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@acw We have web assembly now though.

And uh, this instance's local timeline is at least 50% non-english speakers, which makes it hard to follow.

I'm barely ever on Mastodon now because it feels like it's nearly impossible to discover and grow a social network within it.

It's so silo'd.

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@diskotechjam This isn't untrue but it's pretty frustrating that communists won't own the failures of countries that have taken their name other than to deny it wasn't real enough.

"But this same destabilization opens up the possibility for compensatory reassurances: the serial pleasures of checking for likes and other forms of micro-recognition made suddenly meaningful by the acute insecurity. Even as social media destabilize the lived experience of our self’s continuity, "

(from: reallifemag.com/sick-of-myself)


Today's news cycle is brutal.

I can barely work, I don't know how I'll sleep.

Do I need to flee the US? If I wait too long, it may become impossible.

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From the archives of my childhood and the extreme heights (depths) of Japanese 80's media:


@jk I still sing Konya Wa Hurricane from Bubblegum Crisis every now and then so...

There are like a billion downsides to desktop linux. It's pretty awful.

But the fact that a self-assembled linux box means your employer probably can't screencap your work box at will is a perk, for sure.

Also, tiling window managers are a net good.

@Gargron Imagine having a life so devoid of interesting things that which text editor other people us is a chief concern.

@bcrypt Something like an arrow fastener perhaps? The net's going to have stress points anyways, at least this way you get to pick them.

@fabio Sad to see the performance hasn't migrated into the consumer sphere.

I knew some folks who did a demo for maker faire that actually had to use Win10, but they coded it from scratch.

So today I saw a technical report on people reproducing the functions of a Universal Turing Machine within the wave functions of a fluid system.

The universe itself is computation.

@charlyblack There is so much pressure on non-binary people to "just pick". Couple that with the societal pressure to "be cis or your a pederast" and... that's not going to change anytime soon.

@fabio I had heard win10's new audio stack was ahead of literally everyone else in terms of latency. Certainly they advertised this.

Is it a case of the "good" software for this being too expensive?

"Data has gravity, computing power will move to it."

Nadella is smaaarrrt.

In "Weird 2017 my teenage self couldn't have guessed":

Today Satya Nadella lead off the Microsoft Keynote not talking about products or offerings or personal excitement, but...

About Trust, Transparency and Responsibility for Microsoft. He says Microsoft has this problem due to its history more than most, but it's a problem all of society faces.

Other good quotes to follow.