Folks, due to a catastrophic disk failure, if you recently followed my new main account @endomain then you'll need to do so again. I'm very sorry about that!

So the week I join a new instance, it has substantial downtime followed by a reset that lost my entire migration progress.

I really like the people there but uh... ow.

It seems to me this is the world that right wing AND left wing libertarians suggested they wanted.

Really curious who's gonna flinch first here.

Oh and, of course it's the right thing to do. Abolish ICE isn't even a leftist position anymore, it's a centrist and even fiscally conservative position for Americans.

So uh, Lerna, an open source project, just walled off and revoked access to a bunch of companies that deal with ICE and CBP.

I know folks personally at a few of these companies that say, "We use this." One company has monetized work around the project!

I'm learning shavian characters so I can take notes faster. Don't hate me.

They very day I migrate to a new instance that new instance goes down. 🤕

Please be aware I've moved to

Okay so now I'm reading Lenin and I gotta be honest I'm kinda fucking horrified.

My industry idolizes so many people who clearly have no idea what they're doing. This guy is lauded as an expert, but his recent approach is the dead opposite of what he was doing and selling at a startup not even 2 years ago.

I love gamedev folks but... I... I am so tired of folks pretending that work is uniquely or obviously rewarding.

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It appears there is no tool for a best-practice instance migration. Very well.

What is the algorithm for best-practice instance migration?

I feel like I've basically got this retroactive filter dialed in for the optimal intersection of a good photo and something that evokes the genre.

Does anyone have a reasonable guide on migrating to a new instance and various strategies/tools one can use?

Just had a Lyft driver unplug my car from the charger and when I told him I wasn't done. He started yelling at me about how Lyft people needed it for their jobs and he has a right to kick anyone off for work.

He then implied Lyft might sue me.

I waited until he was gone and hit stop on his charge. Good luck with that fare on 15% charge dude.

Starting to wonder if maybe I am an anarchist of some stripe.

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Wow, the unbearable weight of these "Who is America" episodes. Tonight's is ... just unreal.

I really want to play Graveyard Keeper but the these save corruption bugs have me petrified to try loading it up.

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