphs and the summaries of the discussion with Ben Werdmuller.

My thanks to @benwerd Ben Werdmuller for a fascinating discussion of blockchain, indieweb and open source distributed web development - the video is now available here: youtube.com/watch?v=_QM8mAX3cV

Starting in 10 minutes on - conversation with Ben Werdmuller - Co-founded Elgg and Known, worked on Medium and Latakoo, and invested in innovative media startups at Matter

A reminder, E-Learning 3.0 conversation with Ben Werdmuller at 12:00 noon today (about 4 hours from now)

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