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So I’ve finally written a presentation of my package for note taking: Introducing Zetteldeft, available at Hopefully interesting for those looking to combine the powers of and .

So apparently the EU is now on Mastodon! Might be the sign of a pretty big shift.

Hi Mastodon: I'm in the market for a new laptop and I want it to be Linux first. Any tips or pointers? I'm interested in System76 but unfortunately the import tax to EU seems to be a bit of a gamble... Any other suppliers that provide excellent Linux laptops?

New Zetteldeft feature in : use `zetteldeft-extract-region-to-note` to create a new note from a region of highlighted text. The region will be replaced with a link to your new note.

I wrote my PhD in Org and can highly recommend this route. Much more convenient to me than writing LaTeX directly (still wrote some custom styles to format the LaTeX, ofcourse). Then again, I know some people have no issues with that. Its just so convenient to put notes straight from Org-files into a draft

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Sign the petition:

"Code paid by the people should be available to the people! We want legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under licence"

New feature for Zetteldeft (in ): conveniently add tags to a note - either at point or at the end of a designated line. More info at

New feature for Zetteldeft (a package for ): interactively search for a tag in your notes. No gamechanger, but a convenient addition nonetheless!

A sharp reminder that it's high time for more diversity of digital infrastructure.

"Sharing the internet with America is like sharing your living room with a rhinoceros. It's huge, it's right there, and whatever it's doing now, you sure as hell know about it."

Zetteldeft (the note taking extension of Deft) now has a feature to export your notes with the help of org-publish. Check it out in the Zetteldeft tutorial & knowledge base:

Finally, after repeat searches: M-x profiler-start to see which processes are eating resources. More info at

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What's that command again to get diagnostics on memory and cpu usage? Used it in the passed, but can't find it... 🙃

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HOPE begins at 9am EDT and it's Free to Attend other than interactive workshops!

You can watch all these amazing talks on every topic! Admit it, you know you want to! And you can do it from the comfort of your chair, bed, floor. You can watch in your PJs,!

That's right, it's HOPE 2020!!!!

Can't get enough or want to join a workshop, registration pays for ALL workshops!!!

Hitting YouTube's "watch later" on this awesome video on privacy feels a little... contradictory to say the least, knowing it's mother company is one of the biggest personal data hoarders on the planet. Still recommended watching:

For those interested in checking out the Zetteldeft package for : I've now written a tutorial and knowledge base to get you started. Installation instructions included! Check out for your fix in .

So I’ve finally written a presentation of my package for note taking: Introducing Zetteldeft, available at Hopefully interesting for those looking to combine the powers of and .

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I was on Al Jazeera Live today and spoke about how we must remain vigilant in the face of surveillance capitalists and governments that want to use the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to widen their dragnets.

You can watch the recording on my blog:

#surveillance #COVID19

Say I want to introduce an package I created, and I'll record a screencast to do so. While uploading to YouTube is the easy solution, I'd prefer to stay closer to the spirit. Where could I host such a video?

Paging @publicvoit for the discussion. Karl, do you think using your memacs creation only for external files is overkill? I guess I'd mostly be using the `filenamestamps` module?

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I'm interested in using to easily integrate attaching files into my workflow. (Not so much to remember it all, like memacs promises, but rather to include links to and notes on external files). Does anyone have any experience to share?

So I just listened to the first @librelounge episode which also discusses and . Recommended listening for anyone interested in FOSS, even for dilettantes like me.

Best line: "I want orgmode directly overlaid over my vision."


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