In case you missed it: A new edition of the EngageMedia Newsletter is out! In this edition, we highlight EngageMedia's newest job opening and updates on digital rights and Video for Change from our networks.

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FEATURED: Right to Know - Episode 3 - A Challenge is a Joy

India's Community Information Resource Centers provide internet access to areas once only reachable by radio. As of Aug 2016, more than 170 of these resource centers are impacting the state of education and access to info in 80 districts within 22 states in the country, regardless of caste and geographical & cultural challenges.

Produced by Andrew Garton with the support of the Digital Empowerment Foundation.

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Digital Security Specialist

The successful candidate will oversee and support EngageMedia's initiatives on digital security and safety in South and Southeast Asia. The role will work closely with the Digital Rights Program Manager on increasing the digital security understanding and capacity of civil society in the Asia-Pacific.

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect Cambodia, a father joins a birthday celebration with friends without taking precautions, possibly putting the safety of his family at risk.

Gone and Back is a timely short film produced by Sunflower Film Alliance (a volunteer team operated by Sunflower Film Organisation) that reminds viewers about the perils of ignoring health protocols during this public health crisis.

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In the last of our video blog series on artificial intelligence (AI) and Southeast Asia, EngageMedia interviews 5G researcher Melinda Martinus on how the different 5G providers in the region – whether from China or outside Asia – can influence the AI technologies that will be powered by it.

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FEATURED VIDEO: Don’t Need Bombs

Since 2013, the "Food Not Bombs" movement in has sought to feed street children and the elderly.

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Apa data yang dikumpulkan dan bagaimana data digunakan pada sistem Satu Data Vaksinasi COVID19? Diskusi Hak Digital di Indonesia membahas "Transparansi Data terkait Sistem Kesehatan dan Vaksinasi COVID-19".

Kamis, 25 Feb 2021 | 13.00-15.00 WIB

.@EngageMedia has partnered with public virtual private network (VPN) service TunnelBear to distribute, as needed, vouchers to human rights organisations, digital rights defenders, journalists & activists.

Each voucher can be redeemed for a one-year subscription to a TunnelBear account that allows for unlimited data usage.

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FEATURED: "Burma Rebel Artist: Moe Thandar Aung" by Thet Oo Maung

Moe Thandar Aung is a graphic designer from Mandalay, Myanmar, whose previous work touched on the subject of feminism and other women's issues. But after the military coup in February 2021, Moe began making protest art in support of calls to defend and uphold democracy in the country. Today, the growing civil disobedience movement in Myanmar are printing her works en masse.

A new edition of EngageMedia Newsletter is now out! In this edition, we highlight our efforts to contextualise the human and digital rights violations in Myanmar following the military coup, as well as other recent publications we've produced and contributed to.

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A new episode of EngageMedia’s Pretty Good Podcast is now out! We interviewed filmmaker Stephen Minus (also known as Thet Oo Maung) on his experience documenting the protests that have swept the country, and the wider implications of the military’s human and digital rights violations against the people.

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"Myanmar remains in a state of emergency, and as protests continue to swell, and more dissidents are arrested and threatened, it’s likely for the military to again order internet shutdowns or hinder access to social media platforms and other communications networks. It is a tactic we have seen – and continue to see – being deployed by governments in the Asia-Pacific, such as in Thailand last year and in India just a few weeks ago."

FEATURED: Right to Know - Episode 2 - Raghav and Kiran

In Mansoopur, India, illiterate but self-taught radio technician Raghav Mato works with university-educated Kiran Kumari, who learns how to build solar panes and circuit boards to power Raghav's pirate radio station. On their journey to increasing the reach of the station to neighbouring villages, the two also find love.

Produced by Andrew Garton with the support of the Digital Empowerment Foundation.

The current events in Myanmar are yet another roadblock in the country's journey towards democracy. To give context to these events, we've curated a playlist that aims to highlight the democratic aspirations shared by the people of Myanmar.

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: The Mozilla Foundation has published its annual Internet Health Report that explores what it means for the internet to be healthy. Two of EngageMedia’s staff are featured in this collaboration: Digital Rights Manager (Mekong) Darika Bamrungchok and Digital Rights Project Manager (India) Subhashish Panigrahi.

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A new edition of EngageMedia’s newsletter is now out! In this edition, we highlight the beginning of our Video for Change Environmental Impact Lab, new video releases, and more updates from our projects and networks.

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FEATURED: Right to Know - Episode 1 - Rameshwar's Soochna Seva

Rameshwar Prasad, an activist and musician, is on an information crusade to make sure they learn about government welfare schemes through five of the Soochna Seva (information service) he has help set up.

Produced by Andrew Garton with the support of the Digital Empowerment Foundation.

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DEADLINE APPROACHING: EngageMedia is seeking expressions of interest from highly-skilled web browser extension/plugin developers for a project that requires experience in programming languages and aesthetics.

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In this video blog, Independent researcher Jun-E Tan shares her realisations while researching the opportunities and challenges that artificial intelligence (AI) has and continues to bring to Southeast Asia.

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CLOSING TODAY: EngageMedia continues to accept applications to produce short films on digital rights issues in the Asia-Pacific.

The selected proposals will each receive between USD 3,000 and 5,000 towards the production of the film. The films will be included in the Tech Tales film collection, set to be released by July 2021.

Apply here:

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