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Aww shucks. I was hoping for a multi-day Slack outage.

Now I'm hiring people remote and some of them are telling me how relieved they were I hired them. They say the work situation is getting desperate everywhere else as tech companies decide they just don't care to train managers in how to do remote teams.

I suspect in 5 years we'll see remote working talked about as a "fad" or a "failed experiment."

The situation with housing supply is so bad here that someone in the top 0.7% of earners *can't afford to buy a home here reliably*. That's me! I was in this category for 3 years!

Now I'm back in the top 2%, I can't even dream of buying a home. With a 710 credit score *I can't secure a loan without a 30% down payment*.

Things are so broken here in the housing market. But if I move away, I'll immediately lose job opportunities.

I pay $3400 a month to rent a run down home with lousy appliances, bad electrical and terrible bathrooms. It's a 1.3 million dollar home, but the owner pays 1978 taxes on it (along with the other homes her family has "transferred.")

Even if I bought it from her (her family is not selling, they live a rich retirement off of the rents), it'd be outrageously more expensive for me to own this home. My mortgage would be near my rent and property taxes would be higher.

I just don't get how to explain to leftists how dire the housing situation is in California.

A lot of folks don't get that we're so desperate for housing the rich are essentially force-buying awful homes for millions just to be in proximity of wealth. It isn't that "homes are being built for the rich." It's that "rich" is being redefined as home ownership.

In these conditions, building more homes and working on fairly taxing home ownership is a critical priority, equal to LI housing.


I understand why management work is valuable but I really really miss developing my skills by working on code.

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@Elucidating aye. Last I checked, diversity in open source is far lower than in closed-source-whatever software stuff (which should tell you something).

Ultimately if you favor linux because you like that its corporate sponsors *give* you something, but you're unconcerned with how they treat employees, interact with the social landscape, or engage in the state and national political landscape? You're ignoring something very important.

I see a lot of people here who view running linux as an axiomatic good.

I don't understand that viewpoint. Ask yourself a question, which OS's corporate sponsor *currently* makes more ethical and fair decisions in hiring, compensation, and HR.

Red Hat, for example, still gets horrifying glassdoor stories. Folks from Canonical tell me paternity leave still isn't allowed.

I'm just saying, reward people for current actions, don't uphold grudges.

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I'm not even allowed to be mediocre. I'm not even really welcome in any LGBT spaces. I'm too manlike for them. I trigger too many people. Can't I try to be less threatening in my appearance?

If I hear one more kid try to lecture me about how I had it easy compared to them I'm gonna throw a rock.

It really sucks being in a lost generation. Everyone wants what you have and wants you to be something. You're not part of any majority.

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In the meantime people lost their minds about GitHub acquisition. Even if MS ends up turning it to another CodePlex, it's unrealistic to 1) expect it will happen next week 2) organizations with multiple repositories will switch to GitLab overnight 3) think moving to gitlab.com actually helps decentralization.

Find your towel and don't panic. There are things to do but running around frantically is not one.

I still really wanna know what bad things people think Microsoft did to Mojang.

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Host your open source projects by printing patches on literal patches of paper and pinning them to the communal blackboard, like god intended

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Not everyone can self host software systems.

Not everyone wants to self host software systems.

Not everyone gives a shit about tech

Most people just want to go online, do their thing and move on with their day

If there is a mass exodus from GitHub / GitLab or others we people hosting our own infra need to be good about discovery, community building, community engagement and more.

We also need to figure out how to federate authn/authz. I'll skip over submitting small things if it means yet another account on yet another server run by yet another random.

Centralization isn't great but it does facilitate discovery, community and engagement.

We need to keep this at the back of our mind.
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@Elucidating acting like selling out wasn't the guaranteed eventuality of relying on a (venture-, even!) capitalist enterprise for infrastructure that the community should have been developing for itself, and then acting like switching to another capitalist enterprise earlier in its lifecycle is praxis