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discussion of harassment 

@aphyr this angers and frustrates me so much. Our country's preoccupation with "sex is bad, enjoying sexuality is worse" just has to end. I really believe people would be so be happier in their lives and in society if they just allowed themselves to enjoy more than one orgasm in their life.

Remember that Pride is for life, not just for June. 🏳️‍🌈💙🏳️‍⚧️🐾

Thinking about SFLDG's suspension and how much of queer writing, imagery, and speaking has been lost to Tumblr, YT, FB, bans:

"Queer life is full of examples of fabulous explosions that left little or no detectable trace, or whose
documentary and artifactual remains were never systematically assembled or adequately conserved.... Queer populations have an overabundance of marginality and an insufficiency of stability."

Gayle Rubin, "Geologies of queer studies", 2004

Youtube is running LGBTQ+ banners on their homepage but also appears to have taken down the entire San Francisco Leathermen's Discussion Group archive, which was chock-full of recorded educational and historical presentations. These recordings on the Leather Contingent in SF Pride were available just last week; now gone. :-(

is trending! This is a good month for it; our transmasc family are often underrepresented.

Click and discover amazing people (you'll also see bigots worth blocking, but your block button deserves warming up anyway).

Brian Harding, one of my fav Dream Daddy Characters. I did a drawing of him in 2018, and I wanted to redraw him

So I'm trying out Clip Studio Paint, and I'm loving it. The brushes are fun to play with, and Vector layer is saving my lazy lineart ass

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