Today in 1971, 48 years ago RFC-287 was published revising the Mail Box Protocol so that you can send messages to a mailbox at a different institution.

The potential utility for the mechanism was confirmed

Basically we've been struggling to get to inbox zero ever since. Of those 48 years, I've been using mail 30 years almost to the day. The RFC talks about sending messages directly to a printer, as wel

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Big respect for the Joint Investigation Team and how they keep searching for those Russians responsible

Date Ethics Baby Steps: how being there at the start of writing regulation allowed better data collection and less friction, making the ethical thing the most efficient thing. #ethicsbydesign

#dataethics #ethicsbydesign

Stanislav Petrov, a hero and an amazing story, still the exception to the general rule that algorithms will decide more and more often in our lives,

Erdogan approving Erdogan nominating Erdogan as the chairman of the sovereign fund worth $200 billion. Signed - .
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Vanavond is @Marleen bij Zomergasten. Namens Sargasso mag ik een recensie van de uitzending schrijven die morgen gepubliceerd wordt.

Ik ben erg benieuwd met welke fragmenten rondom haar thema "Onze relatie met technologie" en "of we onze toekomst nog zelf kunnen bepalen."

Meer op Sargasso:

At Paris Open Source Summit with Matthew Hodgson explaining the Matrix project and Aaron MacSween explaining Cryptpad.

Still interested in a mastodon instance dedicated to international affairs / foreign politics, but it still doesn't exist

This is fun, it was already clear for me but while many populist parties want to exit the EU, although enthusiasm for that is decreasing, Germany is quietly building an european army,

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