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Alice Thunderstorm

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a thing that bothers me about Starbound is you can't craft or duplicate most things
you have to either steal them or have them be there untouched
specially, plants (besides some trees and crops) won't grow back after breaking them =/

I will never feel as sick as that week I spent in the hospital when I was 26, wondering if I was a girl; ended up writing JAVASCRIPT on WordPad and would have jumped off a window if I had had the strength to get out of bed

← works on game 10 minutes
← cries in frustration for 6h

you: this website features absolutely no user tracki—
me, yelling: ONLY QUACKY

I'm a fool, I skipped meds today

so there's no sense crying over every mix-tape
we just keep on driving till we run out of vape

what is a good show to never ever watch even as a joke?

so how do I make things happen?

my fursona is a dead racoon in an abandoned oven in a field