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Just found Telegram while looking for Bryan Mathers. Not a replacement for Mastodon; more like a replacement for email?

Does music show that resonance without representation is a form of consciousness?

Celebration of Life

We said good-bye to my brother Allan today. Lots of family and friends, including the whole crew from where he worked. Obit: Instead of replying with comments and condolances please consider donating to the Diabetes Association.

I dreamed I had something really important to say but no paper, just a drill and some bolts, so I etched the words in tiny print on the bolts and then bolted them into the wall of an attic room where I was staying. Then I realized it wasn't my wall so I removed the bolts and stored them and covered the wall with some decorative cloth.

Hiya @lauraritchie - I'm wondering whether the analogy here between learning design and musical notation holds up. -

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@fgraver @Otterscotter @actualham @Downes @lauraritchie @clhendricksbc @cogdog @courosa I'm also always happy to find @tellio @dogtrax @Tdorey @shorterpearsonand @KevinCarson1 in my view. @GeoffreyGevalt from the Young Writers Project is here.

But really the joy for me is branching beyond edu-networks. I've found artists, sound creators, activists, students, writers, coders and clowns. Don't underestimate the clowns. (See: @RussSharek)

Tragedy visited our family today. Don't want to talk about it it it's terribly sad.

This year's Downes Prize is awarded to: MOOCs and Open Educational Resources: A Handbook for Educators - Peter B. Kaufman, Intelligent Television.

Love this...

KevinHodgson‏ @dogtrax tweeted:

@laura_ritchie @lauraritchie wrote a post inspired by a conversation with @Downes and others that inspired a found digital poem … ‘cause that’s how things go ‘round and 'round in connected spaces! …

p.s. I wish wish wish I could do that. Not singing, of course. But talks, workshops, whatever. I've been to 36 countries or so... so many more to visit.

I sort of liked Joss Stone's first couple of albums came out a few years ago, but stopped listening. Last week I looked for some of her concerts online and today I looked up her videos - and she is in a project to do a concert in every country of the world. I listened to her sessions with local musicians from each country all day today - - what a great way to meet the contemporary music of the world.

Looking for a way to search for a hashtag - no search in the Mastodon interface? Hm. But I can search by using it in a post. Eg.

2/2 So I looked up the location when I got home. Because if someone has to be out riding their rebuilt bicycle in this weather, what kind of person is going to remove it from where it is parked? Pictured is the location in summer - more people standing outside, more bicycles, and Google Maps obscures the sign. The location is the Shepherds of Good Hope on Murray Street at King Edward. It's sad that they remove bicycles.

1/2 December 14, 2017. I captured this image on the way home from my presentation in Gatineau this afternoon. It was a bitterly cold day today, and the tones of the photo reflect that (to me, at least). But there are other stories - the man waiting for a bus (except it's not a bus stop), the bicycle leaned up against the 'no bicycles' sign, the unevenly-sized wheels on the bike. The photo as a whole told me a story about how poverty works when it's -20C.

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"The Programmers’ Credo: we do these things not because they are easy, but because we thought they were going to be easy" –Pinboard

Sunrise over the Mediterranean in Hammamet, Tunisia

Also the front page of the presentation I'm doing here today.

Ttitled: "Applications, Algorithms and Data: Open Educational Resources and the Next Generation of Virtual Learning"

Because when you see a sunrise, isn't that the firsts thing you think of? I know I do!