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Hey all, Thoughty is running an itch bundle until 12/7 with TONS of amazing games from wonderful designers to support our community member, artist & designer Whitney Delaglio, who has a surgery upcoming. Please share & buy the bundle!! #BundleUp4Whitney


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tired: pronouns in bio
wired: pronouns in BIOS

I really want to use Mastodon more. I have reconnected with most of my favorite birdsite peeps on here already. But most of the time posting here feels like dropping a penny down a well. An action with no reaction. πŸ˜‘
Am I doing it wrong? Should I migrate to a smaller instance or something?

Incredible find at the thrift store today: a jigsaw puzzle/mystery mash-up game featuring an undercover cat?! Will report back once we've played it.

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If we want to get *really* scifi, maybe these hypothetical carbon capture machines could construct *themselves* out of captured carbon, possibly using some kind of tiny pod containing most of the materials needed to get started as well as the information to construct the entire machine... Maybe these pods could, themselves, be made through carbon capture using the same machines, making them self-replicating without any technical skills needed

But this is all some kind of absurd pipe dream, of course. It's not like self-replicating material-producing carbon capture machines grow on trees

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PSA: here are the bots I've made that run on Mastodon:
Source code available for all of these.

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Mastodon apps for Android: Tusky, Fedilab

Mastodon apps for iOS: Toot!, Mast, Amaroq

There is no app called β€œMastodon” because anyone can develop an app (and the aforementioned ones are made by independent developers). You can also use the website on your phone, it works quite well and has 100% of the features.

For a more complete list of apps see joinmastodon.org/apps

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Leaked audio from a recycling coalition about how Coke is using hefty public donations to recycling coalitions to shape policy such that no meaningful reduction of plastic bottle generation can happen.


I love the idea of these two dapper gay dudes living their best life back then. As far as I can tell they were out, or at least whatever the mid-century version of that was. Also I'm whimsically imagining that if people were being jerks they could just hitch to the next train and GTFO.

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I recently learned the story of Lucius Beebe. He and his boyfriend Charles Clegg owned several luxurious private railway cars starting in the 50's. He was a journalist and noted fashionista who once appeared on the cover of life magazine. thegayalmanac.com/2017/12/born

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The vectorpoem discord server is no more. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make it a thoughtful, welcoming community - I hope you all find a good home somewhere else; I don't have the energy to devote to maintaining a community. See you around for WAD Wednesdays and the like.
I did save an archive of the channels' histories, so its memory will not perish forever.

Musings on adopting Linux 

So last night I managed to install on an old scrap PC. It was brutal, but also made me nostalgic for the days when installing any distro felt like performing brain surgery. πŸ˜–

Seriously though, I think I'm finally gonna go all in on Linux when my 2010 MacBook finally dies. Probably with *buntu or something though.

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Just heard a great interview with @Gargron on the Changelog podcast about the past, present and future of Mastodon. 🐘 πŸ‘‰ changelog.com/podcast/315
(It's from last fall but still totally relevant)

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Do you use tail -f ?
Love those annoying "are you watching" messages on Netflix?
Ever thought.. gee I wish I could combine both these things?

You wish has come true with tailflix!


I have just rediscovered my love for pecans. What a delicious nut. 10/10

Lovely windows error dialog spotted on a ticket machine this morning. I especially love how they are using a batch file for something. Stay old school.

For sale: White, green, and pink floral long sleeve shirt

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