A pox on whoever put the headline 'A Bitter Blow' on the news story about breweries going out of business.

I remain super tempted to get an Oculus Quest 2. I think it would be great in the confined, wintery lockdown scenario ahead of us. But it is pricey and Facebooky. Is there something else I'd rather spend the money on? Probably. Do I even have that kind of money? No. Hmm.

Tonight I told the person I love that I love them. I'd recommend it, if you're on the fence.

This car though.

PS I'm just doing this to test the file selection flow following the recent update to my phone. Seems like it works OK so far! Expect to see more pics I guess!

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me: computer, show me 'posts'


me: hmm. computer, fav and boost

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I really love Halloween events in video games

It's interesting that Amazon got to where it is by presenting a good offer to the customer at the expense of so much behind the scenes. I have always enjoyed the surface experience of using their site and gosh darn if my new Kindle isn't quite lovely. But still, shame they're so bad.

I'm really dehydrated. Remember to drink water! It's important.

I bought that Star Wars expansion for The Sims 4 even though I've heard it's not that great because I just so want it to be good.

I guess the best thing about iPhone 12 is that it will make the perfectly fine and excellent iPhone 11 much cheaper, which is great!

I wonder if they'll be weird about doing an iPhone 13 (cursed) and, if they are, what are they going to do about it!?

Apple is also starting to edge the pricing of their budget stuff into normal person territory, which will be huge for their adoption and standardisation of tech/accessories such as home automation etc. I've said for years that if they swallowed their pride a bit and put out cheaper computer hardware they could become the dominant OS. I guess they didn't want to try that, fail and lose their exclusive vibe along the way. And hey, they're doing ok.

After a... hostile... initial reaction, I now think that League of Legends is a pretty good fit for mobile

Again, not really an Apple guy, but it's awesome that they invest so much in science, engineering, genuine futurist thinking and R&D to make great products. Today's event feels like an edition of Tomorrow's World, except it's all shipping next month.

It's great that tech companies are actually trying to make products to make day to day life more convenient. They used to be all like "We made a product to our exact specifications. Learn how to use it". Now they are designing products to fit life.

Persistence really does pay off. Well, it does in the specific instances of succeeding in difficult video games and authoring complicated Excel formulae. It doesn't work for all problems. Hmm. I feel like I'm dismantling this life learning live as I learn it. But I won't give up on it! Stay at it and you'll get there!

It feels weird seeing chocolate bars with ADDED PROTEIN!!111! I can't decide if they're trying to give snack food the psychological feeling of fitness food so you feel relaxed about buying it OR if they're trying to give fitness food the psychological feel of snack food so you feel relaxed about buying it. Either way, it's too much protein and it's weird. Too much protein leads to kidney stones and it's odd that they're randomly adding it to drinks (Innocent smoothies) and chocolate and stuff.

I actually really, really really, really, really, really etc. like that Virgin Media ad.

Misread a notification on my phone about "Trump News" as "Turnip News" and anyway I'm off to play Animal Crossing.

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