It's official...I've found my distro of choice. I have landed on EndeavourOS running XFCE. It is so good. All the benefits of Arch Linux, but you get a simple installation and a beautiful DE. I love it. If you haven't checked it out yet, I highly recommend you do it ASAP. #EndeavourOS #Linux #ArchLinux #Arch @EndeavourOS

The server upgrade went without a hitch, our forum and websites are back on again.

On October 14th at 23:00 CET we are going to perform a major update on our server, so from that moment our websites and forum will be offline.

On Saturday 19 september at 19:00 CET , we are going to release a big ISO release and of course EndeavourOS ARM. We are so excited!!

The September release is getting in shape, the keyserver fix is heading towards a pass in testing...

At this moment the EndeavourOS website is down, we are going to put it back as soon as possible.

The forum is back online, the migration is succesfully finished.

Discovery is succesfully migrated, the forum is going down at 20:00 CET.

Migration update: it is taking a little longer than expected(...) but the EndeavourOS website and the mirror have been successfully migrated. Next step Discovery and the forum.

The websites EndeavourOS and Discovery will go down in a moment.

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