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Just finished a very difficult 54 km ride (two flats, very hot, strong winds) after a 60 km ride yesterday. Good weekend riding but I'm a little stiff and sore now.

The only thing I actually do for 'work' is commuting and meetings. The rest is stuff I've always done. This is a pattern that does back to 1987.

Except for periods during that time I also spent some time teaching (but that only added a few hours per week (contact time) to my schedule, as the rest of it inherently prepared me to teach).

Before then I spent five years working on the student newspaper (and it was before internet access anyways) and was 'studying' for my degree.

Staying up late watching David Bowie videos...

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Wow, it's only taken Twitter about a million years to realise that people use favouriting as bookmarking.

When is Mastodon going to get this feature?

One day in (I think) 2011 a guy flew in from Ottawa to meet with all the NRC staff and close our office. While he was in the air the government changed its mind and our office was saved; we had the meeting and he said "no changes effecting this office". That was the day I stopped being afraid of losing my job. In my mind, I had already lost it that day, and I was just going to do whatever I wanted from that point forward. Oh, and no loyalty.

The dentist gave me a needle right at the front and it didn't hurt! I made sure to compliment him on this.

If I recall correctly, just as Marx said "everything is political", Aristotle would have said "everything is based on moral intent".

Maybe we need a new concept. I'll go out on a limb and give it a name - OERSS. Open Educational Rersource - Student Sharing. Or Open Educational RSS. Take your pick. It's open resources found, created, used and shared by students. The real open educational resources.

I was waiting for someone to tell me it's not a duck, it's a crane.

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I like that I don't have to reply right away and that you'll still get it, and be able to see it in context.

We don't have a home phone - just mobile phones (we usually didn't answer the home phone because just like you we've always viewed it as a request). I sometimes answer my mobile phone but usually not.

No watch for me either. I have my own sense of time that works well enough.

12 Deeper Tips for Great Public Speaking -- Steve Wheeler posted a nice article called 12 Tips for Great Speaking today. He's had a lot of experience on the public speaking circuit and there's no doubt his tips hit the mark. I've also had some experience on the circuit, so I thought it would be useful to add to his remarks. So, here are his tips with my additions.

The OLDaily and OLWeekly mailing lists have been rebooted. If you want to receive either email newsletter you'll need to resubscribe here: (or you could simply follow @OLDaily on Twitter and get posts as I write them (I'm not sure it's in the spirit of Mastodon to autosend my posts here)).

Canada-Wide Science Fair judges' training session at Carleton University.

Sparrow. Because the world needs more sparrows.