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When are we going to have a Forth who's words are themselves backpropagated neural networks?

I'm so disappointed that there's essentially no good competition to Google chrome.

Microsoft has proven they're going to violate your confidence. Firefox has proven they're going to violate your confidence. Apple runs a dramatically inferior product. Brave is literally catering directly to the alt right now, and even integrating payment platforms there...


It's just... it's so wild that things like metamask exist.

I just gave a quick presentation on IPFS to my colleagues for our weekly "paper trail" talk series. I put up the slides in IPFS if you want to see them:


It's really 2 steps forward 3 steps back for Firefox.

Hey, you know what Google hasn't done? Put fucking promo & study extensions into my browser withou telling me.

"Why don't you go build it then?"

You just... ya'll just... don't realize that I will. I will take your milkshake, which you think you scornfully offered to me, and I will drink it. Right in front of you. I will drink it and then hand the empty cup back to you to throw away.

net neutrality and ill wishes Show more

Honestly, I doubt that we'll see much in the way of slowlaning on broadband internet, except for maybe our netflix rates going up.

I'm VERY concerned about how this affects wireless bandwidth.

Big shock the trump admin managed to repeal net neutrality.

Comcast sure seems happy.

I know I'm supposed to be on board with the broadening of the definition of technologist to include more roles, soft skills, etc. And I am.

But I confess I can't bring myself to trust anyone making architectural decisions above me who can't teach me about the field.

And I'm kinda resentful that someone tries to suggest that reading product literature and making product selections is the same as architecting even a simple distributed system.

Working through the noise and distortion.

One of the things I really like about I3 is that I can neatly keep work open and work in a totally different workspace.

I should probably work on my IPFS slides tonight.

Can we just stop for a moment and appreciate how astoundingly ill-conceived graphql is?

Nothing about it makes even the littlest bit of sense.

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Kingdom hearts but instead of big skeleton keys everyone has big luminescent yubikeyblades.