Unsurprisingly, the Democrats are already getting complacent that "as soon as he's out of the office we won't have to worry about this idiocy any more."

Like 70 million racists are just going to poof into thin fucking air.

I've made myself sad. Really just set myself up for failure.

I don't have a good relationship with my bio family, so I don't go there for the holidays. Instead I stay home and cook for friends, or go over to my friends place to cook and we invite a huge gathering of anyone that wants to come eat.

This year, I don't get to do that. Roommates are headed off to spend time with bio family, and my other friends and me are all on lockdown due to COVID.

Just to follow up on this. I'm surprised as fuck.

Congrats to Biden.

That said, just because we replaced a fascist with an authoritarian capitalist, this is no time for the left to sign off on fighting for progress. A battle was won, but there's a lot of lifting left to do.

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What the hell did a lawnscaping company have to do with the impeached one?

Local-first software: Own your data in spite of the

An article by Ink & Switch research lab.


Motivation: collaboration and ownership

Seven ideals for software

1. No spinners: your work at your fingertips

2. Your work is not trapped on one device

3. The network is optional

4. Seamless collaboration with your colleagues

5. The Long Now (Longevity)

6. Security and by default

7. You retain ultimate
and control

I could go for a mojito..

Not related to anything, I just really could go for one.

uspol - There goes the neighborhood 

When the neighbors really want you to move asap... πŸ˜‚

Biden needs to flip Pennsylvania, and either Wisconsin or Michigan, and lock in Arizona and Nevada and he can pull it out even if Georgia and North Carolina don't flip.

The chances of him doing this?

Hahahahahahahahaha <breath> hahahahahahahahaha.

I hate to be this pessimistic, but I've seen better chances go south. Guess the next 48 hours will determine if my cynicism is warranted.

It's also bugging me that they're (Reuters) saying the EC has voted with less than 50% of expected votes counted.

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Watching Reuters and NPRs trackers give conflicting information.

How about we stop putting up projections and calls until after the damn EC has finished voting?

Voted, no intimidation to be seen, and the poll worker was outside collecting mail in ballots. So I handed mine over and came home.


Just received a notification from Acorns that The Mandalorian is out today.

I'm already burned out on the series and the new memes haven't even started showing up yet.

Watching a training video and heard this rhetorical question:

"Have you ever wondered how can we hear the sound of the ocean, in a conch shell, after many years it's been taken out of the ocean?"

No, I can't say that I have wondered this.

Maybe my sense of whimsy is broken..

Dear manufacturers,

Why are you putting non-portioned electronics in resealable bags?

I'm not going to put my solar panel cables back in your bag, and I don't need to keep them "fresh."

Please stop doing this. It's annoying to get parts out, and wastes oil.

A cornerstone of conservative thought is that the amount of freedom one is allowed is directly proportional to where one is positioned in a class structure.

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