I was reading through posts on LinkedIn and reflecting on how desperate everything felt as people tried their utmost to market themselves. I try not to fall into that trap but have to confess it's hard.

Innovators Seek Zoom University 2.0 downes.ca/post/71430 The venture capitalists have stepped into the emergency online learning picture and backed the most regressive possible expansion of Zoom.

The Data Engineering Cookbook downes.ca/post/71422 This is a sprawling epic of a guide, running the gamut from programming tools to machine learning to best practices to case studies. It's on GitHub so you could (if you wanted) clone it and make your own version, or (better) suggest changes and improvements. There's also a PDF version (but note that it will ask you to sign up to the newsletter before you can download it).

Here are my photos from the ride yesterday (and as usual a link to the full sized versions - flickr.com/photos/stephen_down ). The fall colours really came out, and it's not even peak yet.

113.1 km today.... just a gorgeous fall day! This is near Cass Bridge, on the Nation river, about 90 km into the ride.

Here are my photos from last Saturday's ride to Voyageur Provincial Park. Enjoy. Big versions are here: flickr.com/photos/stephen_down

Just passed 3000 km cycling for the year. :)

The yin-yang:

Passive over creative: volatile
Creative over passive: placid

Creative & Passive: breezy
Passive & Placid: steady
Passive & volatile: explosive
Creative & volatile: elevated

(Of course, we are not limited to these starting four elements - I once created the 'Moulin Ching' out of truth, beauty, freedom, love letsmakesomeartdammit.blogspot )

What have you done
To upset the balance
To fling earth into sky
And fire into water?

What have you done
To destroy the placid
To boil the mountain lakes
And whip wind into tempest?

The sky thunders!
The sky thunders!

I want it noted somewhere that my budget for a month's worth of development work on Reclaim Cloud was $10.

It was pretty cool today when I set out from the Laggan School parking lot for a ride to Voyageur Provincial Park and back, but it was never really unpleasant and I managed an enjoyable 101 km on a beautiful brisk fall day.

The unabridged story of everything I did to get gRSShopper running in a Docker container. halfanhour.blogspot.com/2020/0

Took me all day to write this. I hope it saves people time and misery in the future.

Finally published my gRSShopper Docker image today - this has been a long time in the making. Still lots to do on it to make it work properly. But I'm feeling pretty good today. hub.docker.com/r/downes/grssho

This the PLE version of gRSShopper. I'll make it work well, then I'll publish the MOOC version - same technology, but you can use it to host a MOOC (I'll distribute a containerized E-Learning 3.0 course to start.

Here's another set of picture postcards from the St. Lawrence River Valley - this time east from Cornwall to Lancaster. A little cool, but still cycling in a light t-shirt. Bright and sunny. Full-size photos are here: flickr.com/photos/stephen_down

September 6, 2020. I drove to the ferry at Wendover and took my bicycle across to Parc national de Plaisance in Quebec for a 55 km ride through the marshes and forests alongside the Ottawa river. It was a little cool but bright and beautiful all day. The rough paths and roads were definitely a test for my new bike wheel but it held firm and straight all day.

Full size photos here: flickr.com/photos/stephen_down

65 km ride today (health, bike, weather all finally cooperate. Here's a cow...

The sunset was vivid because it was right after a storm front came through. I turned around after the previous show and saw this over my house...

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