"Are you entering houses or loot drops? Why has a game about painting turned into one of busywork and crafting?" Here: electrondance.com/remade-in-th

Here's all my Rezzed thoughts now encapsulated in a 24-minute film! Featuring the mysterious Doggerland Radio, the foot-tapping Vectronom, the espionage thriller Sigma Theory, the hacking twine Wardialler, another lovely work from Nathalie Lawhead Cyberpet Graveyard, tower defence with tons of added complexity Empires In Ruins and sooo much more: youtube.com/watch?v=l9dGk-Jrr_

Developer access for the adventure game i’ve been working on for *cough* a while just went up. thunderbeamgame.com

"You must not simply *know* it takes two pushes to turn a pipe over. You must not simply *know* how you can slide a pipe instead of rolling it. You need to develop an instinct through continued, deliberate practice."

New post: electrondance.com/the-long-rea

It's the final report this year - Vectronom from Ludopium.

A rhythm-based isometric platformer reminiscent of Crypt of the Necrodancer in that if you want to win, you gotta bob to the beat. Brilliant stuff: electrondance.com/dabbling-wit

To annoy the fuck out of Americans in an RPG, I would have rumours of a colourful axe made of lego in the neighbourhood of the bejewelled castle. The map is hidden in an armour catalogue you can find in the centre of town, behind the theatre.

All meant in good humour.

We're now halfway through the reports - and today it's Dean Moynihan's Balloonbound! Local competitive multiplayer. Naked men, balloons, paper aeroplanes, the usual: electrondance.com/dabbling-wit

I've been writing up several pieces on games I saw at Rezzed last week. From the chillout adventure Omno to the mysterious Doggerland Radio, there's all sorts of stuff here and there will be sixteen entries in total: electrondance.com/rezzed-2019-

From tomorrow, I'll be talking Rezzed; but today, it's one of my rare Farfield pieces.

It was sent from a disintegrating country.

"No one voted to be told what they voted for."


I'm on Ivan Brett's fun The Floor Is Lava podcast today playing games such as Cat Eats Mouse and Why.

PLUS hear me figure out how James Bond survives against an armada of wallabies while buried in the Australian outback.


Have you tried BOTOLO? It's a pretty cool two-player sports game. It seems straightforward but the heart of the game is trying to fool your opponent about what you're going to do: youtube.com/watch?v=EQEmNU6tHW

Working through . Another example of 90s internet nostalgia and the text within is dense. I believe this is set in a posthuman world - at least that's what the TV everybody is watching suggests. Will definitely have more to say at another time.

I just finished out the online version of puzzle game Overlink (longer version on iOS).

Quite fun, takes getting used to. Felt like I was *solving* the puzzles not guessing (aside from the final level). Mouse to draw, A+D rotate: kongregate.com/games/dyarosla/

I wrote some masterful prose about Snakebird today: electrondance.com/tail-meets-h

"Fuck. Oh fuck me. Oh you have got to be fucking of fuck fucking fuck kidding - what IN THE ACTUAL FUCK"

"When you build a chair in Subnautica, it's like ordering it from IKEA. It's about as creative and personal as a rabbit hutch."


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