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Alice Thunderstorm

victory is on the eye of the beholder (aimed at your enemy)

*hugs you and hits "save game"*

How to not get me interested in your game:

1) Sign me up to your newsletter yourself on two of my email accounts
2) Start your emails with 'hey fellas'

kinda wanna draw cuties in armor

idea for a magic interface:
you want to set a trap on an object, so
- you cast the "trap" spell on it
- the trap is "open"
- you cast the spell you want in it, onto the trap
- the trap intercepts the spell and stores the effect to trigger it when sprung, it "closes"
- the trap triggers upon any attempt to interact with the trapped object in a meaningful way, so you receive a "key" spell that unlocks the trap without triggering it
makes sense?

gather 'round me, for I am gay <3

I feel sicky, but the good kind

everybody should re-remix Erasure's Always
specially Eurobeat and Chiptune artists

as soon as I don't feel so sicky