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Efi :cat: @Efi

I'll be here crying in my bed if you need me

apparently, asking to be treated "like a girl" is a form of «blackmailing» because I don't have a job

I am not strong enough for ~today~

@NeonArcadia I feel like I'll die before it happens ;w;

@NeonArcadia loving oneself is very hard without hrt...

@NeonArcadia I love all enbies except myself =3

@grime_witch same, it's always more complex, bu basically, yeah, we're like, very incompatible XD

@msk yeah, she's that kind of lefterf

@grime_witch are we like the opposite? like, I'm ace only, you're aro only???

I really love you, girls who follow me, all of you

@msk don't, she'll say "boy, you look like a horrible monster, you shouldn't have done that to your body"

@msk my mother, probably
it didn't work, btw

@TipsyTentacle imma make some next time I can draw

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I put mangos on my pizza and Show more

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@vahnj "you hear chanting in the distance; a million kobolds are singing in unison to their mother"

@Lanthus thank you~~~
I am dying so much to freakin bats...