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I'm sure there are some exceptions to the rule - but it seems that real-time content is bottom posted, asynchronous is top posted.


Android developers, I have a question!

Is there a URl style syntax for launching intents?
I want to open Spotify to a specific album.
If I use package name:, it launches to the main page.
If I use a normal URl it goes via the browser.

What's the cheapest thing you've bought using Amazon Prime same-day delivery?

(I'm writing a blog post about home delivery and our expectations of instant satisfaction for trivial cravings.)

Decided to redecorate a boring wall. Turning it into hipster brick.

Where's a good place to buy 12" vinyl record covers in the UK?
I don't care about the discs inside them - I just want some artwork to hang up on a wall.

Look, I know it isn't the most important part about this. But Government information published exclusively in OpenDocument Format!

(Let's wish for a SPARQL API next, eh?!)

My quest to become a fashion blogger continues!

"Dear Mr Eden,
I came across your blog and thought you might like to review our latest beauty technology."

But does it run Linux?

From the July 2018 archives: What does a robot look like?

Cor! Found another local brewery which delivers. Cheers @GipsyHillBrew!

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