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Deeply disappointed by Shadow of War.

I can only assume the folks who were talking it up to me had either much better experiences with the Nemesis system than I had or are brain damaged.

I respect Rich Hickey and I've written a lot of Clojure, but I'm getting increasingly tired of this culture war he's decided he has to wage against everyone else.

I never get to go to tech conferences. *sigh*

Of course, I always feel like such an alien at tech conferences. The idea of like, a language-specific gathering that's un-ironic is just so confusing to me.

It looks like I am going to be a manager again.

*sigh* I suspect this is because I'm too destructive when I code.

Trying, but it's difficult to feel hapy tonight.

What's weirdest to me about this is that every time I finally get someone to believe I'm not Thiel2.0 subtly attacking me, each of the 5 times I've done this, people say, "I'm not in the part of the party with these answers."

What is Google in a communist world?

Socialism and liberalism embrace a bounded meritocracy (there is supposed to be a minimum level of lifestyle, health & opportunity). Most communists I talk to say this is vile, but I can't really figure out what they say is the alternative.

People keep lecturing me about how vile liberalism and even socialism is, in favor of communism.

I've read some of the relevant Marx, but I can't figure it out. What even IS communism in modern society. I keep looking for literature and I find a ton of riveting social commentary but almost no actual plans, almost no actual economic analysis, almost no practical advice.

Do you think maybe Trump's going to schedule a little peepee trip soon so he can scream "pardoned"? I hear that's the only way he can climax now, is while having Russians pee on him.

Really proud of my city for handling a alt-right protest in exactly the right way, from what I can see so far.

If those assholes want another riot, they're going to have to have their rank and file start it.

I wonder if Stanford University could possibly have less public parking. We wouldn't want it to be even remotely accessible to folks with kids.

Should I go back to twitter after my hiatus ends next week. IDK.

No eclipse for us. Marine layer so thick I barely noticed sunrise. :(

I'm so tired of Golang programmers lecturing me about the evils of "abstraction" when their only reference for the evils thereof is "dependency injection."

Yes, yes. OO's world has made a lot of mistakes. We all get that. You're the only one not moving on.

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That feeling when your Delta Green RP account is approached by a large-ish conspiracy theory website as a syndication partner.

I love this issue of byte so much I read the whole thing. I might have even teared up a bit.


I am not quite sure what to do about it. Do I tell him to fuck off, do I engage him, do I lure him into an in person meeting and photograph him? Or do the boring thing and just ignore him.