I made an account on the god-forsaken site so I could read tweet threads again and let the record show it took 10 hours before I regretted it, which must be a sign that my brain's internet poisoning is terminal.

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Pushing out a CSS change and having to wait 20 minutes to see whether it worked or broke into a new dimension is the closest thing to Hell I've had at work in a long time.

I love living in a state so obsessed with being The Most Woke that we're just going to have a bunch of kids die from measles. We did it, we won the "which one's the biggest liberal hippy" competition.

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Closing out the year, "good riddance" seems like it will be the most popular assessment of 2018

Well would you look at that, the entire 10-day forecast shows a 100% chance of Smash!

Everything is Always Too Much to Handle at Once, All the Time, Forever: a guide to anxiety in 2018.

At this point it's been a little over 3 months since I deleted my birdsite account and aside from the feeds of maybe 5 people and finding out about new memes more slowly it's been nothing but awesome.

Last night my partner and I got to listen to Neil Gaiman talk for a couple hours, reading from some of his books and answering questions. He talked a bit about perseverance in writing through bad days because even if it's not good it can be fixed on the better days, but the important thing is to just do it.

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50% of my dns queries are for ads and tracking at home. Adblocking is a requirement in 2018.

I just explained "folks, it's time for some Game Theory" to my partner, and it was this delightful little time machine to a simpler time

Someone online: posts a relatable t-shirt pattern

Me: Wow, big

Looked at the federated timeline for a grand total of 8 seconds before blocking two domains for myself, so at least part of Mastodon is just like the rest of the internet.

My knee aches, and that can only mean the Video Game Boys are upset about something again. It never lies!

[very Playing Current Games voice] folks, Horizon Zero Dawn is real cool

Feeling old online is seeing D2 and realizing people mean Destiny now, not Diablo.

It's Friday, and you know what that means: literally everyone here just wants it to be the weekend already.

It's 8am on Monday morning and what a long week it's been.

It's time for day 2 of PAX, and you know what that means: mainline NSAIDS and hope my feet don't explode.

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