In less depressing news: Mindless Marvel movies are still giving me the tickles.

What a week. At least the kids are on the streets for the right reasons.

The new Fantastic Beasts movie is nice but nothing more. I like the world and the direction it's taking. (Jude Law is king.)

I played through Monster Hunter World. Magnificent experience. And now I can feel free again!

Today’s recommendation: Disney’s “Villainous”. It’s a great card game with different objectives for each deck of cards / Disney villain.

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I ported one of my older flash games to HTML5. Here's Samuraii - A Local Two Player Katana Battle Action Game. (mobile compatibility isn't added yet):

Another social network zombie is shutting down. Path. I forgot about it tbh but it had some neat ideas. RIP.

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Here’s a little screenshot of today’s work. That’s Samuraii my local two player katana battle game hopefully coming to iOS soon. Those lovely samurai dudes are the work of @Eddy by the way.

Blackkklansman 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

Rewatched Mission Impossible 3 which I thought might be the best in the series. It’s quite nice but a mess. And I increasingly dislike the Abrams/Mindel cinematography.

So I have to revise my ranking. Mission Impossible is one of very few franchises with more than three films which got better with the last installments.

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MRW this no-nonsense lady doesn't get boosted for toots both far and wide! :toot:

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Ahhhh the new dragon stamps from the USPS are amazing

I couldn’t resist and binged the second half of DARK. Time not wasted. Crazy genre fest for a German production.

Monster Hunter World is everything I’ve wanted from a game.

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Habe bei #Netflix angefragt, wann ich bei Black Mirrror vorgespult oder auf Stop gedrückt habe. Zum Glück haben die sich das gemerkt - Für alles, was ich jemals gesehen habe:

Me: Here, this is RACIST BULLSHIT and should be removed.

Twitter (20 Hours later): Well, let’s see, mh, nothing unusual here, everything’s fine. Nice try though.

Instagram (20 minutes later): Thanks! We removed that RACIST BULLSHIT. High five!

Mission Impossible Fallout is a great action-packed experience. I couldn’t believe how many stunts were real.

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