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Not new here but it might be time for a re-:

Hi, I'm Eliot! I program computers for a living, currently working in medtech with a prior stint in the game industry. I still enjoy and when I can find the time. I'm pan, a Jewish Atheist, and a former film student trained in sound design.

Other interests:

Nice to meet you! 🙂

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*slaps roof of Torah* this bad boy can fit so many Numbers in it

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i read a thing recently that blew my mind a little.
went something like:

people can imagine time travel to the past and one little act making massive differences in the timeline

but in their present they think even the greatest effort they can put in will not make any difference to the future

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Create something for no practical purpose such as a song, a poem, an essay, a painting, a drawing, a comic strip, a collage, etc.

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Hey #Mastodoners! What is your favorite open source projects?

Comment down below :pikachuroll:

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New #ttrpg charity bundle on TTRPGs for Reproductive Rights

According to the page, this one supports Planned Parenthood and NNAF (National Network of Abortion Funds).

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Musing on alt text 

Mastodon has a much stronger alt text culture for images than Twitter. It’s great. I’m noticing that the co-focus on art practice, photography and accessibility might be evolving a different alt text language style than standard accessibility guidelines (keep it simple and impersonal, no aesthetics or editorialising). Alt text I notice here is vivid, observational, detailed. Question: is there feedback from screen reader users here on preferences? Good practices? 1/2

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Musing on alt text 

@katebowles Speaking for myself as a beneficiary (blind user) I really like it. A good way of explaining alt text I've come across recently for people new to it is, imagine you're talking on the phone to someone and want to describe a picture.
For myself, bare descriptions are ok, but if the image is evocative, brings in a mood or has some special aesthetic qualities, it's even better to be told about them too.

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Streaming some more work - come help me test some new chat integration features! 🐝 💬

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important to keep in mind that if anyone is losing obscene amounts of money on NFTs/crypto right now, it's very funny. it's hilarious. thanks

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i wrote a post about preservation, how games are remembered, and their transient nature...
"Liminal Fever Dreams & Rejecting the Player (the surrealist, strange, upsetting otherworlds of video games)"
with beautiful recommendations!
(thank u for reading! 🙏💕)

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it's time for a BOT ROLL CALL (long) 

RNN bots:

@Democritus_Junior - trained on Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy - an endless nonsense dictionary
@vulgar - 18th-century criminal slang

@gravidum_cor - Oulipian twin of Burton-bot - Oulipian twin of GLOSSATORY

@voronidols - colouful mysteries of symmetry

Procedural generators:

@Kerlossal - parody of a noted art blog
@amightyhost - an army of procedurally-generated warriors
@reviewofbots - the Bot Review of Books
@isoTropes - the periodic table vs TVTropes
@talkingbotblues - the Talking Random Wikipedia Page Title Blues
@verbquests - failed text-adventure actions
@VictoriaBotter - a hard-earned thirst deservers a big cold bot, and I mean "thirst" in both senses

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I would like to forward @mike's great suggestion to the #fedizens of the #fediverse who have a account:

👉 Please "reach out to and submit a feature request for #ActivityPub support. :)"

🙏 Thank you! :)


CC: @feditips @joeldebruijn @humanetech
Discussion in context:

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This type shit is why I just do my little retro thing. Modern tech sucks.

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Here's a reminder to put political news / discussion behind content warnings. #USPol

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hello mastodon friends - i have a new podcast episode out, continuing the exploration of kitschy 00's staples of indie music. this time me and my cohost look at the band that will "change your life" according to Natalie Portman in a certain 2004 movie, The Shins - and their first album "Oh, Inverted World"

star wars, reflections on things you used to like, streaming recs 

I recently got a Disney+ login and was checking out what's on offer. I watched the , a little late to the party but it was pretty good. What else on the platform would be worth a watch for a jaded semi-ex-fan like myself? Like I've heard clone wars is good, is it really actually good? Same with the bad batch? 3/🧵

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star wars, reflections on things you used to like, streaming recs 

I haven't actually liked that many of the films I've seen that well except the originals, last Jedi, and rogue one was decent. But I think the bigger thing is probably a growing dissatisfaction with the simplistic good vs. evil morality. It's space wizards science fantasy.

Still, from time to time I find myself getting drawn back into this world... 2/🧵

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