Today I am grateful for:
Bus shelters.
Woolly hats.
Nice people.

Yaaay! Masterchef is back on!!! First night tonight!

Put my faith in Fate.
Held the Moon in outstretched palm.
Watched Her roll away.

The new Animal Crossing only has 383 villagers available in it at launch! Oh no! It's Pokémon Sword and Shield all over again!

It's good to be back in London. It feels like there's a lot of energy and industry around.

"If you have the means, the knowledge to create something and you don't, shame on you. If you're able to be good at your job, to raise a child, to plant a garden, whatever, it's your responsibility to do it - not only for yourself but for the world."


I still miss my beloved Windows 10 Mobile as well

Microsoft really is doing great UI work and are delivering on ideas even if they're a bit slowbit/creaky. Their recent UI work has been so thoughtful and human, and seemingly small touches like the easy snap to left/right side are genuinely helpful and make life easier for people. It's hard not to be impressed. I've been toying with the idea of a different OS for my next computer but Windows 10 just keeps bringing me back latey.

Yeah, the red velvet cupcake Bailey's is really good.

Microsoft To Do really is awesome. I guess any to do list type app is awesome, but I've settled on To Do and I'm really happy with it. It has made me a more productive and less forgetful societal entity!

Turn 16 on this Mexico ePrix track is *chef's kiss*

It's brilliant to see how far Formula E has come since its wobbly inception. The cars are great (with improvements still to come), the presentation is slick, they've embraced digital viewing platforms and they're leading the way on social media and accessibility and approachability. It has been so fun watching it all evolve, especially as the interest in the technology has increased in parallel. The sport has never felt more relevant, or futuristic even.

I watched Formula E Practice 1 (2 is just starting now) and there were a few interesting things:

The Attack Mode activation zone is on a section of track that is just _crumbling_.

The final long curve (turn 16) into the start/finish straight is too tight to be taken flat out so it's either the longest drift zone in all of E or people will push too hard there and mess up

Turn 1 has like a muddy pit on the outside that these guys can just not stay out of and it has caused a few slippy moments.

This week's Keyboard Shortcut of the Week is Windows + V. It brings up a history of your clipboard so if you lose that thing you pasted three Ctrl + C's ago, you'll find it in your Windows + V clipboard history. It has saved me a few times!

Machine learning project: Figuring out which styles of alloys look good on which cars.

Whoever runs the Formula E social accounts needs a payrise. I hope it's the EJ on his off days.

So Alpro Vanilla soy milk stuff is absolutely amazing. It's pretty sweet but it tastes great with everything. Coffee, hot choc, cereal, Bailey's, your day - all improved by the addition of Alpro Vanilla.
I tried a 50/50 mix of that and the new Red Velvet Cupcake Bailey's and OMG.

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We've just released #PeerTube v2.1!
#PeerTube is a tool for you to free your videos from YouTube.
All new features are explained here:
Please share :pt_happy:

Susie Green in Curb Your Enthusiasm is one of my favourite characters of recent years. She absolutely lights up the screen. I actually didn't like her to start with but I really can't wait for the next time she's on the screen now.

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