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Read a really good paper last weekend. Recursion-schemes are incredible.

That paper's notation though; woof.

Monster Hunter World is dangerously fun. I haven't enjoyed an online game like this in a long time. It hits all my PSO buttons.

What does my daughter think, "I sense Clow Reed" means?

@vantablack How have you done this with your avatar. It's freaking me out.

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ok, we now have pillow emojis, which are basically bootleg blob emojis


My three year old daughter stops me. "Dad! Stop! I have a big problem!"

I ask, "What is it, V?"

She says very seriously, staring into my eyes: "I sense Clow Reed."

It's good to see more people talking about this. VPNs do essentially nothing to shield your privacy.


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"Polymer Solar Cells with 90% External Quantum Efficiency Featuring an Ideal Light- and Charge-Manipulation Layer"


money quote from the abstract:

"Highly efficient single-junction PSCs for different binary blends are obtained with a peak external quantum efficiency of up to 90%, showing certified PCEs of 9.69% and 13.03% for a fullerene blend of PTB7:PC71BM and a nonfullerene blend, FTAZ:IDIC, respectively."


Watching the Biathalon and it makes me think: "We could use AI and microelectronics to make a sight that recognizes wind based on seeing windsocks, and self-adjusts the aiming point."

I'm so broken.

My daughter just watched the men's slope style winner and watched Red win. She's 3 and even she recognized "the kid won! He's a kid! He won!"

She asked me to take her snowboarding, too. I know how, I should take her.

I hate to be hard on Nix in public but I'm going to start planning it when I see people recommend it as a new Haskell user's sane dev environment.

That's an absurd, unhelpful, and ideologically motivated recommendation with no basis in reality.

I wonder what it's like to feel like you want to unify the disparate and formerly joined parts of your culture.

It's interesting how for Koreans, that single simple map flag must represent something so intense and so important.

Unified Korea walking under one banner.

Most hopeful thing I'm going to see all year.

Google TV's support for the Winter Olympics is flawless. So much better than the NBC stuff.

There are lots of bad things about this world, but my ability to not use broadcast television and carefully curate what I want to see and let my daughter see?

It's incredible.

Is it just me, this project, or is React+Redux objectively terrible?

It's February again, so it's time for my yearly reminder to folks that this amazing html5 canvas color cycle demo, reminiscent of the video games I grew up with, still exists and should be cherished.


Every so often I get reminded that it is common practice in the web app world to take wire JSON data structures and put their elements directly into internal data structures without any form of validation and the world seems terrifying.

Why do people love dynamic typing when it makes them eat shit like this?

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Overwatch's son says his father can't be racist because he's friends with “all the rappers”