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Hello lovely new followers!

🏳️‍⚧️ Trans rights are human rights
🏭 Join a Trade Union
💉 Vaccines work
🐧 Linux rocks

If any of the above bothers you, probably best to unfollow me.

Popped in to ASDA (not my usual haunt) and was pleasantly surprised by their range of vegan foods.
This, in particular, tastes *just like* cheap egg mayo sandwich filling. And a pretty similar texture.
Goes to show how much food enjoyment is merely flavouring.

hey can anyone out there help me find critical/theoretical writing on hardware modding? (especially on video game hardware, but any kind of consumer modification of industrially-manufactured products would work)

I know that (e.g.) Stephanie Boluk and Patrick Lemieux have studied video game modding from a software perspective, but I don't know anyone studying hardware mods in particular.

(doesn't need to be "academic," just looking for stuff beyond tutorials and enthusiast press)

(boosts ok!)

Your regular reminder that @ProspectUnion is an excellent Trade Union for people working in tech.

Covers private and public sector workers. Has professional & friendly advisors.

Join today!

“User Interface”? You mean clicking randomly on the ⁝ and ☰ and ⚙️ buttons trying to figure out what's in each one?

Yippee ki-yay, Melon Farmers!
Here for a Director's Q&A about the world's greatest Xmas movie 😁
Thanks @TheActionFest

I have exactly £0.01 in Kindle credit.

Are there an ebooks on Amazon which are sold for less than 99p?

Found an XSS on a fairly big site.
The people running it didn't respond to my contact requests.
Found the developer and told them.
They fixed it. I asked if there was a bug bounty and got this charming reply.

I wasn't expecting riches, but a "thank you" would have been nice!

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