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Adapted from a talk given March 9, 2017, at the State University of New York in Syracuse, this essay outlines the challenges this evolving model will pose to learning providers and educational institutions and recommend policies and processes to meet them.

The more you wish to exclude a certain sort of person from a school, the more you have a responsibility to welcome them in your home.

@dogtrax I watched a large crow the other day eating an egg it stole from the mourning dove nest in our eaves. Circle of life.

Brett Gardner's home run, the first of four in the 8th off Jason Grilli.

@dogtrax Yes a Yankee fan would have liked it. It was generally a well-played game, with the exception of one relief pitcher who gave up four home runs in an inning.

So we travelled all the way to Toronto to watch them lose 7-0. Sigh. Tomorrow will be better.

They bought it and basically they're shutting it down.

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Soy una mierde de persona, debo de aceptar lo
Al contrario, con orgullo debo de aceptar lo
El talento que hay en mi, quiero explotr lo
Sere mejor que tu, voy a demonstar lo

(I'm a shit person, I must accept it
On the contrary, I should proudly accept
The talent in me, I want to exploit it
I'll be better than you, I'll show you)

- Mexico City

@clintlalonde Hope it goes well. I gave you a plug in my newsletter. :)

@jgmac1106 @cogdog I've signed up to the list but haven't seen it in operation yet.

@dajbelshaw You could just write 5 or 6 100 word articles daily, like I do. ;)

More seriously, I'm liking your newsletter format these days, with a few paragraphs of commentary, then a set of related links. Good stuff.

@dajbelshaw From Nose Hill Park? Beautiful shot.

@jgmac1106 @cogdog The first thing, in my mind, is that the students should get to choose whether to make something public or not.

That said, Mastodon *appears* to have the options you're looking for (or might, as it continues to develop). Though I don;t know about curation.

But I would depend on just Mastodon. Microcontent is one part of the ecosystem. Photography, long form writing, videos - all these matter as well. Mastodon needs to be integrated with other services.