Had a go playing Outriders on XCloud using my fast new Internet connection and... it's better in every way than running the game locally on my 2013 Xbone. Really impressed. I'm also comfortable that this solution will work for any future Series X exclusives I might want to play, which is great as I can't find or afford the actual hardware at the moment! Really awesome stuff.

This weekend's adventure was a river taxi trip to Leeds Dock. I haven't really been there before but it's a great place to hang out - really chill vibes and some lovely spots to sit and watch the world go by. The river taxi was super cute, the North Star cafe lives up to the hype and the stroll back home along the river featured some really pretty sights. I'll definitely be heading back whenever the weather is nice enough, if only for another pizza and beer by the river while watching F1.

The Nintendo DSi is an absolutely beautiful piece of hardware. Lovely screens, solid button feel and a lovely texture to the casing. It has a really premium feel and is a delight to use. Apart from the size, I prefer it to any of the 3DS family of consoles.

Currently feeling absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of stuff on my work and personal to-do lists. I'm on holiday all next week and I'm just going to have to spend it catching up with all this stuff, which is sad but at least I'll feel better by the end of it even if I don't really get to do many of the fun things I wanted to do. Maybe next time.

Life feels so cyberpunk dystopian lately. Crises. People streaming themselves being bored, wasting their time trying to convince you to send them money in the from of weird, site-specific purchases. People all around the office on Zoom video calls. Advertising, advertising, advertising. Surveillance capitalism. It all feels very impersonal and an absolute assault on the wallet. It must be very alienating not having the money or inclination to participate when surrounded by it all as we are.

Just clicked on the 'inbox' on my bank account for the first time ever probably, and saw all the dozens of messages I haven't read over the years. Every single one of them can be paraphrased as "This particular aspect of your account/experience is getting slightly worse". Every single one is a point on a downward curve representing the benefit of holding this account. Why is it never "Yo, we're turning on the money hose and aiming it at your FACE!!!", and always "2.9% less this period"? Weak.

Just discovered that the ring around the Switch's right Joycon 'Home' button is actually a light. It flashes when the alarm goes off. That's kinda cool!

Quite liked the Bond movie. Best opening animation thing in ages. No spoilers, but one thing I will say about it is that there was a lot of it.

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Watching all the Windows 11 stuff and it seems cool but I'm not completely sold on it just yet, which is just as well given that we're in the middle of a chip shortage. It looks pretty cool but it feels like some things are hidden away, or missing, or will take more clicks to achieve. It looks better for easy, tablet-style use though.

Meanwhile, Windows 10 Mobile is still an absolute pleasure to use, just saying.

I really like Pixelfed, the cool person's alternative to Instagram:


Now there's a real app for it, it feels quite complete as a platform.

So, Halo Infinite looks to still have some performance issues on PC, but it looks really fun! It seems like they've got the feel of classic Halo multiplayer just right. I am amongst those disappointed by the lack of co-op at launch but I'm excited for all the different elements separately and looking forward to them all coming together eventually. I think it will end up great, though I am worried about the story given 4 and 5. I wonder what the studio will do next!

Spent 8 hours this weekend just hanging out with two of the most important people in my life and another 4 chatting with my best friends online and it was all really lovely. I feel very lucky to have had a fresh start and to be able to just easily do this stuff on a whim.

One benefit of having visitors is that it prompts you to keep the place clean and well stocked with snacks, and you get to enjoy both of those things after they've left :)

As I walked through a gridlocked Leeds yesterday listening to all those rattly engines ticking over I realised that a traffic jam of just electric cars would be... silence. I can't wait for that.

"They should let you..."

Use emojis in passwords

Seriously considering going to bed at 9pm.

When I got home I was like

"... Huh. I don't remember having a door mat..."


"This is not the right floor".

It has been a long week.

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proof of waste algorithm 

"Bitcoin's increasing energy consumption has triggered a passionate debate about the sustainability of the digital currency. And yet, most studies have thus far ignored that Bitcoin miners cycle through a growing amount of short-lived hardware that could exacerbate the growth in global electronic waste. E-waste represents a growing threat to our environment, from toxic chemicals and heavy metals leaching into soils, to air and water pollutions caused by improper recycling.

• Bitcoin's annual e-waste generation adds up to 30.7 metric kilotons as of May 2021.

• This level is comparable to the small IT equipment waste produced by a country such as the Netherlands.

• On average #bitcoin generates 272 g of e-waste per transaction processed on the blockchain.

• Bitcoin could produce up to 64.4 metric kilotons of e-waste at peak Bitcoin price levels seen in early 2021.

• The soaring demand for mining hardware may disrupt global semiconductor supply chains. "


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