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Efi @Efi

@soft_chomps *towel hugs* <3

= D · E · P · E · N · D · E · N · C · I · E · S =

@Nine well, eat m--*is taken away by the lewd police*


you are GAY❗
always believe in your friend
you're unstraightable
always believe iiin🎶

⬆can I be her? plz? 💕

heck, how long did I miss my drugs? I feel like crying for no reason oO

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zone of the puppers: 2nd petter

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@Fidgetcetera me alegra que aprendieras un poco, un abrazo nwn <3

don't forget your medicines... <3

there's a maaaastoooooo waiting on the sky🎶

is there such a thing as a spanish masto?
am I alone?

ace vs gay: battle of the hormones

I am so gay I am almost sorry

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